Cassel doing better than Brady

1163.jpgThe April report from Michael Lombardi of NFP regarding quarterback Matt Cassel’s long-term deal indicated that Cassel would receive $36 million guaranteed on a six-year deal.

Though we are coming up empty via traditional efforts to determine details regarding Cassel’s deal, we currently believe that it’s indeed a six-year package, with a base value in excess of $60 million.

That’s more than the six-year deal Tom Brady signed with the Patriots in 2005, which further confirms that he’s one of the most underpaid players in the NFL.

We also believe that the three-year take, one of the key factors in determining the value of a contract, is more than $42 million.

Both the team and the agent, David Dunn, likely will be disclosing no details about the contract, in keeping with the whole “nothing good comes from saying anything” philosophy that G.M. Scott Pioli brought with him from New England. 

Once the contract is officially filed with the NFLPA, however, the full numbers will be leaked.

And the precise comparisons to Brady’s deal undoubtedly will follow.

30 responses to “Cassel doing better than Brady

  1. Didn’t Brady restructure his deal to get Moss or something. If he’s one of the most underpaid players in the league then its his own fault.

  2. I’m not a Patriots fan but how can you even begin to compare Cassel to Brady…??? Does Brady know he could command the absolute highest dollar every year??? I’m sure he does, but he doesn’t and the fact that he leaves the money on the table that enables his organization to bring in quality talent every year is not mentioned enough. As a football fan this is awesome to see, as a Bears fan, it would be nice if someone in Chicago got a clue and tried this approach instead of throwing money at aging and beatdown guys who are “anchors” on our defense.

  3. But who cares? Brady takes a pay cut so that they can have a great team and constantly have a chance to win a super bowl. At the very least it keeps him in constant conversation and therefore highly targeted for endorsement deals. He also makes plenty of money through his wife, who, well she doesn’t need explaining.

  4. Funny, I would have figured Pioli would have learned something from Bill Belichick and not given him so much cap tying money. I ALSO would have figured Matt Cassel would have learned something from Tom Brady, and agree to take less money so they could spend it in putting talented people around him.
    Matt will be serviceable, but not great, unless they get someone who can take the constant double coverage off of Dwayne Bowe. Bobby Engram it ain’t.

  5. “Cassel doing better than Brady”
    This marks the first and last time that the above headline will have any credibility.

  6. Don’t forget that you can’t put a dollar value on going to bed each night with Gisele…..

  7. Florio, what’s with the Brady comparisson & talk of how underpaid Brady is….trying to create salary cap issues & a story where none exists….
    Brady is well compinsated & smart enough to know that it takes a TEAM around you to win….Tom is a smart man & surrounded by talent due to not being selfish……Exactly how many millions does it take to live comfortably anyways….

  8. Something tells me Robert Krafts most valuable player isn’t underpaid.
    Regardless of what the salary cap figures say, Brady is definitely getting his money one way or another.

  9. Kiss Bills Rings says: “……Exactly how many millions does it take to live comfortably anyways….”
    apparently Lenny Dikstra wants to know as well.

  10. I think the non-stop comparing of contracts leads to problems. It always seems to involve the more high-profile players, and in every case I can recall, even the player who is being portrayed as getting the short end of the stick is still rich beyond most people’s wildest dreams.
    I just don’t see the practical difference between 30 million and, say, 35 million. They’re both obscene amounts of money, and much more than is needed to live a comfortable life.
    If Brady is happy with his contract, good for him. He’s got a ton of money and three SB rings. Maybe he could get more cash, but then again, maybe he realizes he’s in a pretty good situation in New England and to give that all up for a few million bucks when you already have more millions than you need just doesn’t make sense.

  11. My question is will KC expose Matt Cassel and therefore Tom Brady as a “system” quarterback. If Tom Brady were shipped to KC (or any team for that matter), would he have the same success ? or does he absolutely have to be surrounded by great talent to succeed ? Would Big Ben ?
    That’s why I think it’s amazing what Kurt Warner did with 2 seperate teams and 2 different systems. He’s very underrated.

  12. Not only does Brady taking a pay cut allow the team to: bring in other high caliber players, keep the perception that he is for the team, and still make a boatload of money. He continues to set the example of how the game should be handled on and off the field. How many times a week do we read on this site about contract and payment issues with other teams? When your leaders are setting examples like this, it makes for an overall better atmosphere, team chemistry, and a winning combination of individuals.
    I wonder if Larry Johnson is going to start complaining again following news of his second year quarterback getting a rumored $60 million dollar contract…?

  13. blackglass: In the Chiefs case, Matt Cassel can get paid and not hurt the team’s cap going forward. The Chiefs had 31.1M in mid-May, and that included Cassel’s $15M salary. They could easily front load the contract to eat up that space now. His cap numbers in future years could be low even though he’d be highly paid. It will likely be a fair deal (as Brady’s was in 2005).

  14. @blackglass:
    The Chiefs are WAY under the cap, so much so it was worriesome about how they were going to reach the FLOOR amount . Front-loading the deal like this makes sense in order to bring in those quality players when they’ll see KC as a good place to go play, rather than what it is/was at the end of the last season… a 6-26 team.

  15. I was just wondering that the other day…what if they jst started giving franchise players a percentage of the franchise, a certain amount of it could be like guaranteed for a few years after they retire (if the fulfill their contract)…I talked to Brady’s uncle, and he said that was exactly what “Tommy” was doing…he has money, he wants rings…That’s a true player right there…I really was never a big Brady fan until I heard that…

  16. The size of Brady’s contract has nothing to do with who he plays tonsil hockey with. Results on game day. Get the job done or get benched.
    Hope the Pats can protect him better this year or he’s done for.

  17. “Though we are coming up empty via traditional efforts to determine details regarding Cassel’s deal…”
    Just what does “traditional efforts” entail? This site frequently uses unnamed sources and rarely lists any background work that is done.
    You have built a sweet gig Mr. Florio, congrats, we are all envious- getting paid to do what you do, awe inspiring……

  18. Brady made $8 million salary and over $10 million in endorsements last year. His wife is worth $150 million.
    While I’m glad for that Cassel is going to get his money, the headline is pretty misleading, to say the least.

  19. Good points guys who responded to me. I didn’t know how the Chiefs were cap wise.
    “System QB” guys; please just shut the hell up. Was Dan Marino a “system QB”…he was great under Shula and sucked under Jimmy Johnson.
    The problem with most of you is that you see EVERYTHING as a black or white issue as long as it fits your argument. If Brady is a system QB, why did Drew Bledsoe suck his year under BB? If the system is so foolproof that anyone can run it, why isn’t Rohan Davey still backing up Brady? If it is the system, why didn’t Kliff Kingsbury get a $36 million contract after he left New England.
    There are about 1,000 things that go into making a great football player. If any old bastard could step in and throw 4000 yards in the Patritos system, why does Brady even have a contract past one year? They could just sign ME to a vet minimum.

  20. Vikingborn70: Brady doesn’t need elite talent. He took the Pats to the AFC championship game with Reche Caldwell and jabar gaffney as the #1 and #2 QBs. And they lost because the defense blew an 18 point lead. Brady makes WRs better. NE isn’t the only team that runs the shotgun spread.

  21. Brady was actually the highest paid player in the NFL until Belicheat had to take out some of his funds for his camera expenses.

  22. #28 Cuz We Go Hard: Teams can’t guarantee/give anything on the side. Everything they give/pay a player to play goes on the cap. If they promised Brady ownership, the amount would count against the cap.
    Dick Vermeil got into a little bit of trouble saying he was giving a bottle of wine to the kicker (Morten Andersen).
    “That expensive bottle of wine Vermeil said he would give Morten Andersen for kicking the game-winning field goal against Oakland will have to stay locked up in the coach’s liquor cabinet.
    The NFL office, after hearing of comments by Vermeil and Andersen following Kansas City’s 27-24 victory over Oakland on Sunday, called to remind the Chiefs that offering performance bonuses that are not included in contracts is a no-no. ”

    “What they’re trying to prevent is the big thing,” Thum said. “There have been questions in the past about such things as car dealerships and percentages of the franchise. You can have (such offers) but they have to be written into the contract and counted against the salary cap.”

  23. Brady will get his money in his next contract and once again it will be below what he truly deserves. He has said many times that money is not more important than winning. Plus when you and your wife pull in $90 million a year does it really matter? Let’s not forget all of the endorsements he has that Cassel doesn’t

  24. Um, did this site get dumber? Yeah, better than Brady…..oh, ya.
    Gotta love the cheap headlines. This used to be a good site. What happened? And where did the voting on the comments go? It’s a shame when big corporations get a hold of something good.

  25. @Florio: you posted this bit of brilliance but censored my comments ? WTF?
    “DanRooney says:
    July 14, 2009 4:38 PM
    Brady was actually the highest paid player in the NFL until Belicheat had to take out some of his funds for his camera expenses.”
    Thats quite a brilliant gem.

  26. Thanks Insomniac: I kinda already understood that…but I was thinking for future evolution of the NFL…at the rate that players salaries are increasing It may get really interesting in the near future…

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