New Patriots beat writer at the Herald

In what could prompt a celebration in Massachusetts nearly as intense as each of the parties following any of the team’s three Super Bowl wins, the Boston Herald has hired a new Patriots reporter.

Ian Rapoport of the Birmingham News will become the new lead Pats beat writer for the Boston Herald.

For Rapoport, he’ll be trading the extroverted Nick Saban for the always-sunny Bill Belichick.

For Pats fans, their 18-month wish might finally be coming true:  the locally reviled John Tomase could be getting the shoe.

As Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch points out, it’s not yet known whether Tomase is out.  He and Karen Guregian previously had been working the beat, and it’s possible that Tomase will still have a role.

Tomase, by the way, is the guy who reported the day before Super Bowl XLII that the Patriots had secretly recorded the Rams’ walk-through practice prior to Super Bowl XXXVI, creating a major disruption for the organization as it prepared to close out the first 19-0 season in NFL history.  (The Herald later retracted the story and issued a full apology to the Patriots.)

If the Giants hadn’t found a way to win the game, Tomase might have been forgiven.  As it now stands, his report will never be forgotten by New England fans.


13 responses to “New Patriots beat writer at the Herald

  1. Tomase covers the Red Sox and nobody reads the Herald anyway. Mike Reiss is the only football writer worth reading in Boston.

  2. By all means, don’t mention the fact that the Herald got the story completely wrong and had to issue a front-and-cover apology to Robert Kraft and the Patriots.

  3. The timing of the false story sure was interesting.
    I wonder who made the call on that one.
    I hope the Pats don’t give the Herald or anybody working for them the time of day. Ever.

  4. JHC….I had to re-register…WTF?? Oh well, anyway…Pats fans…you have 0 Supe wins that aren’t tainted…don’t blame anyone but the crook Bellidict!

  5. “as it prepared to close out the first 19-0 season in NFL history.”
    Florio, you make it sound like the Patriots winning that game was a foregone conclusion. Then again, among the media, the Patriots winning every game is a foregone conclusion. Especially in Peter King’s column.

  6. The NY Times had a version of the story, but Tomasse didn’t know that they didn’t have any sources either! (rumor mill stuff)
    In an effort to beat the competetion he elected to go with the story anyway! (Yellow journalism.)
    Funny how, a NY paper is involved when the Giants are in the SuperBowl????(The NY Times owned the Boston Herald!)
    The night before the game! With the coaching staff not even available to respond until the last minute! No extra pressure there, John Tomasse!
    We’ll never know all the details I suppose. Why you decided to put yourself, the Herald and the Patriots at risk, a few hours prior to the biggest game in Franchise history???
    Now the evidence, amaturish videos with cheerleaders, Herm Edwards waving at the camera. This was not the secret, most coaches were aware what BB was doing!
    This was more about a memo from the front office and Goodell exercising his authority! OK, it happened, it’s history. It should be a dead story!
    For everyone’s sake, let it go! It really wasn’t that big of a deal. The Patriots win. per. is the same or better. The proof that the taping had little or no effect on the outcome of games is the numbers. They are on BB’s side….

  7. I took a huge John Tomase this morning and flushed it down the toilet. The Herald sucks, it’s tabloid garbage, just look at the format. You might as well be reading the National Enquirer. I’ll never read the Hearld or anything they produce.
    As for John Tomase, he is the biggest curly haired piece of crap I’ve ever seen. He can go back to living in his mother’s basement.

  8. The proper “apology” by the Herald would have been to fire a guy who knowingly lied because he had zero FACT or PROOF to back up his allegations (let alone that oh so auspicious TIMING of the story). They didn’t; hence, I have never read a single Herald story since 2008. And this Pats fan wouldn’t have cared one iota whether the Pats won or lost the SB vis a vis thinking JT is a complete hack and deserved to lose his job over this issue.

  9. Stetson thought it was a foregone conclusion that the Pats would win. He proved this when his cockiness showed throw when attempting to mock Plax’s prediction.
    Oopps…. How do you like them apples stetson?

  10. If the Giants hadn’t found a way to win the game
    I believe in karma, I know the Patriots fans tend to think it was Eli Manning getting lucky on a given Sunday but in the end, it was karma.
    Good luck trying to win anything with Bellicheat at the helm. There is even more karma coming at the only franchise to be fined a #1 draft pick for cheating.

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