$28 million guaranteed for Cassel

According to John Clayton of ESPN.com, the six-year deal signed by Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel includes $28 million in guaranteed money.

That’s $8 million less than an April report regarding a long-term deal for Cassel had identified.

And it’s only (only?) $13.35 million more than the guaranteed money that Cassel would have received if he had played in 2009 under the terms of his one-year franchise tender. 

So Cassel could have borne the risk of injury and/or ineffectiveness in 2009, and he possibly could have landed a much, much larger total package.

But, like Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, Cassel likely concluded that $63 million over six years is far more than he’d ever earn in the NFL.  And, like his former teammate Tom Brady in New England, Cassel likely realizes that he needs to leave some other money in the payroll pot in order to allow the team to amass other guys who will help Cassel become as successful as he can be.

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  1. Probably realizes that he isn’t an elite QB in the NFL… and would risk a great season and a chance to cash in for very little money.

  2. It’s more of a gamble if he would have stayed with a one-year contract. He could end up being mediocre or worse and not end up getting any sort of big payoff, in that case he’s better off this way.
    This way is still a gamble, he could be the next superduperstar QB. (But in that case on the other hand he could then hold out and re-negotiate.)

  3. “…Cassel likely realizes that he needs to leave some other money in the payroll pot in order to allow the team to amass other guys who will help Cassel become as successful as he can be.”
    What a steaming hot sloppy pile of speculative baloney.
    Why is it that SOME guys–like Cassel here–get the benefit of the doubt from you, Florio?
    Awwww, WHAT A GREAT GUY CASSEL MUST BE, right? With his pure heart of made of solid GOLD, so noble, so generous, so giving, so ALTRUISTIC–what WON’T he do for his fellow man?
    Yet other guys–like that cocky spoiled alcoholic brat crybaby b1tch snob scumbag punk traitor (and NCAA-policy violator!) Jay Cutler–always get the worst-end of your assumptions and insinuations?
    I guess it’s a good thing there are guys like St. Cassel and St. Brady and St. Favre in the league, so they can absolve all the sins of those other selfish, greedy, black-souled narcissistic douchebags, rights?
    (More importantly, as long as it’s YOU sorting them out, M0Flo, we’ll be sure to know who the good guys are…)

  4. Maybe Brady, Romo and Cassel can tutor Eli on how you sign a team friendly contract. Lord knows Pey Pey can’t.
    What an asswipe.

  5. At least the comparison to Brady’s deal is easy. 6yr/60M, 24M guaranteed for Brady and 6yr/63M, 28M guaranteed for Cassel.
    $500K/yr more, $4M more guaranteed. Certainly didn’t keep up with the cap increases since 2005. Brady is likely to get what, $14-15M/yr extension next season?

  6. Just wondering if you could maybe squeeze a few more “could have’s” and “likely’s” into those last two paragraphs?

  7. I love this signing. Now when Cassel gets sacked another 40 + times, throws more INT’s than TD’s, and gets benched for Tyler Thigpen the Chiefs can eat his salary for the next few years.

  8. Scott Mitchell–EXACTLY.
    More like Cassell figured there is a big chance he will go el busto this season and better take the money off the table. Way to make him into a Tom Brady talent with a heart of gold there Folrio.

  9. I agree with jeremyb91
    The Quief’s do not have an offensive line any more or a viable defense or a running game.
    Cassel will be the highest paid hurt player next year!

  10. Florio writes: “According to John Clayton of ESPN.com…: and “So Cassel could” and “he possibly could” and “Cassel likely concluded” plus “Cassel likely realizes”.
    Let’s see, Clayton of the evil empire gets the story and PFT follows up with speculation. Hmmm.

  11. Obviously he has proven himself to Pioli. But what does Pioli know anyway? He only has three gold rings…

  12. Despite the fact that none of the NE assistants have gone on to bigger and better things, despite the fact that pats fans consider anyone who has wiffed a Belicheck fart should be instantly considered a genius, this is no different than signing a high draft choice to tons of money…..At least he has game experience, what that means with an offensive line that should be nicknamed “Katrina’s Levee’s” remains to be seen……

  13. He’s done more than Cutler ever has, and you guys think Cutler is a franchise quarterback.

  14. Everyone seems to be really down on this contract. Sure it seems a bit high but when compared to contracts signed by Stafford and Sanchez then it would appear the Chiefs did okay.
    Stafford is getting 41 million guaranteed and Sanchez is getting 28 million. Neither has taken a snap in the NFL. History says that it is likely that both Stafford and Sanchez will be a bust and at the very least one will not be a starter in the NFL.
    Cassel had a good year in a good system and could have a good year in KC.
    As for the Mitchell comparison. He had a good initial season with Detroit. He was downed by injury the following season.
    “1995 with Detroit Mitchell started all 16 games and threw for 4,338 yards and 32 TD’s (Yeah thats right “32” TD’s !!!) while only throwing 12 interceptions. QB rating of 92.3″
    _____Got this info from Deltadrew from another board.
    He was Detroits starter for 3 years and took them to 2 playoff appearances.
    I’d take that over 2-26 over the last 2 years anyday.

  15. This is absolutely hilarious. Matt Cassel hasn’t thrown one single pass outside of an all-star pro bowl lineup with the #5 rated offense in the NFL, and now Kansass city thinks he’s gonna be their knight in shining armor? With no wide outs and no pro bowl tight end left to catch his passes and no O-line to protect his ass? He’s dogmeat, and they just spent a caviar price for a 6 year supply of it.

  16. This feels just like Scott Mitchell all over again. Remember that catastrophe for the Lions? One good season filling in for Marino and Detroit annointed him the second coming.
    Now Cassel is the second coming of Mitchell.
    This doesn’t end well for the Chiefs. It ends great for Cassel – he’s now a multimillionaire no matter how badly he flops.

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