Brinkley's family thinks he was shot by sister's boyfriend

Chargers running back Curtis Brinkley remains hospitalized after suffering gunshot wounds shortly after midnight.

His family told ABC 6 in Philly that Brinkley was shot in the shoulder and the leg.  As of 12:00 p.m. EDT, Brinkley was awaiting surgery.  His family also said that the injuries don’t appear to be life-threatening.  However, Brinkley’s family fears that the wounds could jeopardize his NFL career.

Brinkley’s uncle told ABC 6 that Brinkley was picking up his sister from work.  Brinkley’s uncle believes that his sister had been fighting with her boyfriend, and that the sister’s boyfriend did was the gunman.

“She called her brother,” Gregory Brinkley said.  “You know, he wasn’t there, wasn’t a party to whatever happened.  He comes and picks her up, and from what I understand . . . the guy just saw a guy picking her up and just started shooting.”

Brinkley’s uncle has spoken to the Chargers, who suggested that Brinkley possibly was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Brinkley’s uncle disagreed, explaining that he was at the right time, and that the shooter was in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing.

The shooter remains at large.

30 responses to “Brinkley's family thinks he was shot by sister's boyfriend

  1. Listen, I like the NFL, but any argument that compares athletes of different sports would have to include a discussion of why 90% of the transgressions, particularly deadly ones involving guns and knives and spouses killing spouses etc, involve NFL players.
    The list is too long to print.
    Goodell is doing right trying to ban the thugs.

  2. Being a Canadian, I’m an NHL fan first then an NFL fan. (The CFL is a sick joke). Never have I ever seen a hockey player get himself in one of these situations, the league is full of class acts. The NFL needs to rid itself of its ghetto mentality and the players just need to grow the F up.

  3. Since when does picking up your sister make you a thug? Your an idiot for making an assumption.

  4. What’s wrong with people today? Are guns now standard issue in relationship disputes? Did I miss something? Do the victims of this kind of violence have capes coming out of their crotches or something, sending these lunatics with the guns into a frenzy?

  5. Rumor has it that the Nashville PD is suggesting that the sister be brought in and browbeaten into a confession.

  6. Jspicoli, he got shot so that makes him a thug? Are you that stupid? champ1315, stop giving Canadians a bad name by writing nonsense that someone who gets shot needs to “grow the f up” when he was going to pick up his sister. Something that a responsible, respectable person would do. If that’s your definition of a thug, you’re just as stupid as Jspicoli. The guy was shot at, he did not shoot anyone. Give me a break.

  7. @ JSpicolli,
    You’re an idiot. Just because someone was shot BY A THUG doesn’t mean they were a thug. Look at Sean Taylor. Most of the time athletes don’t gangbang because they’re so wrapped up in whatever sport they play. HS and College practices don’t end till late in the pm so it leaves no time to put in work unless the guy is a douchebag and goes out of his way to impress his friends.

  8. and just where do you come from Shittsburgh, that there is no crime whatsoever to speak of?
    jealous of the titles, i can tell. let it out, go ahead and cry, your tears taste delicious. check the record books, they don’t lie. 6 super bowl titles, woooooo!!!!

  9. It’s pretty clear he was doing his duty as big brother by picking up his sister. It’s pretty racist to assume he was doing something he shouldn’t have done….look, we all know there is an abundance of thugs in the NFL, but they are not exclusive to one race or another (Ryan Leaf, Christian Peter, etc.)

  10. yeah hockey players commit their crimes during the games instead of off the field like in the NFL

  11. Yea, I remember a hockey player who punched a dude from behind then slammed him into the ice and broke his neck….that sounds pretty thuggish to me…
    But the fact is that there has been more of a gun problem in the NFL then in most sports. But i don’t believe it’s all the players faults. They have to protect themselves, and you’re not always going to want a 6 foot 6 300 lb body guard following you around everywhere.
    Obviously this dude’s sister was dating a thug, but that doesn’t mean he is. Who knows what would have happened to his sister if he hadn’t picked her up.

  12. JAG880 you took the words right out of my mouth. And why compare the nhl to the nfl… the nfl has like 3 times more players and 70 times the publicity so of course you are going to hear more nfl incidents than nhl incidents.

  13. You know, whenever I have a dispute or a rocky relationship gone sour, I always carry a loaded handgun or two. It’s just common sense.
    Seriously though I’ve never heard of this guy, but I wish him luck of course.
    And to the idiots insinuating that he did something wrong, reading comprehension is your friend. HE WAS PICKING UP HIS SISTER!

  14. i just want to know why the Philly P.D. haven’t released to the public every single shred of evidence they have so far…..somebody should be looking at NORFLEET or canvasing Dave -n – Buster’s parking lots.

  15. This happened right down the street from my house.
    First of all, it is Cheltenham Township, NOT Philadelphia (suburb just outside the city).
    Second, the “picking up his sister from work” explanation is not iron clad – don’t believe everything you read. There are no businesses near that intersection, where he was allegedly parked prior to being shot. They had to say something to try to save his NFL career that hasn’t even begun yet.
    Locals believe this was a drug-related incident, many suggesting the kid is a dealer. I don’t know him from Adam, but I thought the whole thing was fishy from the get-go.

  16. Of course according to the gun nuts, if the shooter had been standing there with a knife, a vial of poison or brass knuckles, Brinkley would still be shot. Because someone with a knife, vial of poison or brass knuckles is just as likely to go after someone with deadly intent as someone holding a gun.

  17. Phillyguy, the report said he was stopped at a light when he was shot not parked, and being from Cheltenham isn’t the Cheltenham Mall right there? Maybe she worked at one of the fast food places aroung there. See this is from a Jacksonville Florida resident who was born and raised in Philly, give the right information before labeling this kid fresh out of college with a chance to make the Chargers a drug dealer.

  18. “Look aaylor Sean ylorylor.”
    You mean Sean Taylor the former gangbanger? Antrell Rolle grew up with Taylor, he knows exactly what happened. He said those guys had been trying to get Taylor for three years and lived in fear of his life every time he went to Miami. Taylor used to run with the guys that killed him.

  19. tundra, we all know who the bulk of the thugs are, and it is a demographic thang, and it aint even close.

  20. Bottom line is chicks will get you killed whether you are banging them on the DL or related to em.

  21. I know plenty of people who live the straight and narrow but whose siblings are messed up. And when I say straight and narrow, I mean accountants, geologists, and network administrators who came from good families, but whose siblings are stiff screw-ups. This kid was a four year player who earned his degree, probably because he knows the NFL is a long shot. So give him the benefit of the doubt until any sordid details come out. It sounds like he was just trying to do right by his sister.

  22. VoxVeritas says: July 10, 2009 6:13 PM
    “Look aaylor Sean ylorylor.”
    You mean Sean Taylor the former gangbanger? Antrell Rolle grew up with Taylor, he knows exactly what happened. He said those guys had been trying to get Taylor for three years and lived in fear of his life every time he went to Miami. Taylor used to run with the guys that killed him.
    Vox, seems every post I read of yours makes no sense whatsoever. So you are saying that Sean Taylor was running from his murderers for three whole years? So Taylor, who had one of the murderers in his house for a party and did not have an alarm system set up for his house, was allegedly “living in fear” of these guys?

  23. Lucky, I don’t think this version of Vox is the real deal. The original was much more intelligent. This guy seems more like Vox Lite. I’m thinking that original Vox didn’t get his handle rolled over in the move and someone else pounced on his handle. He would have never made the above statement because the facts of the case have long been established.

  24. Champ1315: All due respect, but I grew watching “Hockey Night in Canada”, and if you think the NHL hasn’t produced it’s share of crooks, you haven’t been watching hockey enough. Foster Hewitt is long gone, my friend. The names, (just in the past year or so), Danton, O’bryne, Cornacchia, Kostopolous- just to name a few- ring bells? The NFL is just bigger, with more media attention in the biggest media market in the world.

  25. Jaxeagle, this was not very close to the mall nor was there any fast food joint or any other business in the area. It is a residential area, plain and simple. Diagree if you want from Florida, but I still live here and I know the area very well. Unless his sister was working in someone’s house, the story doesn’t make sense. That part I am 100% sure.
    The speculation part was just that – and was labeled as such in my original post.

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