Mason's agent responds to media reports

Lamont Smith, who represents “retired” Ravens receiver Derrick Mason, has issued a statement responding to comments from the team and from the Baltimore Sun regarding Mason’s decision.

“Derrick Mason did not workout at the Ravens’ facility on Monday as reported on the Ravens website,” Smith said in a statement released through “He was at the team facility to chat with the team’s PR personnel and left shortly thereafter.”

As to a report in the Sun that that shares an office with Smith, the agent said, “What is the relevance of that anyway? The story is Derrick Mason’s retirement, it smells like sour grapes to me.”

The statement, also posted at, points out that the site’s address is 36 Steele Street, Suite 220, Denver.  Per NFLPA records, Smith’s office is located in Denver at 36 Steele Street, Suite 100.

So it’s not the same office, but it’s in the same building.

The relevance of the connection is minimal, but clear.  Smith apparently has an interest, directly or indirectly, in, and Smith and/or Mason opted to announce Mason’s intention to retire via the site, possibly for no reason other than to generate traffic.

Regardless of how the report came to light, the report accurately reflects Mason’s current intention to retire.

Whether he follows through on it remains to be seen.