Fins ink another pick

The Miami Dolphins have increased their number of rookie draft picks under contract to five, signing fourth-round pick Brian Hartline, a receiver from Ohio State.

Per Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, it’s a four-year deal with a signing bonus in the neighborhood of $500,000.

The maximum value, with incentives and escalators, is just under $4 million.

The Fins have four unsigned draft picks:  first-round cornerback Vontae Davis, second-rounder quarterback Pat White, and second-round cornerback Sean Smith,
and fifth-round safety Chris Clemons have yet to agree to deals.

4 responses to “Fins ink another pick

  1. Pat White is still unsigned which begs me to ask: where is this kids spot on the team? Ronnie Brown did a fine job of directing the Wildcat (and Pat would get cremated if he got hit by an NFL linebacker), they also could probably use Ginn Jr. who is a better athlete than Pat if they needed to. Chad Henne is a more NFL-style QB than Pat, and probably going to take the reins after Pennington is out. So is Pat White going to be the number 3 QB, and number 2 when Pennington leaves? I don’t understand using a second round pick (3 years in a row mind you) on a QB who will never see the field. Please explain why this kid was selected, and what to expect from him…

  2. Hoodie:
    Ronnie Brown did an excellent job of running the wildcat if calling his number up the middle every play was an excellent job. By the third or fourth game, that was all I saw.
    Add Pat White (I only know him from what I read, I’ve never seen him play) should add a real question mark as to what’s about to transpire. Sure, Ronnie Brown could, and did, pass it to a waiting Pennington in the backfield, but that’s about the only way a pass is coming (Brown’s badass was more luck than skill, IMO). This way, there is a real threat of a pass attempt, though it remains to be seen how big of a threat it will be.
    I think even without the wildcat, which I am not a fan of, having White in there totally stacks the deck in our favor. Imagine shotgun with Brown and Williams/Cobbs/Ginn on either side of White. Now a whole new selection of plays is available.
    As a lifelong Fins fan, I am seriously amped for this season, and for good reason.

  3. I hear Hartline is a beast on special teams. Our special teams was horrendous last year, so his signing is a plus I guess. Every little bit helps.

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