ESPN officially announces Ohlmeyer as ombudsman

As expected, ESPN has announced that veteran television executive Don Ohlmeyer will become the network’s new ombudsman.

Ohlmeyer will serve an 18-month term.

“Few people on the planet could bring to the role of ESPN ombudsman more credentials, intelligence, a track record of success and the fearlessness to speak his mind than Don Ohlmeyer,” ESPN executive vice president and executive editor John A. Walsh said in a release.  “He is a noted maverick in the industry with a vast understanding of media, and we look forward to his contributions.”

Unlike his predecessors, who came from the newspaper business, Ohlmeyer has a distinguished and extensive career in television, with 16 Emmys on his mantle.

Like his predecessors, Ohlmeyer will write only one column per month.

We’ve previously suggested that, given the size and scope of ESPN, the network should use a full-time, real-time ombudsman, who would offer immediate constructive criticism of the various print, online, radio, and TV offerings.

7 responses to “ESPN officially announces Ohlmeyer as ombudsman

  1. Ohlmeyer can suck it. Norm MacDonald is funny and anyone who thinks otherwise can suck it, as well. In fact, they should have just hired Norm MacDonald.

  2. Uh oh, another person heralded for being a “maverick”.
    I just realized, I think that word is permanently broken for me now.

  3. Great… maybe he can tone down the 8,243 nausea inducing variants of swirling Pantone orange #021c on the Sportscenter set.
    The Sportscenter set can adequately be described as a cross between a violent dust storm on Mars, and a Seagull regurgitating clownfish over and over again to feed its young .
    Serenity now, Mr Ohlmeyer…

  4. So what it ESPN hired another spin doctor.
    ESPN is a total joke. They posted this story on the home page of for exactly 1 hour and 52 minutes before burying it and all displayed links to it.
    ESPN buried this story just as fast as they buried the stories about their TV contracts with the BCS and SEC because it’s a BS conflict of interest.
    I figured ESPN would quickly remove the story so I bookmarked it:
    Take a good look at the comments and it seems a lot of people are fed up with ESPN biased crap.

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