NFL declines comment on Butler deal

Earlier Monday, our fearless leader at PFT posted an item about rumors regarding Patriots cornerback Darius Butler’s contract, and whether it would be approved by the NFL’s Management Council.

As Murphy’s Luck would have it, the Patriots announced the signing a short time later.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Mr. Florio is sunburnt and drunk.  (Although it’s quite possible.) 

He confirmed through the Patriots that the team received the signed contract, which reportedly includes a hefty option bonus, and sent it to the league on Monday.    

So the contract has still yet to be approved by the league management council. 

But the Patriots announced the move soon after that, with the implication being they are confident the contract won’t have any problems. 

Reached on the issue, Senior VP of public relations Greg Aiello told PFT that the league does not “comment on player contract matters.”

Readers of PFT might feel that we should adopt a similar approach after reading this post.