Jason Taylor: "I'm ready to run through a brick wall for them"


The relationship between Miami Dolphins outside linebacker-defensive end Jason Taylor and personnel executives Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland has warmed up considerably, and it’s not because of the South Florida sun.

The rapport has advanced to the point that Taylor, who re-signed with the Dolphins this offseason after spending one year with the Washington Redskins, said that he’s prepared to run through a brick wall for Parcells and Ireland.

While praising the Dolphins’ front office in an interview with David Quinones of the Miami Herald, Taylor also took a shot at the previous regimes that ran the AFC East franchise. 

”I don’t think I’ve ever been in a situation where it’s been this seamless,” Taylor said. “Obviously, Parcells and Ireland and their front office is a big step up from what was here in the past.  I know I haven’t played a game for them yet, but I’m ready to run through a brick wall for them.”

And Ireland echoed the sentiment that Taylor has embraced the Dolphins’ approach, which translated into an AFC East title last season one year removed from a 1-15 season under former coach Cam Cameron.

“This is [Tony Sparano’s] team,” Ireland said.  “It’s educating Jason on what we’re about and what our philosophy is. . . . Really, the learning was more on [Taylor’s] end than anything else.”

A six-time Pro Bowl defensive end, Taylor was signed to a one-year, $1.5 million contract with Miami after being cut by the Redskins.

In a dozen NFL seasons, the 34-year-old pass rusher has registered 120.5 career sacks.

The former NFL Defensive Player of the Year was limited to 3.5 sacks last season with the Redskins during eight starts. 

8 responses to “Jason Taylor: "I'm ready to run through a brick wall for them"

  1. Why didn’t he just say “you had me at hello”. This manlove crap is out of control. Does he ask the coaching staff to check his jock before playing?

  2. You mean “run into a wall and mess up your calf muscle and sit 8 games” he’s all washed up, he will have his worst year yet. HAIL

  3. Instead of running through a wall, why dont quit trying to be a dancing star and try running through the tackle and sack the QB. You know, something you only did 3.5 times last year.

  4. BACK TO BASICS!!! Sometimes you just gotta go home to figure things out!!! Welcome back home J.T. time to start the sack machine back up again!!! GO FINS 2009!!!

  5. RedskinPete, you suck. Your brilliant front office gave us Pat White for one year without Taylor.
    He doesn’t need to run through walls, just get about 8 sacks, and this will be a huge success.

  6. Redskin Pete, wait and see what Taylor does this year now that he is playing under a good regime and has Porter coming round the other side. Also, he won’t be asked to play every down, so most likely hell stay healthy just like he did every other year he played for the fins.
    Don’t be jealous because Tuna pulled the ultimate BURN on your boys… the fin fans collectively thank you for the 2nd round pick

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