Singletary admits he nearly made Crabtree cry

49ers coach Mike Singletary admitted on Tuesday that he made his first-round draft pick misty during an offseason OTA session.

Specifically, Singletary told Dan Patrick that rookie wideout Michael Crabtree was jogging on the practice field, despite not being cleared by doctors to participate.  (Crabtree had surgery in March to repair a stress fracture in his foot.)  So Singeltary told Crabtree to knock it off.

As Singletary explains it, Crabtree became “teary-eyed” because he really wanted to play.

But based on the explanation Singletary offered in the wake of the incident, we think the reality is that it was what Singletary said, and how he said it, that provoked the hurt bunny response from Crabtree.

If so, it should be interesting to see how Crabtree responds to getting busted in the chops by one of the truly tough guys who patrol NFL secondaries.  Or, alternatively, to being called mean names by far men far meaner than Singletary.

38 responses to “Singletary admits he nearly made Crabtree cry

  1. I think he was crying because he realized who would be throwing him the ball this year

  2. little mike crabtree, meet charles woodson and al harris. say hello to them, and get ready to be put on your butt!

  3. Yeah cause woodson and harris are the guys he should be worried about…never mind bob sanders or troy polamalu or guys who actually knock people out… Crab has at least 15 pounds on most DB’s anyway.

  4. Charles Woodson and Al Harris? I could think of a better pair of defenders to “put Crabtree on his butt.”

  5. Crabtree is a vag. He cried cause he really wanted to play? Sounds like a bunch of crap. Who cries cause he really wanted to participate in offseason workouts? Crabtree must be as soft as cotton. Maybe Goodell should suspend him for being bunk.

  6. I could think of better DB’s too, but not by much, and Woodson is one of the best tacklers in the NFL, hands down. But don’t listen to me, I just watch the games and pay attention. I really should watch more sportscenter and sportscenter commercials.

  7. But I guess AD is still just CRAZZYY LOONEY WHACCKO for not wanting this prima wth no NFL speed from a system where the QB with 140 TD’s was not drafted.

  8. I think Singletary is going to make men out of boys. Not all coaches can do that…..all the player has to do is listen. If his coordinaters are good at what they do, Singletary will keep the players in line and motivated.

  9. Al Harris? I would be more worried about being hit by Al Harris if he was trying to tackle the guy next to me.
    Everything I ever needed to know about Al Harris I saw in the 2007 NFC Championship Game. He spent 3 hours being Plaxico’s bitch boy.

  10. This is way to funny. Is college really this soft on players that they can be this sensitive to being grilled?

  11. Damnit, Florio. Enough with this. First, it’s not news; I imagine players get emotional all the time in practices.
    More importantly, the only account that spins the story as Crabtree nearly crying is the national media, including you.
    The LOCAL beatwriters, familiar with Singletary, caught what he was getting at, and how he said it, because they were THERE. Their accounts are the same as the newest story you posted – Singletary was implying that Crabtree was getting emotional at not being able to get on the field.
    I’m really not sure why you hate Crabtree so much. Mangini’s camp spreads a cry-baby rumor (which in prior to the draft means nothing), and you run with it over and over.
    Are you going to post 100 times when Parcells makes your boy Pat White burst into tears?

  12. Yeah, he can’t play cause he cried. T.O. never cries, right?
    Florio cries when he runs out of hair gel.

  13. Crabtree is gonna be a stud. Silver&Black666 , Let DHB get through a practice before you get all wet over him. Guy couldn’t even make first team in his conference. What a joke.

  14. I predict coach singleberry is gonna blast on crabapple again before training camp is over.

  15. As usual, no mention of the fact that crabtree plays in the same division as one of the BEST safteys in the league, Adrian Wilson, and AW will test crabtree’s ability to get back up after a knock out shot – believe me. And he will get two games against him to do it.

  16. And he’s suppose to be better than DHB???
    Mike Mitchell will lay him out in the preseason.

  17. We’re talking about him going up against Green Bay DB’s because? Oh yeah, they’re in the same division… wait… they’re bitter rivals… wait… wtf???

  18. Danlinker, no one is talking about it because we doubt Crabtree will see the field this year. He has quite the sandy vagina, you see.

  19. The guy wears women’s jewelry to the draft!!
    That weirdo and his earings will like San Francisco.

  20. @ QuietFool
    Why do I get the feeling that if Crabtree was drafted by the Raiders and this happened, it would be news to you, and you would rip on him just as everyone else has.
    Sucks when the tables reversed, doesn’t it?
    …as far as everyone’s concerned, DHB and Crabtree are already busts, yet they haven’t played a down in the NFL yet.

  21. I think the outlook portrayed here is completely wrong. who’s to question ones on-the-field toughness based on his “toughness” to hold back tears caused by being verbally aggravated and prodded.
    I’m not saying he should boohoo all day long if he gets his ear chewed out but to make a parallel between his emotional control off-the-field and the way he handles the pain incurred on it is false and unfair, there is no link.
    take Terrell Owens (willing to play through the pain of a medal rod in his leg on his way the Super Bowl loss to the pats).
    This would be right to question if we’re talking about the Tim Couch incident seeing as his tears were on the grid iron in a game.
    Oversights like this help prolong the chauvinistic stereotypes that plague so many kids.

  22. There are men “far meaner” than Singletary? Maybe if he’s playing penitentiary ball.

  23. diehardbearsfan
    Shouldn’t you be some where sucking the thumb of Jay Cuntler and leave the Bay Area rivalry to us 49er and Raider fans!
    Crytree wasn’t fast enough for Al Davis and now we know he is not tough enough either.

  24. Footballs Future sounds like a kinder, gentler NFL, a roster full of openly emotional personalities, with safeties who cry after delivering a numbing hit, and running backs exposing their battered bodies to the camera after a game, asking if someone could please just hold them for a minute and tell them everything is going to be OK. If I wanted to see that, I’d watch soccer.

  25. singletary should shut up, he’s a fake, a chump being hype by the media as some kind of a tough guy,when he can’t even go back to his own neighborhood, what a freaken punk.

  26. I’m not a angry shake but I’ve seen this coach at a sportsmart or something of the sort with his family buying shoes and he’s not exactly the dominating force you think he is. Off of roids he looks like a short fathead until the camera gets a hold of him. If Crabs’ scared of him, then Crabs’ is done. Big bad Chicago LB my ASS. He drops his pants for a reason, looking for next promotion!

  27. Ok, most of the fans who have posted on this article ride the short bus to work. Most of you don’t watch the Niners, so you have no idea what the team is like, or even what Mike Singletary is like. Do yourself a favor, and shut up, because like the dipshit who said Singletary is a short fathead, you’re just making yourself look stupid.
    And seriously, Crabtree had surgery on his foot. Surgery requires rehab…and time. He’s ahead of schedule, but the Niners saw no need in rushing him into OTA’s. He will practice the first day of training camp. To all Raider fans saying that DHB is better…ha ha ha ha ha. He can’t catch, he can’t stay healthy, ever heard of Ashlie Lelie, you should, because you let him go, and then you drafted the same guy.

  28. Very well said NinerNation, very well….and that guy who mentioned Al Harris should be bitched slapped

  29. Facts Domino says:
    July 14, 2009 8:25 PM
    Crabtree would torch the overrated Woodson.
    how would he be able to do that with Woodson tuggin on his jersey the whole way?

  30. Silver&Black666 , i’m from the bay area and watch enough riader and niner games to know what i’m talking about. oh i’m sorry, thats when you guys aren’t blacked out. track stars don’t make nfl stars, especially since DHB can’t hold onto a ball to save his life.

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