A look at teams flying under radar in 2009

We’ve long believed that it’s a good thing to be overlooked and disregarded in the NFL.  It keeps local expectations low, and it sets the stage for catching some other teams napping.

So for our latest “it’s July and we’ve got nothing to write about” entry at, we look at the teams that are — and a couple that aren’t — cruising under the league’s radar this year.

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17 responses to “ A look at teams flying under radar in 2009

  1. The only thing that will surprise anyone about the Raiders is if a fan does not urinate on an opposing fan in at least 4 of the teams 8 home games.

  2. A team I think is running under the radar is the Houston Texans. They have added a lot of parts in recent years that have proven to be of high caliber. Steve Slaton, Mario Williams, DeMeco Ryans, Matt Schaub, Owen Daniels, Amobi Okoye, etc. Eventually they will gain enough chemistry and work better as a team. Remember this is also the team that milked the Denver Broncos coaching/scouting staff back when they were making the playoffs on a consistent basis. Should Schaub stay healthy (and I understand at this point that’s a big ‘should’), I think they’ve got a healthy chance at reaching the playoffs and going deep.

  3. So you think the Bengals wont catch anyteams napping??? I GUARANTEE THIS!. There will be plenty of teams that think “cincy wont do anything” and get blown out……They think after a 7-9 and 4-11 that we are the Bungals uncapable of rebounding in any way…..And thats just what we want…..Put as large a chip on their shoulders by talking….Thats exactly what the team needs….Keep em coming….

  4. @jose reyes . . . .
    the texans aren’t under anyone’s radar. they’re one of the trendy picks to make the playoffs.
    they might make it, but they won’t be under the radar if they do.

  5. The Texans have been the trendy pick for about 3 years, and, as usual, they aren’t going anywhere in that division.

  6. How do you not consider the Bucs as a team flying under the radar?
    Sadly, as a fan, I am predicting around 4 wins for the Bucs for this year.
    Florio, you predicted them to have 4 wins as well IIRC from your over under video.
    But even though I don’t think they’ll do well, you cannot possibly tell me that the Raiders are in a better position to outperform them.
    I’m not saying that either of them will do well, but you should at least judge it based on the most well-off shitty teams

  7. It’s an ok list but to add the Raiders, who haven’t done a THING since 2002, is a JOKE. They are horrible and play very basic schemes that any decent coach could out scheme.
    My top 5 are as followed:
    and Browns

  8. Stuart Scotts left eye says:
    July 13, 2009 11:54 AM
    It’s an ok list but to add the Raiders, who haven’t done a THING since 2002, is a JOKE. They are horrible and play very basic schemes that any decent coach could out scheme.
    My top 5 are as followed:
    and Browns
    I don’t see how the Chargers are considered under the radar. They are the class of a weak division. They also lost 7 of their 8 games a season ago by a touchdown or less. They will do quite well this season. I agree with the Seahawks, Bengals, and Texans. All three will contend for 2nd place in their divisions. I do disagree with the Browns. I think the Browns could have a top 3 pick in next year’s draft. Good list overall though. I would replace Cleveland with Washington. They had the #4 defense and have no added Haynesworth and Orakpo. If they can resign Marcus Washington for depth, their D will be nasty. I think that Campbell will take a step forward this year now that he will have the same offense for two years in a row for the first time since High School. They can make the playoffs if: 1. The young WR’s/TE’s step up to help out Cooley and Moss; 2. The Offensive Line can avoid injuries as they have little depth; and 3. Zorn lets Portis run. That Bengals game last year when Washington had 1st and goal and Zorn let his pride get in the way and kept Portis on the bench, still sticks with me. ALL 3 are BIG IF’s, I know. But stranger things have fallen in place for teams during a season.

  9. I dont even see how the Chokers can be the class of the AFC west. come on man, they backed into the playoffs last year with a .500 record. what a joke. cant wait to see them lose on 9/14. The texans arent going anywhere either, just like the cowboys, panthers, jags or washington. oh yea, add san tiajuana to the mix too. all of your guys’ sexy picks for the super bowl are ridiculous,
    comepletely overrated at best and choke when the pressure is on. not that I like NE or anything associated with them, but with Tom Brady back in the saddle, look out. the chargeless, please, more like the Chula Vista Chokers.

  10. Why are the lions listed in this story? There’s not one word about Detroit here or in the linked article.

  11. That’s what I’m sayin Uncle Sol. PFT puts this crap in the Detroit section, then the link has nothing to do with the Lions. This’ OK though, Detroit can continue to fly under the radar. #1 wr #1 rb #1 lb corp, and soon #1 qb

  12. Nice to see the Lions fans out in force. I am with you Uncle Sol and Big Walt, let the Leo’s fly under the radar and jump up and bite a few unsuspecting teams next year.
    Stafford to Megatron ALL DAY!!

  13. Hail NO!!!!
    [i]But Washington has defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who might find specific motivation in the widespread belief that he’ll lose his effectiveness now that he has found millions in guaranteed money.[/i]
    Yeah, right…Haynesworthless only plays when his contract is up for renewal, so this year he will be ripping off helmets and stomping on skulls since he has his Benjamins.

  14. The Jaguars could surprise us if they can find a decent receiver and they can avoid injuries. Buffalo should be set to self destruct at game 8 or sooner. Cleveland and Cincinnati are in a tough division and Detroit can’t help but surprise us. They have to win at least 3 games. The Raiders aren’t under the radar, they’re under Davis’ spell. I won’t be surprised to see Garcia replace russel though. The team I expect to have a nice turn around season is the Packers. It had nothing to do with Rogers replacing Favre last year, it was defense. If they can step it up a notch, they can win the division regardless of wheter Favre signs with the vikings or not.

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