Despite "good" meeting, union is pulling a political squeeze play

Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Daily reports that the NFL and the players union met for three hours Tuesday at NFLPA headquarters in Washington, the second meeting of the CBA negotiation process.

Per Mullen, both sides called the session a “good” one.

Still, the union plans to turn the lightly screws on the league as of tomorrow, when a delegation led by NFLPA Executive Director De Smith will meet with federal lawmakers to remind them of the “gifts” that Congress has bestowed upon the NFL.

And with no one prepared to shed tears for players who, by the union’s own admission, earn in the top one percentile of all Americans, Smith plans to shift the focus to the more modestly compensated folks who’ll lose paychecks if football games aren’t played in 2011.

“I’m not sure in an economic downturn whether a business that
generated $8 billion in revenue last year should be contemplating” a lockout, Smith told the Associated Press.

NFL V.P. Joe Browne believes that such rhetoric is premature.

“We’re hopeful that matters can be resolved,” Browne told the AP.  “It’s a
little premature to talk about putting stadium workers out of work in

It’s also a little immature, in our view, for the union to consider an attack on the same federally-provided “gifts” that have helped the league become what is it, such as the antitrust exemption.  The tactic, if it ever becomes anything more than mere saber rattling, is the equivalent of holding a knife to the throat of the goose that lays the golden eggs that line the players’ collective nest.

9 responses to “Despite "good" meeting, union is pulling a political squeeze play

  1. “is the equivalent of holding a knife to the throat of the goose that lays the golden eggs”
    You mean, kind of like blowing up a collective agreement 2 years early, eliminating the salary cap that was as much a part of building the league as antitrust exemptions and threatening to lock employees out?
    At least the players have a good example to follow.

  2. Yeah, NFL players union reps and the players themselves care that much about stadium workers…….Give me a break

  3. EskinSux got it right!
    The players only care about their own money, I bet the stadium workers wouldn’t complain if they were in the top 1% of salaries earned in the nation.

  4. It is almost hard to believe that only a few years ago, that salary cap was under $90 million and almost every team was hurting to stay under it. Now, many of the teams are fighting to stay above the minimum salary cap.
    I agree 100% with Eustus!

  5. Come on Florio — we all know you suck the owners off, and hate the union. D-Smith is doing a good job, and you cannot accept it.

  6. You do understand the ability to end the deal 2 years early was part of what was negotiated?
    Its not like the owners just unilaterally decided to throw out the contract and the union had no say. The union agreed to give them that option.
    So obviously it was understood by both parties that the current agreement was put into place on a trial basis.
    So who is supposed to decide how much the owners can make? If its any one commenting here, I’d like to know at what point the owners are making too little. Should the current 45% go to them? 35%? 25%. Should the players get 90% and the owners only 10%?
    Where is the line?

  7. “”….helped the league become what i(t) i(s) “”
    i don’t know I kinda thought the PLAYERS helped the league become what it is. I suppose I am uninformed.
    And great post by Eustus. Great name too- we should all do a google search on Eustus Mullins. That guy is a Man among serfs……..
    Whats a serf?

  8. apparently dumbaurice is that dumb.
    if he pushes this with congress, reap the whirlwind dumbass.

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