Butler contract in jeopardy?

There are rumors making the rounds today that the contract signed last week by Patriots cornerback Darius Butler has been disapproved by the NFL’s Management Council.

Though we have been unable to confirm the precise status of the contract, we’ve confirmed that there definitely is concern in some circles regarding whether the deal will be validated.

One source say that no decision has been made.  We’ve also heard that other teams that have reviewed the deal believe it ultimately will be approved.

If the four-year contract is not approved, Butler and the Patriots will have to try again.

The issue could impact the ability of the Pats to sign one or more of their three other second-round picks.  One of them, defensive tackle Ron Brace, was selected one spot before Butler.

UPDATED:  The Pats have since announced the deal.  We’re trying to confirm whether this means that the contract was officially approved by the Management Council.  (We assume that it does.)