Manning not concerned about Colts' offseason changes

With so many landmark changes this offseason in Indianapolis, it would be understandable if Peyton Manning was a tad skeptical about the Colts’ prospects.

If the star quarterback is harboring any private doubts, then he’s keeping them to himself.

In an interview with the Associated Press at the annual Manning Passing Camp in Louisiana, Manning expressed confidence that the departures of coach Tony Dungy and wide receiver Marvin Harrison won’t derail the Colts’ chances. 

“Even though Tony Dungy won’t be on the sideline, I feel like the winning atmosphere and the environment he created in our building will carry through,” Manning said. “Coach [Jim] Caldwell assured me he’s got a good plan.  Hopefully, August 2 we’ll be able to hit the ground running.”

Of course, there’s also the matter of offensive coordinator Tom Moore and offensive line coach Howard Mudd retiring this offseason and returning as consultants.

Manning initially expressed disapproval with the changes and complained about a lack of communication.

At this point, though, he seems to be satisfied.

One change that might improve the Colts’ outlook is Manning’s improved health compared to a year ago when he had to undergo a pair of surgeries on his left knee to address an infected bursa sac.

Last year, Manning was sidelined for training camp as he recuperated from the surgeries.

It doesn’t seem to be coincidental that the Colts got off to a 3-4 start last season.

“Not being able to go through training camp definitely caused me to have a slow start to the season,” Manning said.  “I’m a big believer that training camp is where you form the foundation of your team.  Hopefully, we can go through with no hurdles this year and get off to a fast start.”

Clyde Christensen is the Colts’ new offensive coordinator with Pete Metzelaars taking over as offensive line coach.

Plus, the Colts have a new defensive coordinator in Larry Coyer and a new special teams coach in Ray Rychleski.

However, it remains to seen whether all of these big changes are going to trigger the fast start that Manning is envisioning.

18 responses to “Manning not concerned about Colts' offseason changes

  1. “Even though Tony Dungy won’t be on the sideline, I feel like the winning atmosphere and the environment he created in our building will carry through,” Manning said. “Coach [Jim] Caldwell assured me he’s got a good plan. Hopefully, August 2 we’ll be able to hit the ground running.”
    He was assured of a good plan but doesn’t know what it is yet? If he told him, Manning doesn’t sound sold on it.
    Disaster in the making.

  2. It’s easy for Peyton to say the “right” things months after the fact. When the mess first happened he was his usual panicky self.

  3. Wasn’t he crying about this a month ago? Guess he changed his mind when he realized he can point the finger at these guys when he chokes again in the playoffs.
    Peyton Manning, the only QB to undeservingly win the Superbowl MVP (2006) and MVP awards (2008)!

  4. Dan Rooney…picks on Peyton saying undeserved MVPs…yet, his Steelers were gifted the last two Superbowl victories by the officials.
    How quickly they forget!

  5. I am glad more people are starting to see through this guy. Whiny excuse making blame everyone else jerk, always has been, always will be. Love how he snuck that little comment in there about TC to remind everyone how wonderful he is. Real tough guys play and don’t mention injuries or their affects.

  6. the colts season wont be a disaster. but they sure wont win 13-14 games. i see the playoffs but 10 maybe 11 wins is it.
    if they start 3-4 again i can see the wagons circling a la berman and the buffalo bills. but it would take a load of other players getting hurt or manning going down to totally derail the colts.

  7. I love the Manning haters and their B.S. Peyton is far and away the best quarterback in the league and has been since 1999.
    DanRooney-If Peyton didn’t deserve the XLI MVP award, then who did?
    And as for the MVP last year, no player has EVER carried his team on his back like Peyton did last year. The 2nd worst rushing game in the LEAGUE, the 24th ranked run defense, the WORST 3rd down defense, and they STILL won 12 games because of Manning, even though he missed all of training camp and the preseason. That is the very DEFINITION of MVP.
    I also love how Manning gets the choker label while Tom Brady is considered clutch, even though Brady is the proud owner of the 2 biggest postseason choke-job’s in NFL HISTORY, the 06 AFCCG and the 07 Super Bowl. Brady even guaranteed the Cheatriots would score more than 17 points in that game, if that would’ve been Peyton, he would have been absolutely roasted by the hacks at the EastcoastSPortsNetwork.

  8. You can hardly pin the 06 AFC Title game on Brady. Working with a JV wide reciever corpse, he matched Peyton score for score down the stretch. That one’s on the defense.
    As for the Super Bowl…whatever. That’s one for Brady, versus a whole bunch more for the big crybaby in Indy. At the end of the day, its all about the hardware.

  9. To Amish Gangsta the last i checked Brady has three Superbowls not your general idea of someone that chokes, 3 out of four aint too shabby. i love peyton but he kinda chokes under pressure.

  10. Aaron is going to get fired by Florio if he does not learn how to include the PFT agenda in each Colts-related item:
    1: Bill Polian must be painted as a power mad asshole. Under no circumstances do you mention his five super bowl trips or three executive of the year awards.
    2: You must question Dungy’s purity/motives. If he is asked a question, paint his response like he called a press conference about it.
    3. Some sort of whining/head joke about Manning.
    Discontinued agendas involve:
    1: Manning can’t win the big one. Whoops; hope no one remembers we were on that bandwagon.
    2: It is Manning’s fault that they have no cap space.
    3: Colts players are as criminal as Pacman; just haven’t been caught yet.
    Get with it Aaron – you can be replaced.

  11. Who we play´n this year… the referees, the Vegas Odds makers, or are we gonna just let the NFL upper smuck´s decide whats good for the Super Bowl TV ratings?? As far you posting on a Colts team, who are not Colts fans…. Thats how good Manning is… you can´t keep your eyes off him… Thats called follow the leader… This is why he hardly ever speaks openly about his team…. The rest of you almost choke on your hot dog´s and beer try´n to screem some one elses name and how good they are, or were… So take a deep breath Mr. Manning gona make it exciting for everybody no matter what team you root for.
    Maybe will get Lucky this year and have some of the games called fairly for a change… Yea …….Right……Sure buddy, Keep dreaming….

  12. To number 12-Manning directed 5 2nd half scoring drives in that game(4 TD) against the vaunted New England defense while Brady could only manage 3 against the worst D in the league that year, 2 of which he settled for field goals(which, btw, is how he built his legacy). Plus, with a chance to ice the game in the last 3 minutes, Tweedle Dee Tom went 3 and out against said awful D. Did you watch the game?
    As for the rings, I agree. It IS all about the rings. I just find it ironic that Peyton gets roasted for choking while Brady is immune, even though Tom owns 2 of the biggest in NFL History.
    To empty13-yes, I did watch Young and Marino. They were both great, but nowhere NEAR as good as Manning(or Brady, for that matter).
    To doe22us-If we define choking as one playing well under his capabilities when there is NO obvious reason for it, then I will say that Peyton’s only actually “choked” twice in his career, in 99 vs the Titans and 02 vs the Jets.
    That actually puts him even with Tomterrific, except Tom’s were on MUCH bigger stages. Ironic, eh?

  13. “Even though Tony Dungy won’t be on the sideline, I feel like the winning atmosphere and the environment he created in our building will carry through,” Manning said.
    — Translation: “We will continue to pump crowd noise through the PA system”
    Dirty cheaters.

  14. tj.52,
    Dirty Cheaters? Yeah right. Yeah it was wrong of them, but dirty cheaters? Get a life @sshole

  15. Tj.52-I don’t mind people dogging the Colts, in fact I’m used to it.
    But, when you ARE dogging them, try to stick to something….you know……REAL to dog them about.
    The “pumped in crowd noise” nonsense was clearly made up by jealous Colts haters.

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