Theismann thinks Jason Campbell is bound for the Pro Bowl

NFL_campbell1.jpgThe Redskins made no secret about their interest in potentially upgrading the quarterback position during the offseason.

In the end, neither Jay Cutler nor Mark Sanchez joined the team.

And so the job remains in the hands of Jason Campbell.

One former Redskins quarterback doesn’t think that’s a bad thing.

Joe Theismann thinks that Campbell is headed for the Pro Bowl.  The man we used to call “Joey Sunshine” (when he was, you know, relevant) threw some of his positivity toward Campbell during a Wednesday night spot on Sirius NFL Radio’s Late Hits with Brian McGovern and Carl Banks.

“I think the one thing that I see more than anything is there’s going to be some be consistency around him,” Theismann said.  “He’s finally in a system where he actually gets to practice the same things that he practiced last year and he gets to grow from them.  And as a quarterback or as anybody studying film, when you look at yourself on film, you know why you made certain decisions.  In Jason’s case, seven of the last nine years, or eight years, both college and professionally, when he looks at film, it doesn’t apply to the coming year because it’s all different, so he’s never really growing during the season.  He will in this particular year.  I watched him in spring ball, in the OTAs and the minicamps [and he’s] much more confident, much more comfortable.

“Last year, Jim Zorn rebuilt his throwing style.  He’s got great size, he’s got a great arm, he’s got a terrific work ethic.  I think that this young man — and he’s in the last year of a contract, so there’s super motivation there — but I think he’s going to have a football team around him that will be a much better football team than it was a year ago.”

Actually, we agree.  The Redskins comfortably are flying under radar, and they could put together a surprising season.

Indeed, if they find a way to upset the Giants on the road in Week One, the ‘Skins could reel off four straight wins, since they play the Rams, Lions, and Bucs to finish the first fourth of the season.

46 responses to “Theismann thinks Jason Campbell is bound for the Pro Bowl

  1. Joe Theismann is an idiot! The headline for this story is the funniest thing i read all summer.. the redskins will be under .500 this year and is that whats going to get him in the pro bowl??

  2. Your next headline should read ” PFT PLANET THINKS JOE THIESMANN NEEDS TO SHUT UP”

  3. I agree with Theismann, he is bound for the Pro Bowl.
    There are plenty of seats in the stadium for him to watch the game from…

  4. As a Giants fan, I never want the Skins to do well. But I do have to admit, it would be hysterical if he does have a Pro Bowl year and then tells Washington to get bent and leaves for another team. If he does a great year, Cerrato and Snyder are going to regret trying so hard and, worse, so openly to dump him. Public humiliation never makes for an easy contract negotiation.

  5. Akshun please hush while the grown ups are talking…I am not a skins’ fan by any means. But I recognize the fact that they have done a good job of adding guys here and there to make their team better. Hanynesworth for Jason Taylor, that is an upgrade. If he plays like he did last year their D will be scary, and if JC can continue to develop they will have a very balanced offense between him, portis, santana and cooley. They are just as good as any of the teams in the NFC beast.

  6. Joe who? Hey wasnt that guy on one of those prime time football games who added almost nothing? Guess he needs to do something to try to become relevant again.

  7. Looks like Joe is loving the sauce again. I stand corrected, it might be possible. If Zorn is the only coach left for the NFC and he brings Campbell on board to be the NFC’s long snapper.

  8. Jason Campbell is probably in the top 5 worst starting QBs in the league. Nearly all of his passes are short of the first down marker or even behind in the line of scrimmage. Why doesn’t good ol’ Snyder just by a good QB. I mean the guy hasn’t abided by the salary cap in the last 10 years anyway.

  9. I believe this is the first time since he was in high school that he has had the same head coach, offensive coordinator, and offensive playbook in back to back seasons. You know how hard that would be for any QB to adjust to. Every year would be like a semi-rookie year.
    I am not a Redskins fan, and I don’t know how good Campbell will be this year, but finally having some continuity should definetely allow him to have his best season of his NFL career.

  10. Campbell going to the pro-bowl is like saying Stafford is going to the pro-bowl….which he IS.

  11. Why does Joe Theismann insist on making the most moronic statements possible? Jason Campbell even wishes he would shut up. Hey Joe, when ESPN gives you the boot, it really is time to shut up! Flipping idiot.

  12. I think he’s headed to the Pro Bowl too.
    I mean, he’s an NFL QB for crying out loud….that HAS to give him the inside track on a ballboy position.

  13. I don’t really know how the Redskins could do worse than last year. The schedule isn’t too bad, and most importantly, the defense got better and the offense got some upgrades and they’ll have another year under their belt.

  14. Wait….. Does the Danny still own the team? Yep… They still suck. Jason Campbell was a reach when the Danny took him and now there are other prettier girls out there the Danny is dumping his own chosen QB. And the Deadskin fans wonder why this team keep spinning its wheels. This year its Campbell, next year they’ll be kicking the tires on Shanahan, Cowher etc. It’s the Danny’s way. He is as bad as Peter Angelos and Jerrah Jonz.

  15. Im personally not a fan of the redskins but when I look at the NFC east I see two teams that I kind of see making a big push and thats the Redskins and the Eagles both the Cowboys and Giants will suffer greatly because of erratic qb play and no receiver to depend upon last season all the redskins had to do was stick with the run and they would have easily ran away with that division and all the Eagles had to do was run more and they would have been better I see the redskins probably winning that division their defense will be to strong for any of those teams they still are not going to beat my chargers though

  16. This is a real conversation, no link, from my memory, during a Falcon game about 4 years ago:
    Mike Patrick (talking about Mike Vick): How good do you think he can be?
    Joe Theismann (after a long pause): The best ever. I really do think he can be the greatest player ever. Let me tell you why…
    At that point I couldn’t hear what was being said because I was too busy laughing. Not “one of the best ever”, but the best ever all by himself. Theismann has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to football.

  17. As a lifetime Redskins fan, I would love to see Jason Campbell have a Pro-Bowl season. However, Campbell has serious problems with making decisions when throwing the ball and I’m concerned that they are never going to improve. As a result, I’m worried about the Redskins offense again this year. I hope he proves me wrong.

  18. So Joey Sunshine doesn’t believe the Redskins will get to the SuperBowl? The skins will start 8 and 0 and finish 0 and 8.

  19. Florio, get over this “flying under the radar” thing. You are either more talented than the other team or not. Only the Cowboys (even some who have left) have admitted to underestimating their opponents lately.
    Straight up, the Redskins are as talented as any team in the division and they do have the easiest flex games but they won’t make the playoffs because no one is gameplanning for them or they feel no pressure to succeed. Let’s not forget the pressure Zorn is under as he was rumored to be replaced soon.

  20. The real test lies for Jason & Co. the second half of the season. Expect Jason to lead the Skins to the playoffs

  21. We will win the NFC East with our Defense, JC just has to put up more than 10 points a game. HAIL !

  22. While I would love to eat this up and believe this will happen, I will remain skeptically optimistic.
    Joey Sunshine points out one important aspect. This is probably the first time Campbell will be in the same offense 2 years in a row since high school.
    The offensive line scares me though. They are one injury (to injury prone players) away from falling apart. And the offensive line is where the offense lives and dies.
    Perfect example…the 1991 Skins. Mark Rypien gets sacked 11 times all season…he’s in the pro bowl, and Gibbs gets his third Lombardi.

  23. I agree with Joe that Campbell finally has a chance to imporve, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t think he’s a moron after his MNF stint.
    I disagree that Jason’s on his way to the Pro Bowl. In fact, I’d bet he never makes it for the rest of his career.

  24. Campbell will be about the same as he was last year, it’s Zorn’s offense that is the problem along with the fact that both the offensive and defensive lines are too old. Obviously the defensive line is better with Haynesworth provided he stays healthy, but no upgrade upfront on the offensive side. The team is good enough to possibly contend for a wild card but that’s about it.

  25. I think Campbell is better than a lot of people think, too, but the guy has no team around him, an inexperienced coach, and an owner who is arguably in the bottom third of the league. I actually feel bad for the guy.

  26. “if they find a way to upset the Giants on the road in Week One, the ‘Skins could reel off four straight wins”
    Isn’t this the same as saying, “if Pigs fly, then Elephants are sure to follow?”

  27. 3 qbs go to the pro bowl from the conference. he wouldnt make it if they were allowed to send 3 from each division.

  28. Why do people keep saying this is the first time JC’s been in the same offense 2 seasons in a row? Wow, such short memories! He had Saunders two years in a row and he showed no improvement in year 2. He’s entering his 5th year, and his coordinators have been Gibbs, Saunders, Saunders, Zorn, and now Zorn again.
    I like JC, but I don’t believe he’s our long term solution. I don’t know if Colt is that solution, but I’d like to see him against first team players during the preseason to get an idea.

  29. Pro Bowls mean squat. Ask Donnie Mac.
    Washington will start out good as usual and then by game 6 or 7 they will start that long drawn out fade with the pundits saying how they can turn it around if this guys does that or that guy does this.

  30. Theismann’s absolutely right — it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. People forget how well he played the first half of 2008 before the Redskins fell apart. And, really, how great do you have to be to make the NFC squad?
    As for the Cutler/Sanchez stuff, Campbell has acted like a man and taken it as motivation to prove people wrong. Personally, I’ll take an athlete who works hard and has a chip on his shoulder over a diva any day.

  31. campbell isnt even the best qb on the skins. maybe not even 2nd best.
    at this point he is a veteran. he is sposed to be able to take the best of all he has learned from multiple systems and use that to be a better qb.
    he sure didnt do that from week 10 on last year.
    lets look at the sked.
    weeks 1-4: @nyg, STL, @det, tb. IF, and it’s a big if, they beat the nyg… i could see 4-0. 3-1 more likely even so. i think they will have issues in the dome this time.
    lets say 3-1.
    weeks 5-9: @car, KC, PHI, @atl. 2-2 at best. they will take KC at home.
    lets say 5-3.
    weeks 10-13: DEN, @dal, @phi, NO. 2-2 at best.
    lets say 7-5.
    weeks 14-17: @oak, DAL, NYG, @sd. 1-3. losing out last 3 weeks. u heard that right.
    so, it wont be as bad as the 07 lions collapsing from 6-2 to 7-9… or the 05/06 falcons. but they arent going anywhere with the mouthreader at qb.
    as an aside the skins went 6-2 against ttheir 1st 8 opponennts in 08, who went 54-73-1, including detroit and st. loo.
    they went 2- 6 against the last 8 opponents who went 71-57 all year.

  32. “Lets not forget that Tony Romo went to the Pro Bowl. Twice.”
    Yeah. And? Jason Campbell has 35 career TD passes. Romo threw 36 in 2007 alone. Since he became a starter, Romo’s never thrown fewer than 19 TD passes, and that was in 11 starts (2006). Campbell has never thrown more than 13 TD passes in a season, no matter how many games he played.

  33. He actually said all that without bringing up his broken leg….I don’t buy it…this has to be made up.

  34. I think I’m going to the Pro Bowl too…i think I can, I think I can, I think I can….because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and gosh darn it people like me.

  35. You people don’t know shit. You have no idea how this season is going to pan out. Last year means absolutely nothing. That’s one reason why it’s the best sport on this planet. It comes down to being healthy and getting hot at the right time. None of us are in the locker room so we have no idea what goes on week in and week out. Hail bitches!

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