Fabian Washington not happy that Mason is retiring

One of the benefits of Twitter is that we’ll potentially get real, candid reactions from NFL players to the various occurrences and developments that are part of life in the NFL.

Ravens cornerback Fabian Washington provided just such a real, candid reaction on Monday with his response to the news that receiver Derrick Mason is retiring (unless he doesn’t).

“LOSING DERRIK [sic] MASON IS A BIG BLOW TO US,” Washington wrote on his Twitter page.

And he punctuated it with an all-caps “F” bomb.

So, basically, this Twitter thing will get very interesting once the games start this year, even if none of the players will actually be tweeting from the games.

4 responses to “Fabian Washington not happy that Mason is retiring

  1. Can you imagine the implosion that is going to happen on Twitter when veterans start getting cut in the NFL this preseason?
    Train wrecks and huge NASCAR crashes won’t have anything on that mess …. and it’s coming.
    Should be fun to watch.

  2. I wonder how many players complaining about blown calls on Twitter it’s going to take before the NFL starts fining? Personally, I think players should be able to complain about anything they want (this isn’t mother Russia for crying out loud), but I am sure the NFL will see things differently.
    If I was the NFLPA, I would start interpreting some rules in my own favor so that the NFL actually has to give something up at the next CBA.

  3. It’s not like the all caps “F bomb” was meant to stick out. Dude actually just writes every one of his posts/tweets/twitters with all caps. That is the one of the highest form of narcissism btw. I believe Kanye West writes every one of his blogs in all caps.

  4. Any word on what Flacco’s Twitter said? I’m sure it was a lot more graphic than Washington’s.
    6-10 at best unless they sign another big WR

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