Shockey's glad that long snapper is gone

nfl_shockey.jpgLast month, the Saints unceremoniously cut long-time long snapper Kevin Houser.

Not long after he was released, reports surfaced that he recruited several members of the organization to invest in a Louisiana film company. 

Once the company qualified for a tax-credit plan aimed at encouraging investment in such businesses, the investments would have resulted indirectly in a large return, via the application of the tax credits.

The only problem?  The company never qualified for the tax credits.  And so nearly $2 million apparently has been lost.

We’ve suspected from the outset that Houser’s termination arose directly from his role in the failed investment strategy.  There was no other reason to drop a guy who has been doing the job so well that, as all good long snappers do, he remained virtually anonymous.  

(It surely wasn’t done to save some of owner Tom Benson’s money.  As Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune points out, the Saints will spend an extra $100,000 in base salary on Houser’s replacement, Jason Kyle.)

Though we don’t think the move was retaliatory (even though coach Sean “Spielberg” Payton lost $144,000), we’re convinced Houser was cut because his ongoing presence would have disrupted team chemistry.  How are the 53 men in the locker room supposed to properly focus on winning football games when there’s a guy hanging around that several of them would like to beat until he’s unconscious?

Speaking of unconscious, tight end Jeremy Shockey (who lost $80,000 in the tax-credits deal) revealed significant animosity toward Houser via several recent entries on Shockey’s Twitter page.

Wrote Shockey on July 7:  “you think your buying LA film tac creits. but the f–kn snapper didnt… wow this is a f–ked up world we live in.”

(We assume Shockey was referring to “tax credits.”  Unless “tac creits” is the name of some new drink they’re mixing in Las Vegas.)

The Times-Picayune points out that Shockey also posted the following entry, which no longer appears on his page:  “thx chad houser our long snapper for losing my coaches, teamates, and me around 2mill$.. what a dumb ass.” 

Earlier today, Shockey summed up his feelings, again via Twitter:  “Glad we got a new long snapper bad people bring bad karma….”

So the Saints probably made the right move.  Whether the Collective Bargaining Agreement permits a termination decision to be based on such considerations is a separate issue.

And it won’t become relevant unless and until Houser decides to file a grievance.  Based on recent comments from Houser that seemed to indicate acceptance of the move, it’s not likely that Houser will be fighting his firing.

44 responses to “Shockey's glad that long snapper is gone

  1. I have no sympathy for people with money to burn losing out because they didn’t check into anything before investing.

  2. “Bad people bring bad karma”
    I think that was the sentiment of the NYG locker room after Shockey left.

  3. Houser buried himself with this one. The way the deal went…
    “The selling point to the investors was that for every dollar invested, they would receive $1.33 in a credit lowering their state income tax, all in the name of encouraging movie studios to film their projects in Louisiana.
    Houser put in $125,000 and must have had some strong marketing skills because he convinced teammates, friends, coaches and colleagues to put in another combined $1.8 million into the project.
    Among the investors were defensive end Charles Grant, with the largest investment of $425,000; former punter Mitch Berger at $250,000, and Saints coach Sean Payton at $144,000. The group also included $80,000 from Jeremy Shockey and Archie Manning.”
    Dude even robbed a Hall of Famer. What a dipsh*t.

  4. WTF is Shockey so pissed about? 80k, that’s not even a weeks worth of pay for the douche bag. Sure 80k is big chunk for me or any other joe blow to lose not some idiot making millions a year. I understand no one likes to lose money but this loss is no different than if he had invested in stocks or some other investment vehicle. When you invest your money into something there is an inherent risk.

  5. Typical athlete….blame’s someone else for not doing his own due dilligence or paying a competent professional to do the due dilligence. He doesn’t for a minute think…”damn, I was an idiot for investing my money on the advice of a long-snapper”

  6. I guess Houser twisted their arms until they agreed to invest that kind of money. Shame on them for not investing a little time in researching the company before committing hundreds of thousands of dollars. At the very least they should’ve had somebody knowledgeable do some research. I sure hope they’re more inclined to accept responsibility for they’re own mistakes on the field than they are when it comes to investing.

  7. We’ll I’ll Be F#%^ing glad when they fire this Washed-up TE,Shockley Girl…I bet he won’t make three games till he starts crying about something else.Shut the f***-up and do your job.. GEE!

  8. Shockey’s right. Bad people bring bad karma. That’s why my NY Giants dumped him. It’s also why his Saints haven’t done doodie since acquiring him.
    He’s a class act alright. That’s why he yelled at a 9 year old playing a reporter during a mock interview.

  9. Sweet, Shockey is happy! Now he will be happy when he walks out to be the the most useless receiving option on the field again. Perhaps he can reprise his Super Bowl performance year-round and the Saints will actually have a shot at making the playoffs again!
    Seriously, he is terrible.

  10. “thx chad houser our long snapper for losing my coaches, teamates, and me around 2mill$.. what a dumb ass.”
    Who is the more foolish? The fool, or those who follow him?

  11. Shockey’s a bitch. I really have nothing of value to add. Just wanted to state a known fact.

  12. They should cut Shockey for being such a divisive d-bag ruining team chemistry while they’re at it.

  13. Millionaire athletes relying on taxpayers money from the gov’t. This is ridiculous how am I going to feel bad they didn’t get a stimulus.

  14. A couple of millionaires lost a couple hundred thousand…….that IS “f–ked up”…….
    move over, Descartes…….

  15. Geez whatever happened to buyer beware. You invest money you take a chance your going to lose it. You want a guarantee stick it in a bank at .5 of a percent or whatever it is.

  16. Who are the real dumb asses here? The investment could have worked if the company would have qualified for the tax credits. You and only you are responsible for your investment decisions. You cannot blame someone else when the investment goes south. I do not think the long snapper was holding a gun to Shockey’s head forcing him to invest his hard earned cash in this company. It is easy to blame someone else just like all the poor people who got screwed by Bernie Madoff. Shut the f*ck up Shockey; you are the dumb ass for relying on a tax credit to make your investment whole. Based on your Twitter posts, you are not the brightest bulb on the tree though, so maybe you have a case.

  17. They probably did save money by cutting him. If they would have not cut him, someone would have hurt him on the field, then the Saints would have owed him his salary and they would have still had to hire a new long snapper. I imagine someone would have been willing to chop him in practice for the amount of money he lost everyone. Shockey would have done it even if he had not lost any money just because he is an a-hole!

  18. Gotta feel for Saints fans… Shockey is probably now going to half-ass his way through another season, contribute sporadically, complain and fail to live up to expectations.
    Relying on a taxpayer-funded credit is stooopid investing, anyway.

  19. Shockey must have lost all of the money in his “Double Fist Drinking While Your Team Plays In The Super Bowl” fund. Now what’s he going to do when he gets injured?

  20. As the saying goes, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”
    Shockey and the other NFL fools were easily separated from their money, and in their infinite greed and foolishness will fall for another scam just as easily.

  21. “bad people bring bad karma” – Shockey
    I believe that was the exact sentiment in the NYG locker room after Shockey was sent packing.

  22. that’s it man!!! he’s off my ffb list – i’m not kidding!!!
    OD is my boy anyway!!!…hopefully OD didn’t try to screw everybody – or else i’m truly screwed…

  23. Shockey needs to stick with the football degree he got at Miami and not hurt himself trying to think too hard with tweeting.

  24. “Bad people bring bad karma”. Were you looking in the mirror when you Twittered that Jeremy?

  25. Shockley is too stupid to hold on to his own money so whether he loses it in a film deal or blows it in the French Quarter, what difference does it really make?

  26. “…wow this is a f–ked up world we live in…”
    …when we don’t take responsibility for our own actions !

  27. The guy wasn’t Madoff. He lost money on it as well. He had good intentions telling his teammates and associates about it. All those people then chose to invest. I understand the hurt feelings, but Houser isn’t the one to blame. The coduit, likely. But if he was their sole guidance in that financial investment, they’re all idiots.

  28. “Bad people bring bad karma”.
    …which explains why the Saints have gone to shit ever since acquiring Shockey. loser

  29. Besides Shockey embarrassing himself by not knowing his fellow team mate – who has been a Saints Player for 9 years – he is crude and looks like the jock he is. The big picture that everyone is missing, is that this guy, Wayne Read, has caused this mess. He promised something and did not deliver. I guarantee that Houser would not have lost his job if it was not for this. Shame on Payton and his group. The Saints players should have stood by Houser and worked through it, and not thrown him to the wolves. That is truly being a team.

  30. Shockey. Biggest dumbass in the NFL. Sean Payton is a terrible evaluator of tangible talent.
    Shockey will wreck the Saints worse than T.O. will ruin the Bills.
    The Gnats breathe a sigh of relief.

  31. Shockey has a way to make a chunk of that money back. He can sell that Super Bowl Championship ring that he didn’t earn. That should bring in some major coin. If he hasn’t already lost it in a bar bet, that is.

  32. BTW I am sure these people who invested spoke with thier advisors. Have they been fired yet????? No, this was the only way Payton could get rid of Houser. What mistakes has Houser made in his football career that would get him fired???? They did not replace him with someone less expnsive or younger. There is more to this.

  33. Shockey – you need to get smarter.
    I can help. For $100,000 I’ll double your IQ or no money back.

  34. I really hate seeing our Saints bitching already,Damn! Damn! Damn!
    Karma? WTF!
    Damn, I already miss Deuce

  35. Shocking, as usual, has it all wrong.
    What “a dumb ass” should refer to himself and Coach P for investing their money in such a fashion.
    Now, I will say it — what dumb-asses!!

  36. Considering that Shockey and the Saints won a Super Bowl during the season that this event occurred in, I’d say it was the posters here who are criticizing them, who are the real dumb-asses.

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