Shaun Alexander keeps talking about coming back

Earlier this week, 2006 NFL MVP Shaun Alexander told an Alabama newspaper that he hasn’t ruled out a return to the NFL in 2009.

Despite the fact that, as some of you pointed out last night, the NFL already has essentially ruled out a return by Alexander.

On Thursday, the Associated Press tracked Shaun down and asked him about his plans.

And it sounds like he has done more than not rule out a return.

“I feel before the season is over, I think somebody will go down and
they’ll say, ‘We want somebody who can score some touchdowns and make
some things happen,'” Alexander said, per the AP.  “They’ll say, ‘Let’s go get Shaun.'”

Alexander also contends that he’s a young 32, with less miles on the tires than most running backs his age.

“I’ve played nine years but really it feels like I played maybe four
because of how the game is played and how coach [Mike] Holmgren and
Stump Mitchell used me,” Alexander said.  “Even my MVP year, I didn’t play in nine quarters because we were beating teams so bad.”

So, basically, Alexander will wait for someone to get hurt, and then for the phone to ring.

“If the right team comes along . . . they will be very, very happy with what they get,” Alexander said.

The “right team” came along during the 2008 season.  And the Redskins were happy only for a month or so, because after that they cut him.