Donte Whitner doesn't like us

So I was on the road for most of the day, making my first trip to the beach in 18 years.  (Now that we’re here, it’s a working vacation — I’ll be cranking out the content as regularly as usual.  Unless I get too much sand in my laptop.)

And while taking a brief stretch-and-stroll break in order to alleviate a chronic case of car ass, I checked the stories on the site, scanned the e-mail account, and quickly perused Twitter.

I learned while perusing Twitter that Bills safety Donte Whitner isn’t happy with us.

Profootballtalk is a non credible site….me lose my job lol don’t u guys have better things to write about?” Whitner tweeted.

Whitner was responding to an item posted by Gregg Rosenthal regarding the possibility that Whitner could lose his starting job.

But what Whitner didn’t realize is that Gregg was merely citing a report from

Instead, then, Whitner should have tweeted is this:  “ is a non credible site.”

Let’s see if he rectifies his error.

45 responses to “Donte Whitner doesn't like us

  1. lets see, credibility is defined as “offering reasonable grounds for being believed” so this truly is a matter of perception. it doesn’t matter that your report came from faux. it matters that you posted it. it matters more that you posted it without your own independent colaboration. that is why you are perceived as less than credible.

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  3. Why do so many athletes type like they’re 12 year old girls?
    Or, in parlance Donte might follow: “wtf u went to collage y cant u talk like adult lol o right oheo state thats why”.
    Yes, even with a 140 character limit, you can write something that doesn’t sound like it was done by a 7th grader in study hall.

  4. Maybe Donte doesn’t like the cramped look of PFT, since he uses a wide screen monitor.
    Maybe Donte wonders why PFT is two wide strips of gray-green on either side of a narrow pile of text, and why NBC —with all that Olbermann money pouring in— can’t afford to assign a mid-level IT guy ten minutes to fix it.
    Donte is troubled by this. I can understand why.

  5. I’m not here to defend Whitner, but I would have to opine that repeating a story does lend some credence to it.
    If you repeat or reference a story without cleary disagreeing with it, most people will assume you agree or are using it as evidence for your own argument.

  6. florio clearly now hates donte whitner…here comes the negative attitude toward whitner

  7. Should start reading articles before you guys use (steal) them. Maybe even do an interview or two on your own, rather than sitting on a beach cutting and pasting stuff, you just might come up with something new. C’mon Florio, is this really what you have to say in your defence “we stole it from foxsports, their bad” LOL. Keep it real. GO RAIDERS!!!

  8. Donte is a good dude but hey… it could happen. Scott is a solid SS and Byrd can give Whitner a run for his money. I wouldn’t be shocked if it happened. I hope this is only motivation for Donte because I have HIGH HOPES for that Bills defense.

  9. “Profootballtalk is a non credible site….me lose my job lol don’t u guys have better things to write about?” Whitner tweeted.”
    Donte, if you’re reading this, no – no they don’t have anything better to talk about. It was either you or the 758th posting on Steve McNair’s murder. Or another Sprint ad that Florio tries to disguise as a story. Offseason is really slow around here.

  10. No, you reciprocated it, which puts some blame on you too. Way to go. Whitner can play both FS and SS, so even if they want Byrd to play as bad as you guys thing (and wasn’t even able to attend any OTAs) they’ll put him at FS and Whitner at SS. I figured that so called “experts” might not put so much emphasis on turnover stats, and a little more on contribution to the team as a whole. Yes, Whitner isn’t Ed Reed, but he’s above average against the run, and a pretty good pass defender. The Bills had the 14th ranked D last year, and did so with an abysmal pass rush.

  11. Then again, being the original (and only) source of the bogus “Maybin looked brutal” in OTAs comments… maybe you can see where he’s coming from.

  12. Your boy Rosenthal also claimed that Chris Brown alluded to Donte getting benched when he tried to defend his article…something every Bills fan who reads Chris Brown’s articles and blog knows to be pure BS.
    A word of advice…if your writers are going to claim that other people said something, either have proof of it or ensure there isn’t any proof that your claims are made up.

  13. “But what Whitner didn’t realize is that Gregg was merely citing a report from”
    C’mon Florio, if jumped off a bridge….
    Man up.

  14. Yo Donte…
    Your “leadership” skills will only buy you a little more time before your diminishing skills become apparant..
    Want to keep your job?
    How about worrying less about “talk” and a LOT more about delivering some consistant body crushing hits, maybe some hands, and show a little closing speed. That my friend will be all the words you will need to say.
    Without it? Move over for Jarius right now.

  15. Maybe he could have just edited his tweet with strikethrough text and self-depricating humor like some other corporate bit…err, I mean lackie….err, good corporate soldier that I know.

  16. Number one, all of you who criticize Florio and this site for posting these stories without confirmation or for simply repeating what others are reporting have to remember it’s called “The RUMOR Mill” for a reason.
    Number two, I really didn’t need to start my Sunday morning with an image of Florio in a Speedo with his laptop perched on his, ahem, lap.

  17. “Screw him. Slapdick bench-warmer.”
    Bench warmer? GEEZ, this guy is one of the best young SS’s in the entire league.

  18. Florio, you should take this as a high form of flattery. It’s not a real story if it’s just on When it reported on PFT, then people take it seriously and it’s a real story. That’s the point. Whitner wouldn’t give two shits if it were just on Oh yeah, he is not just a douchebag but also a stupid douchebag for not noticing the credit of the story to another website.

  19. “But what Whitner didn’t realize is that Gregg was merely citing a report from”
    Perhaps this lack of perception is the exact reason why his job is in jeopardy?

  20. But Dude, he’s RIGHT.
    You really don’t have anything better to write about (leastways not at this time of year).

  21. “best young SS’s” LOL yer kidding
    Guy’s got 2 career INTs, 2 forced fumbles and 1 career sack. IN THREE SEASONS. I’ve seen better SS’s criticized to no end and exiled to Cincy.

  22. “”Profootballtalk is a non credible site….me lose my job lol don’t u guys have better things to write about?” Whitner tweeted.”
    Man, he must have an inferiority complex. Profootballtalk posts news and information about NFL players, no matter how minor they are (Saints sign unrestricted free agent! Here’s the background information on the guy you’ll see for 2 plays in August! And here’s the breakdown of the contract he’s signing!)….and Donte doesn’t think he’s good enough to be reported on.
    Someone should tell Donte he’s good enough, he’s smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like him…..just not as a starter for the Bills.

  23. I think he’s just upset. OK, OK, who gives a crap!
    Olbermann. Now there’s a guy who’s a legend in his own mind! WHAT A GOOFY TWIT!

  24. Let’s see if I can stick to 140 characters or less — It dont matter cuz the Bills r gonna suck anyway with or without TO.

  25. To whoever is pointing out Whitner only has 2 career interceptions, I’m glad you know how to look up stats. He’s never been considered a ballhawk. He’s a hard-hitting safety who can break up passes.
    And he is one of the top young safeties in the game, whether or not you morons realize it is irrelevant.
    I’d rather have a safety, like Whitner, that goes for the pass deflect/hit rather than go for an INT and miss it.
    Also, Florio, it is your fault. Stop coppin’ pleas, for real.

  26. maybe if Whitner was a credable defensive back
    he wouldnt have to worry about
    or has to say about him
    instead hes a 1st round pick who will be picking splinters out of his gluts on a team whos leadership
    IS responsible for drafting him.
    yo Whitner, spend more time reading the internet and not your playbook. thats a sure way to get back into the coaches good graces in buffalo. and also
    good luck with that criminal defense attny you hired as well.
    Worthless comes to mind

  27. Oh, do you mean like when you posted that story about Vontae Davis being arrested, and then proceeded to call him a thug/hoodlum (as implied by your posting of Parcell’s quote), and when it came out that he wasn’t arrested you had one of your other writers “rectify” it for you? But that doesn’t count because you got the story from someone else, even if YOU called Davis a thug/hoodlum. Yup, hypocrisy at its finest. Either take the blame when you post stories and put your spin/commentary on it, or just post the story verbatim from the source and put a disclaimer on it. Otherwise, don’t get defensive when someone calls you out because I’m sure there are a lot of stories about players that don’t get posted because you choose not to post them. Start doing what you tell the players to do and take responsibility for your (and your writers’) actions.

  28. “He’s a hard-hitting safety who can break up passes. ”
    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Only 7 passes defenses in THREE SEASONS on a pretty bad pass D. Five in his rookie season, one each for the past two seasons. Can’t be that hard of a hitter with only one forced fumble for his entire career. Blitzing’s obviously not a strong point with only one sack for his career. Is there anything that this guy does well?

  29. Let’s See….
    I’m going to take seriously as a “credible” comment about the “Credibility” of this site a posting from an idiot whose moniker on the site is a reference to a sexual act?
    You sir, are a complete idiot.

  30. okay… if you morons that believe Whitner is going to be a backup can feel free to leave me your contact information the betting odds Against It from the ‘bank/casino of Me’ is 8-1. I’ve got a few grand saved up for a used car ((not like i need it since i wont lose, i could pretend i had millions)) but now it looks like thanx to Florios Lemmings i’ll be getting Brand New Convertable… so place your bets retards.
    Lemme break this down very easily, most of you think Buffalo’s Dline is crap and fact is BB’s LB’s dont pass cover much. Plus many of you probably think our CB’s are short, tackle-after-the-catch bums… so how do you same people think BB rated 14 in Pass “D”?
    Short Answer: DONTE WHITNER blasting punks and our run game was gashed for very few “large” gains b/c of…??? Donte Whitner, thats right, good job class. Among Safties in the NFL you will be hard pressed to find more than 5-10 Safties of any kind who can diagnose a run play as quickly. Who do you guys think stopped HB/TE flats passes or WR reverses/screens? Well considering his short n’ wide responsibilities are second only to some probowlers………

  31. It will be hard for him to have any impact while serving whatever suspension the hard nose Commish hands out to him for wrestling with the cops… if he palyed as hard as he parties in the off season we wouldn’t be having this debate.

  32. Bills fans need to relax. Whether or not Whitner starts is irrelevant. We all know they’re destined for a 6-10 campaign and a new home in Toronto.

  33. Wasn’t Whitner 20 years old when he was drafted by the Bills?
    I think he’s the same age as some rookies, and he’s been in the league for a few years.
    It’s too bad if he wastes that much talent.
    Sadly, he would not be setting the precedent.

  34. Doesn’t matter if he blames Fox or PFT. The statement is still true. No offense.

  35. PFT does lack credib ility, it is basically a website to push the lie that the Steelers are the greatest team in sports.
    Like MSNBC with Obama.
    BTW he was checking out that ass.

  36. PFT clearly doesn’t “lack credibility”…. in addition to picking up a huge following including most of you nay-sayers posting here, they just got picked up by NBC on a major sponsorship deal.
    so call it like you see it. It isn’t “credibility” for Whitner, he just doesn’t like hearing or seeing negative stuff being said about him.
    and since PFT is so much less “credible” than FOXsports, the original story was seen here first before it was seen at FOX, apparently. which just further proves how little “credible” this site is…. 🙄

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