Abraham will not hold out of camp

NFL_abraham.jpgJohn Abraham’s agent, Rich Rosa, has heard the rumblings that his client was considering a holdout.  Rosa says they are baseless.

“”It’s a long offseason and they have to stir the pot,” Rosa told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We
don’t know where that is coming from. There won’t be a holdout. He’ll
be there when camp opens.”

Abraham is due $19.5 million over the next three seasons, including $5 million this year.  He signed a market setting $45 million contract in 2006 that looks fair for both sides in retrospect. 

Abraham has 30.5 sacks in his three seasons with the Falcons, including 16.5 last year. 

Abraham missed part of offseason activities, which may have fueled the contract speculation.

“When you get to level that John is at, you let your thoroughbreds rest,” Rosa said.

Rosa has not approached Atlanta about a new contract and it sounds like he isn’t about to. Now the Falcons just need to find someone else on the roster that can rush the passer.