McNair helped Cutler prepare for the NFL

NFL_cutler_250.jpgIf quarterback Jay Cutler becomes the first true franchise quarterback the Bears have had since Sid Luckman, Chicago fans will owe a partial debt of gratitude to the late Steve McNair.

Cutler says that McNair went out of his way to help the former Vanderbilt standout prepare for his official debut for NFL scouts.

Specifically, McNair helped Cutler get ready for his time at the Senior Bowl, and it was during the week of practice sessions that Cutler accelerated a draft-board climb that stopped at No. 11 overall.

McNair’s assistance was particularly useful because Cutler’s Senior Bowl team was coached by the Titans’ staff.

“Mac met with me on two occasions, and he would have stayed there with me all day, as long as it took for me to learn the offense.  I’ll never forget that, and that just shows you the type of guy he was,” Cutler told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “That was going to be a big step for me to go there and play well.  Ever since then I have thought of him as a friend.”

Of course, the gesture might have been fueled by the fact that the two men had the same agent — Bus Cook.  Still, McNair easily could have told Cook to find someone else to help Cutler.

“Mac was a great guy; he took time out for everybody,” Cutler said.  “I always remember being out with him, and I’ve never seen him say no to a picture or an autograph.  He was a guy that was always there for somebody, always there to lend a hand.”

The hand he lent to Cutler has helped him become the best of the first-round quarterbacks picked three years ago, with performances to date far superior to those of Matt Leinart (tenth overall) and McNair’s protege and successor, Vince Young (third overall).

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  1. Knowing what we know now, I wonder if Leinart and VY would still be even 1st round picks if that draft could be done over again.

  2. “I’ve never seen him say no to a picture or an autograph.” Shame that didnt rub off on Cutler.

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  4. McNair should have taught you how to stop sucking your thumb and crying like a little girl in public.
    To me Cuntler is the one guy who can break Brett Favre’s INT record!

  5. Matti you beat me to the same conclusion. I’ve never been a Cutler fan.. but to hear all these stories of him snubbing the kids after arriving in Chicago… man. Hey, I know that it can get out of control when you do one then another and another and… well yea. Still though, at least TRY to make an effort huh? McNair did and look at the respect he garnered. Wake up Jay! I’d recommend that you listen to Cris Carter’s speech from the other weekend and look back at what McNair did for his fans and get yourself straightened up before people start to REALLY realize what you are about.

  6. Let’s see how Cuntler does in Chicago without even a decent WR to throw to.
    He is a baby, a whiner, and soon to be bitch slapped into oblivion.

  7. You people dragging a dead man’s name through the mud make me sick. How would you like it if, after you died, i started picking apart your life and all your mistakes you ever made? Because everyone here is just so perfect right? McNair didn’t have to help Cutler, he didn’t have to donate to victims of Katrina, he didn’t have to give a single cent to his community or sign a single autograph if he didn’t want to, but he did and that means something to me. There’s too many overly cocky, greedy, no good athletes out there, but McNair was not one of them.
    And yes Cutler is a crybaby and will be in for a long season.

  8. It’s ironic that Jay Cutler said, “I’ve never seen [Steve McNair] say no to a picture or an autograph.”

  9. anyone else find it ironic that one of cutler’s praises of mcnair is that mcnair never says “no” to an autograph?

  10. You guys are morons. It has already been discussed that Jay Cutler was at a Cubs game trying to enjoy himself whenADULTS came up asking for autographs. Not kids. In fact, at the events the Bears have had this off season Cutler has been great with kids at all of them.
    If you hate on Cutler you are either 1) jealous your team didn’t get him, or 2) afraid he is a key piece to making the Bears better than your team.
    This article is supposed to be about McNair though, may he RIP. I feel bad for his wife and kids though that this is how they learned of his disloyalty.

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