Chiefs ink Cassel to long-term deal

cassel.jpgOne day before a deadline that possibly didn’t apply to him, Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel has signed a long-term deal with the team he joined in late February.

Per the Kansas City Star, the multi-year deal is expected to be announced today

Terms are not yet available.

Cassel, whose performance during the 2008 preseason prompted calls in some circles for him to be cut, was thrust into the spotlight when Tom Brady’s ACL exploded during the regular-season opener against, coincidentally, the Chiefs.  After the season, the Pats slapped the franchise tag on Cassel in lieu of signing him to a new deal or allowing him to become an unrestricted free agent.

By signing the tender, Cassel was guaranteed to receive a base salary of $14.65 million this year. 

On the second day of the 2009 league year, the Pats shipped Cassel and linebacker Mike Vrabel to Kansas City for a second-round pick.  The move cleared more than $15 million in cap space for New England, and allowed the Pats to avoid a $1 million roster bonus due to be paid to Vrabel the next day.

In late April, Cassel reportedly agreed to a deal including $36 million in guaranteed money.  But multiple sources vehemently denied that an agreement had been reached.

23 responses to “Chiefs ink Cassel to long-term deal

  1. KC Chiefs just pust put all QB salary eggs in one basket.
    If I were the Chefs I’d like to see him do it in KC red and not insulated by the NE talent.
    As a rival to the Chiefs, I LIKE it!

  2. JSpicoli says:
    July 14, 2009 1:41 PM
    KC Chiefs just pust put all QB salary eggs in one basket.
    If I were the Chefs I’d like to see him do it in KC red and not insulated by the NE talent.
    As a rival to the Chiefs, I LIKE it!
    Maybe you meant to say you would like to do it in KC red and not insulated by the NE cheating?

  3. I don’t think anyone should label this as a bad deal until the dollar figures come out and Cassel is well into his 2nd year of the contract.
    I don’t think you can call him a fluke when he has not proved himself a failure out of NE. He had a rather good year in a a great system.
    No one can say that the Chiefs have the weapons of the Patriots and of course that should show on the Chiefs’ season. But if they put together 6 to 8 wins this year with the addition of Cassel, Pioli and Haley then you it should be said that they are on the right track.
    I also think that the retention of Gaily was very important to the growth of the team. His OC job last year was innovative and productive-even under Herman’s system.

  4. I think a long term deal is a little premature. He’s only had one successfull season and played in the luxury of the Pats offense. This could be the beginning of the end for the new KC front office.

  5. Give him his props…he knew this was his only chance to get a big money deal before getting exposed this year.
    I’ll say week 10 is the over under for the return of Tyler Thigpen.

  6. He was in the perfect system at N.E. It won’t be the case in K.C. and you’ll see all of his weaknesses exposed.

  7. He should buy Bernard Pollard an Escalade and a bunch of hookers cause without that hit Cassel might have been doing good to have a roster spot in ’09

  8. I love how a guy who’s ACTUALLY played most of a season in the NFL gets flak for getting a long-term deal, when the first-round rookies come in signing HUGE contracts.
    The guy has played in the big league. If he can throw to an open NE receiver, he can throw to an open KC receiver. The teams played a similar offense last year, and that offense is going to remain in KC with Chan Gailey. Except now it isn’t something cobbled together midseason for the 3rd string QB.
    Get off the hater-ade people. The guy proved he’s got what it takes to be an NFL QB for >15 games. What has Mark Sanchez shown in the NFL?

  9. Regardless of what the final numbers are he is still getting payed way less than Matthew Stafford. What’s wrong with this picture?

  10. For someone named common sense you sure didn’t use it in this comment…cassel came in and finished out the season pretty damn valiantly with a rating of 89.4…

  11. Maybe you don’t understand the meaning of the word fluke, I’m not saying he wasn’t good last year I’m saying he won’t be anywhere as good as he was last year or any time in the future, hence…FLUKE….. ONE YEAR WONDER.

  12. Give the guy a break!!! He’s the player lookin for money. The team owner decides what to pay for him and I have seen more money shelled out to Rookies who never even played in the League. Yeah he had New England as a receiving corps but so what he had to get the passes to them…. Not a fan of the Chiefs but I can’t wait for the Steelers to play against him again…..

  13. Cuz We Go Hard – Cassell’s 89.4….well, that was only a 30 point drop off from Brady’s the year before. And, of course he had the luxury of a QB’s best friend in Randy Moss, who has seen just about every QB he has ever played with have a career year with him on the field. (Seriously – Cunningham, George, Culpepper, Brady)…Heck, even Kerry Collins had one of his best years in 2005 in Oakland when Moss was busy mailing it in.
    Now, Dwayne Bowe is a nice WR and a legit #1, but he isn’t Moss. Whoever their #2 is isn’t Wes Welker. Their OL isn’t nearly as good as NEs. And their coaching staff probably isn’t as good either.
    I’ll be surprised if Cassell EVER does 89 again, and really suspect his center of gravity will be a QB rating of 68-72.

  14. Lots of you fellas claim to know more than Pioli about the subject.
    Dwelling upon that for about…….2 seconds……ought to give you good context.

  15. The GM, the Coach, the QB in KC. I give tem all 3 years or less before Marty is rehired in KC with GM power.

  16. Is this a great league or what? Here is a guy who never started a game since high school, got plugged into a mostly spread offense and becomes a star thanks in part to Randy Moss and Wes Welker. I hope he proves his worth. If not Pioli is off to a skewed beginning. Who are his receivers? I will credit Pioli for getting Vrabel in the trade and signing Zach Thomas. While both Vrabel and Thomas are aging, they both have a little gas in the tank. Considering the task in K.C. I’d want some experience to plug in until I could build a team. These days you usually only get a few years. Vrabel and Thomas will be excellent teachers by example. They go full speed every play. Casell is a wait and see project.

  17. Has anyone had success outside the Belichick/NE stratosphere?
    Not Weiss, not Crennel maybe Mangini (23-23), but the odds don’t look real good for McDaniels/Casell!
    Sorry DEN fans, but can you say, “we suck?”

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