Details on Darius Butler deal

The second 2009 second-round pick to agree to terms has inked a deal that includes more than $2 million in guaranteed money for Patriots cornerback Darius Butler.

But no signing bonus.

Per a league source, Butler will receive a roster bonus of $440,000 and a guaranteed option bonus of $1.6275 million.

We’re told that this amount exceeds the bonus money given to last year’s ninth pick in round two by 38 percent.

Butler also is eligible for a one-time “log” bonus (if you don’t know what that means, you need to visit PFT more often) of $150,000.

He’ll receive base salaries of $310,000 in 2009, $395,000 in 2010, $582,500 in 2011, and $770,000 in 2012.

Typically, many first-round picks don’t receive a signing bonus, due to the niceties of the rookie pool and the 25-percent rule.

The absence of a signing bonus for Butler apparently relates in part to the fact that the Patriots have a total of four second-round picks.  But we’re also told that Butler was able to get more total dollars by doing an option bonus, to the tune of roughly $300,000.

Even considering the “time value of money” argument, the reality is that signing bonuses often are paid out in installments over a year or so — sometimes longer.  Butler’s option bonus will be earned and paid on March 15, 2010. 

5 responses to “Details on Darius Butler deal

  1. 38%? Does that set the standard now? The Patriots have Ron Brace one pick ahead of Butler and Pat Chung at the top of Round 2. And another 2nd rounder later. Does it have a deeper meaning in that he was one guy they wanted to get signed ASAP?

  2. That’s one of the important ones down, of the rookie pool anyway. Can’t wait to see how this dude looks as a starter.

  3. By “Log” bonus, does that mean if he does well Najeh Davenport will fill up his hamper?

  4. bwell316 says: By “Log” bonus, does that mean if he does well Najeh Davenport will fill up his hamper?
    No – the “log” bonus means the only way you don’t get the bonus is if you get injured because you play for a coach who thinks it would be a good idea to put a “log” in the locker room and let a bunch of jocks expend testosterone chopping away at it.

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