Is retirement Derrick Mason's final answer?

Derrick Mason’s retirement Monday caught a lot of people by surprise, including the Ravens.

Mason was reportedly at the Ravens’ facility Monday, working out and chatting with some front office executives.  He left just before his announcement was posted at

Judging by Mason’s comments to ESPN later Monday afternoon, the door may not be completely closed just yet on playing this season.

“Right now I’m 99 percent sure,” Mason said.

After saying that, Mason insisted the Ravens couldn’t do anything to change his mind.  And if things do change, it will only be because he changed his mind on his own.

Both Mason and his agent said that his contract situation was not a factor in his decision.  Mason’s representatives asked for a contract extension earlier this offseason.

Mason’s comments this afternoon may be the last we hear for a while.  His agent C. Lamont Smith asked that the media refrain from requesting interviews for two weeks.  

Smith also said that Mason made his decision to retire Friday, but wanted to delay the announcement out of respect to his fallen friend Steve McNair.

5 responses to “Is retirement Derrick Mason's final answer?

  1. I thought it was a rash decision for Mason – all of a sudden deciding to hang it up. I mean the guy isn’t Fitz, T.O. or Randy Moss but he still seems to have a few good years still left in his tank. I assume that he is just re-analyzing his position in life. After all a good friend and a Man which he has known for many years was just shot to death. That’s enough to make anyone decide to re-analyze their life.

  2. please bring back comment ratings…they were the best part and distinguished you from all the other sites.

  3. Hey newby, it’s “PFT(NOT the fruity juice)” next time! We’re not trying to get shut down around here.
    And if the readers can’t discern the difference between CNN(which in itself is garbage editorials) and a section called “Rumor Mill” that’s on them.
    Mr. Florio is right, punk

  4. Hey Florio- shouldn’t you be hammering Mason a lot harder? After all he left his team out of dry by not letting them know he was going to retire and waiting until after the draft. And that 99% thing, I mean how do they plan for the future is they are not sure if he is going to retire?
    This guy is becoming as big a jerk as Favre (using Florio criteria).
    Eddie DryCleaner “Mr. Florio is right, punk”
    Florio will build an empire on the backs of readers like yourself.

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