Ravens contingent to attend McNair services

In addition to veteran wide receiver Derrick Mason representing the Baltimore Ravens organization as a speaker at tonight’s memorial service for the late Steve McNair in Nashville, a contingent of Ravens are scheduled to attend Saturday’s funeral for the former Titans and Ravens quarterback.

General Manager Ozzie Newsome, middle linebacker Ray Lewis, free safety Ed Reed, cornerback Samari Rolle, director of security Darren Sanders and assistant equipment manager William Sheridan, who was a close friend of McNair and his family, will be attending the funeral in Mississippi, the team announced today.

Mason and Rolle played with McNair in Tennessee and Baltimore.

The funeral will be held in Hattiesburg, Miss., on the University of Southern Mississippi campus at 11 a.m. The funeral will be open to the media, according to the school’s public relations department.

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  1. The reports of Ray Lewis being particularly affected by McNair’s murder probably goes back to the murder of one of his teammates at Miami. The eerie similarity is that he also met his end because of his choice in women, although her ex-boyfriend was eventually brought to justice through the cooperation of others.
    And for those saying there’s no way some wannabe rapper could pull something off without leaving any evidence. Go check out the Marlin Barnes case from 1996. his murderer was a jealous ex-boyfriend, wannabe rapper/producer, too. he left no evidence and probably would have gotten away with the murder had there not been any people willing to provide police with their accounts of that night and point to the location of the murder weapons.
    So stop living with pre-conceived stereotypes of everyone. There are still questions in this McNair case that haven’t been truly answered.

  2. Favre will be holding a press conference at the same time to announce whether he’ll attend the funeral.

  3. Favre will only go if he is called and begged to attend. He needs to be stroked at anything.

    “………Even as fans filed into the Tennessee Titans’ LP Field Thursday, staring raptly at rolling video of Steve McNair’s on-field heroics and writing condolence messages in large albums, a woman in Minnesota grieved alone, in her own way.
    The former business manager of a Minneapolis strip club told the Daily News that McNair had been a frequent visitor to the club and had an intimate and extramarital relationship with an exotic dancer for about six years.
    “She liked money and athletes,” the former business manager said on condition of anonymity. “She went out with athletes before. She was one of those girls who said, ‘You’re married? You have kids? So what?’ Lets have fun.
    “I can tell you that she was very upset when she learned that he had died,” the former business manager added. ……. ”

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