Romo gives Jessica a pink slip for her birthday?

NFL_romo3.jpgMy brother-in-law previously has given 12-year-old Florio, Jr. some important advice regarding relationships.

In a nutshell, the approach entails breaking up with any girlfriend before a major gift-giving occasion, and then perhaps getting back together with her after said gift-giving occasion. 

And then breaking up again before the next one.

Apparently, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has an uncle who has provided similar advice. 

According to, Romo dumped Jessica Simpson last week, the day before her first annual 29th birthday.

She is heartbroken,” an unnamed source told

The high-profile relationship sparked debates regarding whether Romo was distracted by his relationship with the singer, and whether he was sufficiently focused on preparations for a playoff game when he accompanied Simpson (along with teammate Jason Witten and others) on a bye-week vacation to Mexico.

We figure that T.O. will chime in about the situation at some point.

45 responses to “Romo gives Jessica a pink slip for her birthday?

  1. He’s not leaving her for Witten, is he?
    (No wonder T.O. cried, “That’s my quarterback, man!” He was heartbroken, too…)

  2. doubt it has anything to do with football. anyone see those pics of her fat ass singing at some county fair recently. Romo is the QB of a nfl team, he can do way better than 98degree leftovers.

  3. Jessica was’nt Romos problem,AS a Quaterback he simply sucks,until he wins atleast 1 playoff game.

  4. damn………….she gave him an expensive boat a few months ago for his birthday. that’s cold

  5. Well, I’m sorry that he didn’t do this sooner but someone had to have their heart broken. Now I’m hoping he could concentrate on our football season and get over the hump of not winning in December. She probably was draining him anyway. Tell her to give me a call

  6. lmao..It’s about time, now we can focus on getting a ring. The scapegoat for the Cowboys is gone and now all the pressure is on Romo. He needs to remain focused. Anyway, as Eminem and Artie stated, he was dating a fat chick. Of course she is destroyed, her music career sucks now, and her star qb boyfriend is gone. Romo needs a famous gf, would doesnt clamor for spotlight

  7. that means they used to tell your wife that too… so watch your back, as for the end of yoko romo… HAHA

  8. Romo gives Jessica a pink slip for her birthday? No break up involved he literally gave her a pink slip.
    …and Jessica said to Tony in a sexy voice take off my slip… Now take off my bra… take off my panties… don’t ever let me catch you wearing them again!

  9. This is the hard hitting well researched news we knew this affiliation with NBC would provide.
    Shouldn’t you link this with Brett Favre and mention how he keeps us all waiting and how he retires and unretires all the time?

  10. “She is heartbroken,” an unnamed source told
    …. adding “she paid a dime and only farted.”

  11. The grammar police says that first sentence sucks.
    Your sister sounds like a lucky woman…
    And I suppose now we must refer to Mr Romo as Tony Solo. I could care less who he dates, but why her? I don’t think she’s pretty at all. The Cowboys starting QB should have higher standards.
    Somewhere out there Vox Veritas is sitting in a corner, crying. It’ll be OK little buddy, life goes on.

  12. Lesson to all the broads out there…DONT GET FAT AND LAZY, you can be cut at any time

  13. The guy should be questioned not about the dumping of Simpson, but what was he thinking calling it quits with Carrie Underwood? He should be taken behind the woodshed for that one. Guy should be suspended on shear principal based solely on that. Jessica Simpson couldnt carry the purse of Carrie Underwood.

  14. Yet another reason to hate the Hollywood Cowboys. I’m sick of the attention Romo gets from ESPN…like he’s ever done anything. The schmuck hasn’t even won a playoff game yet, and seems more interested in dating famous women then winning playoff games.
    Keep it up, Tony. Maybe Britney Spears is available now.

  15. Fucter N. Hadasnack says:
    July 13, 2009 3:39 PM
    He’s not leaving her for Witten, is he?
    LOVE IT!
    I was thinking the exact same thing. You know how those Cowboy QB’s love them some dudes. Romo actually has a bumper sticker on his Miata, “Cowboy’s butts drive me nuts!”

  16. Man, That chick must have some kind of funk to her the way guys keep dumping her! Or maybe she won’t do that thing with her mouth…

  17. Too bad, Tony…
    A pink slip = no more pink slit
    (from old bug-eye, beak-nose, bird-face Simpson, at least).
    Now you might actually have to go play some football.

  18. How does someone have a 1st annual 29th birthday party? Next year she is going to have a 29th birthday party as well? I did not know when you got rich you never turned 30.

  19. I would also like to add that I have successfully avoided ever being in a relationship during a girl’s birthday or a major gift-giving holiday during the course of my 20 years on Earth. Go me.

  20. I haven’t seen her recently (because I refuse to have anything to do with that barf-inducing country music) but what’s that old saying – “show me the hottest woman in the world and I’ll show you a guy who is sick of banging her” – PS Gisele, you could be next……

  21. i heard he dropped her in favor of his right hand and when he gets tired of that he can switch to the left one
    romo is a lousy q.b. and this year will prove it

  22. Jessica, while everyone is calling you fat, come play with me. I’d like to see them tah-tahs.

  23. Haha, I love all the guys calling her fat when most of you have probably whacked it to her at some point in your lives. There’s not one guy posting here who wouldn’t cut his pinky off to tag Jessica. Bloggers are always so full of crap.

  24. Only Cowboys fans could equate a QB breaking up with his overrated girlfriend to a Superbowl.
    But! I’m glad they’re getting rid of the “too many distractions” distraction – because when the Boys go 8-8 next year and miss the playoffs, we’ll know it’s because Romo just isn’t that good.

  25. Who cares.
    I HATE THE COWBOYS…..and my favorite team is whoever they are playing on that specific day.

  26. I’m still laughing my A$$ of at ” Fucter N Hadasnack”
    I mean what a hilarious user name.
    P.S. Jess, I’d still do you even with the extra few pounds you put on. I can deal with your weight, its the dumb that would make me leave you.

  27. Lesson to all the broads out there…DONT GET FAT AND LAZY, you can be cut at any time
    Laughed my ass off. But it’s only true if you’re smart enough to never marry one. Once you do, they can still be cut, but the salary cap hit could be tremendous.

  28. I for one hope that Hot-slab of idiot who has now become a fat-slab of idiot (Simpson) gets back with Romo, it’s nice to have Tony Homo distracted while the Eagles blitz his head off.

  29. She might still be with Tony if she could have stayed away from the buffet line. Geez, have you seen the lbs she is packing on that ass of hers?
    Romo, despite having never won a playoff game and generally sucking after Thanksgiving with a consistency of the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano can date just about any blonde airhead in Dallas. If he decides to go gay, there is always Vox.

  30. “She might still be with Tony if she could have stayed away from the buffet line. Geez, have you seen the lbs she is packing on that ass of hers?”
    Dude, you’re from Wisconsin. There’s a 99.9988% chance if you’re in Wisconsin that you’re with a big fat slobbering Wisconsin bitch of a cow. If you’re straight, that is. The other 0.0012% is Miss Wisconsin and don’t even pretend that you’re doing her. Tony Romo is from Wisconsin, even he knew that you have to look waaaaay out of state to get a woman on the right side of 160. I mean come on.
    Texas women: Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, Farrah Fawcett, Beyonce Knowles
    Wisconsin women: Tyne Daly, Greta van Susteren, Charlotte Rae, Frank Caliendo

  31. Wait – did Romo give her a Pink Slip for her birthday?
    Or did he give her a Slip that was Pink for her birthday?
    Here at Three Mile Island they don’t give us internet access so I’m reading and writing this on my Sprint phone – otherwise I’d Google it myself.
    By the way – if anyone out there can help me out, I forget what the main rule is around here – is it:
    You can never put TOO MUCH water in a nuclear reactor?
    Or is it, you can NEVER put too much water in a nuclear reactor.
    If someone can get back to me on both of those things, I’d appreciate it – otherwise I’ll just guess.

  32. That ok Jessica, (karma will catch him) and he will be “heartbroken” when he can’t lead HIS team into the playoffs.

  33. Stop posting this crap, its not news and nobody really gives a shit. Its stupid crap like this that makes people actually dumber….

  34. Man, does she look like a slob in that People photo. No wonder a starting NFL QB would look elsewhere.

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