Will Tarvaris Jackson seek a trade?

nfl_jackson.jpgWe addressed a couple of weeks ago, in a PFTV segment for Sprint’s NFL Mobile Live, the question of whether Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson should seek a trade if/when Brett Favre arrives in Minnesota.

Michael Lombardi of NFL Network recently said that he’s been “hearing talk” that Jackson might indeed ask out of Minnesota.

In our view, Jackson shouldn’t ask to be shipped to a new city.  He wouldn’t be the starting quarterback in 2009 for any pro team in a league with a three-letter abbreviation not starting in “C” or “U”. 

So why not be content to serve as the backup to Favre?

Jackson might fear that he’ll land on the depth chart as the third quarterback or, even worse, lose a training camp/preseason battle with Sage Rosenfels, getting cut at a time when it would be too late to stick with a new team.

But the Vikings need him.  He knows the offense better than Rosenfels does or will, especially if Rosenfels gets dramatically reduced reps in training camp, given the presence of Favre.  So if Favre gets hurt (or plays poorly and blames it on being hurt), Jackson might be the best option.

The Vikings also need to keep the peace in the locker room, and with multiple members of the team thinking he should be the starter, bringing in Favre and cutting Jackson could cause chemistry problems.

Though Jackson might be feeling miffed about the acquisition of Rosenfels and the looming arrival of Favre, Jackson can blame only one person — himself — for those transactions.  The 2006 second-round pick has had a full and fair chance to nail down the starting job, and Jackson has failed to deliver.

Getting traded to a new team won’t get him any closer to becoming a long-term starter.  So he should accept his role, realize that his current predicament is his own fault, and commit to being fully prepared to step in and play well if the body of the soon-to-be-40-year-old starter behaves like the bodies of many 40-year-olds often do.

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  1. he may seek a trade and the vikings will get more than fair market value… a new set of endzone pilons and a used bag of towels

  2. I was thinking two sweaty jockstraps, but ok, we’ll take your offer. But we do feel wrong. In fairness, we only deserve one sweaty towel and 3 of 4 endzone pylons. We wouldn’t want to rob you

  3. “The 2006 second-round pick has had a full and fair chance to nail down the starting job, and Jackson has failed to deliver.”
    Is this true though? The guy was benched after just two weeks last year, and actually played fairly well when returning to the lineup (passer rating for the season of 95.4 – not exactly terrible) And if his stonehandced WRs (looking at you, Troy Williamson!) had caught a few deep balls the last couple of seasons his numbers could even be better.
    Hey, I’m not trying to be full-blown apologist here. I’ve watched the guy play enough to know he’s never going to be a Pro Bowler, but acceptable starting caliber NFL QB? Why not? Often coverage of the guy makes it sound like he’s Akili Smith or Ryan Leaf bad or something. Is that really warranted?

  4. No leverage. If he was cut he might not even be picked up. He should be happy that they are even paying him.

  5. Would be a good backup for the Steelers. Big Ben would probably win him a ring like Leftwich.

  6. I am a huge critic of Tarvaris Jackson, but I want to see him have the starting job and *DO* well. You may say he played well last year, he did do things significantly better than previous years, but by how much? He threw 4tds against the Cardinals Secondary. Not much there. 1 against Detroit, enough said. And 2 against Atlanta’s secondary. Its not enough to play well against 3 teams. It needs to be consistant and of teams with a stronger secondary and defence. Until he plays a full season, we may never know what hes completely capable of. The man has talent, loads of it, but he needs to take it and convert it into consistant play in order to be considered anything. I personally do not want Favre as a Viking, but I’m not comfortable relying on the other 3 qbs we currently have. None have a full season under their belt, and the little time they do have is inconsistant. I think Tarvaris should have the starting job in short, but only because no one else is any better. Who knows maybe he has hit his mark and may play like a starting caliber Qb. Also maybe we’ve been to harsh on him, he threw only 2 picks for 8tds in the last games of the season, playoff included. The last one just happened to be a stupid throw in a Playoff game. Every Qb has done it. I say give him the reigns for just one more year, but at the same time I say no because the team is in its prime for this upcoming year and if he fails to provide for the team, it may all be for nothing. Tough call.

  7. Interestingly written story.
    He can’t start in the CFL or UFL yet “he might be the vikings best option.”
    How inept is viking management to get in such a position!

  8. I actually like T-Jax and although I am excited for Favre, I am still hoping that T-Jax is the one to lead the Vikes to the Super Bowl.
    He has the talent and if it wasn’t for Chilly mishandling of the QB situation during the years, combined with injuries, T-Jax would be a good QB.
    In 06 he started a couple of games during junk time of the season, there is no way he should’ve played, no matter how bad Brad Johnson did. Then in 2007, an injury cost him. In 2008, he was benched after two subpar, not horrible, games. He came in towards the end and did a great job.
    He does need work, but one day it will click. Which is why I like adding Favre. Let Favre take the reigns for a year and T-Jax can learn and study one of the best. This will give him time to learn and grow. Then next season he can dominate all season.

  9. Just because Childress traded up (that is not a typo, he traded up into the 2nd round for a player that most draft experts rated as a 4th or 5th rounder) doesn’t mean that any other NFL franchise thinks he is worth a damn.
    That being said, maybe Bellicheat will seek revenge for Klink’s shrewd move to steal Percy “I can’t stop drinking my own bong water” Harvin and sign Jackson to run his AV operation.

  10. Rosenfels was is Miami for a couple years, and he wasn’t all that great there. He wasn’t Ray Lucas bad or anything, but he was bad. I don’t understand why everyone talks about him like he is a solid QB.

  11. I’d love to see the combined Wonderlic scores of the “multiple members of the team” who think Jackson should be starting… He’s not even good enough to beat out a backup who singlehandedly lost an NFL game in 60 seconds…

  12. Jackson should just wait a couple more weeks before he speaks out as I do not think Farve will play with the Vikings. He says he still hurts and it will not improve in two weeks so he can retire for good and he hopes keep his good name.

  13. Jackson isn’t particularly good but he is not nearly as bad as some people think. Last season was his third season in the league coming out of a small D2 college, and his QB rating was 95.4. The previous season he wasn’t doing too bad until derailed by injury. He has won more games than he has lost, which can’t be said for any other NFC North QB’s (except Farve…)
    His only real problem is that he, and the rest of the offense, have a difficulty handling loaded blitzing fronts. If he could get past that, with some help from the rest of the O, he’d look decent out there.
    With that said, I think he is better suited for the backup position. He just isn’t consistent enough to be the starter, yet his athletisism might help him come into a game due to injury and do well even without many reps (the Detroit game last season the Vikes lose if TJack doesn’t come in, he comes in and makes a good athletic run and throw for the win).
    But the consistency hurt in the Philly game, you just can’t accept for him to have a clunker in the playoffs. There we had a team that thrives with pressure fronts against a team that struggles against them.

  14. I wish I hated the Vikings, but instead i just feel bad for the them. Brett Favre is a one year guy who i don’t see taking them to the next level like some people are imaging. T-Jax finally started to move forward at the end of last season, and Rosenfels has shown signs that he can be a starter in the NFL, yet the Vikings signing Brett will halt the development of both these guys, and for what a 39 yr old QB who is in no way the future of the organization. This is a one year experiment that will leave the Vikings in the same position they are in this year except their QB’s will be a year older and covered in a layer of rust from sitting.
    T-Jax at 26 yrs old and going into his 4th season has the athletic ability and with a good number of his teamates backing him could turn into a good game managment QB which is all they need with the running game they have. Sage at 31 (fresh due to lack of playing time) has a good arm and the heart to be a starter.
    The Favre project proved a failure last year with the Jets, so I don’t know why anyone thinks that a year later, and post surgery that it will somehow work this year. We all know that Brett is an iron man, but once the injuries start there tends to be a snowball effect.
    If the Viking are doing this to sell tickets, perhaps they should just try win the conference, like they did last year without Favre.

  15. Why do these hypathetical rumors get everyone so worked up when the writers don’t know the facts.
    How about the fact that Minnesota will once again have a superb O-line and an awesome defense? And TJ is capable without an old goat muffin things up……I love this game

  16. If the Vikings really changed 40% of the playboof for Brett Favre and more plays are being installed to utilize Percy Harvin’s unique talents, does Tavaris really know the revised offense any better than Sage?

  17. Jackson wasn’t the answer the last two years, so what rationale could possible make him the answer to the Vikes or any other team in the next few years? He will forever be the millstone around Klink’s neck. The team he was on did finish 4 games better than the Pack last year, but that probably isn’t an indication of anything since the Pack and its management was and remains mediocre at best.

  18. They should try and get the former Lions QB who ran out of the back of the endzone. That might be an upgrade.

  19. Trade him? Just cut him.
    Who would pick him up?
    They have a workable backup in Sage. Just run the ball.

  20. @ Bob Loblaw
    if they changed 40% of the playbook to make it easier on favre why not do that for the QB’s currently on thier roster

  21. ryanmc says:
    July 14, 2009 1:04 AM
    “The 2006 second-round pick has had a full and fair chance to nail down the starting job, and Jackson has failed to deliver.”
    Is this true though? The guy was benched after just two weeks last year, and actually played fairly well when returning to the lineup (passer rating for the season of 95.4 – not exactly terrible) And if his stonehandced WRs (looking at you, Troy Williamson!) had caught a few deep balls the last couple of seasons his numbers could even be better.
    Troy Williamson never suited up for Minnesota last season. You’ve still got a point, though. The Vikings receiving corps leaves a bit to be desired.

  22. purple and gold love says:
    July 14, 2009 9:25 AM
    How about the fact that Minnesota will once again have a superb O-line and an awesome defense? And TJ is capable without an old goat muffin things up……I love this game
    Their defense wasn’t that good. Middle of the road, really. You can’t run on them, but you can pass all day long.
    And it remains to be seen what the impact will be of Birk’s loss.

  23. I am a Jackson fan. I always have been. I personally feel that the biggest problem with his performance over the past couple of years is that people expect him to be Peyton Manning, and not Tarvaris Jackson. I feel it is the coaching staff’s responsibility to change their style and playbook to complement the players they have on their team. If I have Shaq on my Basketball team, I am going to change my gameplan to utilize the low post rather than ask Shaq to start hitting 3-pointers, right? I feel it is on the coaches to make use of Jackson’s mobility combined with Peterson and Taylor to create opportunities for the passing game to open up.
    That being said, I think Favre would be a good addition to the team. I don’t think it is fair to compare last season’s Jets to this season’s Vikings. Did the Jets have Adrian Peterson? Will Favre have to be the main producing player on the field? Minnesota’s defense is significantly better than New Yorks, so Farve should be able to play with a bit of a cushion. And while Coles was a good receiver, the Vikings have Berrian, Wade and now Harvin for Favre to throw to. And as for Sage and Jackson, who better to learn from than Favre? Working with one of the greatest of all time in practice and warm ups can only be good for them. If the Vikings coaching staff is smart (big if), then they will reduce Favre’s minutes by finishing out the game with Jackson and Sage anyway, so they will continue to get game time with a legend there to give advice. Win/win the way I see it.
    I like Jackson, and I believe that he can be the future of the team, but I think there is a lot to gain from bringing in an experienced veteran like Favre.

  24. People that say Jackson was showing signs of getting better aren’t people that have watched every game he’s played for the last few years. He always shows improvement, then goes back to being terrible when it’s a big game. Being a good QB for 4 out of 16 games does not mean he should be a starter. It’s time to realize it was a mistake to sign him, and get someone in here that knows what they are doing. And it needs to be more then a one year save the head coaches job QB.

  25. God help us all, Favre comes to Minny.
    T-Joke is traded to the Texans for…you guessed it…
    Rex Grossman!!!
    Favre gets his revenge on the Pack in their first match-up.
    But in the second match-up, Kampmann FINALLY sees the light–he finally “gets” Capers’ 3-4 defense, and in one glorious play he gets a clean shot at Favre…
    The result is Favre’s leg breaking like Wisconsin wind after the annual cheese & brat festival…
    Severe compound fracture (is that redundant?) to the tibia and fibula, bad enough to make Theisman cringe.
    The crowd erupts in ecstasy. That night, a frenzy of celebration ensues–the “town” of Green Bay makes Los Angeles (inevitably the new home to the Vikings franchise) seem idyllic.
    Rioters roam the streets, flipping cows and setting them on fire. Citizens are assualted with bratwursts, cheese and beer and blood mingle in rivulets in the streets.
    It is panDEMONium. (Literally, all demon-like).
    At the bye, Vikings give Rex the starting nod.
    September (06) Rex is resurrected! Reunitied with Benedict Berrian, he manages to torch both Detroit and Seattle, and the Vikings believe their season may actually be salvaged. Maybe it WASN’T all off-season hype!
    But the following week, in Rex’s first snap against the Bears defense, Tommie Harris merely clears his throat, and Rex fumbles the snap.
    It is only the beginning.
    Rex goes on to finish the game as the first QB in the history of the game to have a QB rating lower than Obama’s national debt.
    That night, Rex and Childress–shunned by the Viking community–find comfort in each other’s arms.
    The Texans (led by Tavaris Jackson, of course) beat out Kyle Orton’s Broncos for their first-ever Superbowl appearance.
    There they will face the undeafeated Chicago Bears, who have rested Cutler since locking up the playoffs in week 10, and will now rest Cutler during the game, so he can be fresh for the Lomabrdi celebration.
    The Bears, not having forgotten last year’s playoff-dashing week 17 loss to the Texans, win by no less than 6 TDs.
    (That’s the story I’D write, anyway).

  26. Jackson is an enigma…Very talented, but makes some seriously boneheaded plays. But, that said, his play against Philly wasn’t as bad as Pennington’s was against Baltimore.
    He also has severly suffered from his WRs, none of whom have ever made a “beyond the routine” play for him. Williamson dropped about three TDs, Shiancoe dropped another two or three.
    Lastly, he has suffered from having his good will used up before he was ready. When he was drafted, we were all told he was a 2-3 year project, but he looked good in his rookie preseason, and looked good against the Bears when both QBs in front of him went down, so he got thrown in and was eaten up his rookie year. His second year, had some serious ups and downs, but he was clearly better at the end than at the begining. However, most of us fans had lost patience. Had we stuck with the original plan and had him sit for two years, there wouldn’t be all this anxiety about him and his first year as a starter would have us more excited than dismayed.

  27. @ Big Stretch
    You’ve got it backwards. It was much-discussed in the MN media last year that the playbook was dumbed down last year to accommodate TJoke’s comprehension level.

  28. Brett Favre’s leverage just went up a peg.
    Imagine if T-Jax forces a trade and then Favre DOESN’T Sign…..
    Chilly’s goose would be cooked!

  29. jimicos says: “Troy Williamson never suited up for Minnesota last season. You’ve still got a point, though. The Vikings receiving corps leaves a bit to be desired.”
    I know, I said last couple of seasons. I made the reference to Williamson because the 2007 “highlight” of him having the ball bounce off his chest from a perfectly thrown ball by Jackson when he was wide open 50 yards downfield was just a really memorable example of what I meant by the receivers not always helping Jackson out.

  30. Jimicos –
    Their D was “middle of the road”?
    What color is the sky in your world? And, what year did you think last year was? 2007?
    The overall D was 6 overall, the passing D was 18th, meaning you can’t “Pass on them all day long”. Their opponents QB rating was 16th in the league, and they gave up the 5th least amount of passing TDs, and had the 4th most sacks.
    Please check some stats before making yourself look foolish.

  31. T-Jack suck so bad I can’t believe he is in the NFL. He will probably end up on a practice squad somewhere if the Vikings ever get their collective heads out of their asses and cut him. As far as trade value, maybe you could send his no talent can’t read a defense ass to Detroit. Here is the trade deal. Detroit gets T-Jack and a 6-pack of Keystone light. The Lions would probably hold out for Coors Light but he isn’t worth that much.
    I used to think that Daunte sucked and couldn’t read a defense, but compared to T-Jack, Daunte looks like John Elway.

  32. I am being edited. This is B.S. T-Jack can’t read a defence and he is hobbible. His machanics are horrible and he sucks. Someone please tell me a team whose qb is bad enough to be beaten out by T-Jack.

  33. @ Jimicos
    Your wrong about passing all day long on the Vikings. They did hold up well against some of the better recieving corps. They shut down steve smith, Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald. They did struggle against some teams in the passing game, but overall this past year they did alright.

  34. The better question is does Tarvaris actually believe some other team would want him? Also is the writer of this implying that Favre made excuses for his play at the end of last season? Brett will be the first one to tell you he played bad and let people down. Sorry but if your a QB and you injure your throwing arm bad enough to need surgery ugh yeah you may not play as good as you did before DUH. What does Jackson have to complain about really? The Vikings gave him the starting job on a silver plater and he blew it. He was a 5th round prospect from an inferior division(I-AA) and Minnesota moved up to get him in the 2nd round. He should be thinking them for signing his crappy self and giving him more money than a 3rd string level QB deserves. Jackson had his opportunity for 12 games in 2007 how did he do? 9 TDs to 12 INTs averaged 150 yards a game. The Vikings had the second worst passing offence in football and Jacksons 70.8 passing rating was 28th in the league. The main fact of the matter is the Vikings team as a whole are leaps and bounds better than the QB position and they’ve waited the last couple years on the position to catch up. What good has it gotten them? Sure they won the division last year and got in playoffs but they lost cuz you can’t win in the playoffs without a confident QB you can lean on. So now Childress who’s turned one of the league’s laughin stock teams around into a contender is on the hot seat. Someone posted and asked what’s the difference between now and last year with the Jets for Favre. There are many differences but the most profound is two words…Adrian Peterson. Sure Brett had Thomas Jones who wasen’t bad but Peterson is a running back who can rush 25 times a game and be as effective the 25th time as he was the 1st. He’s simply the best. Brett can lean on this stability and the fact that unlike in Green Bay and New York in Minnesota the team rests on Peterson’s shoulders not his. Also the Vikings have one of the best O-Lines in the NFL. New York had a decent line but Minnesotas is better. If you want proof Peterson ran for 1,700 yards last year. Not only are they good but their big. Starting left tackle Bryant Mckinnie is 6’8″ and 335 pounds while the starting right tackle 2nd round draft pick Phil Loadhart is 6’8 343 pounds. They’ll snuggle Brett and make him safe. Then at wide receiver they have Bernard Berrian who is an unreal downfield threat and knows how to get seperation. Coles and Cotchery played decent at times but struggled alot also…Berrian has size and speed a combo neither of them had. Sidney Rice should play opposite him. He’ll be in his 3rd year and at 6’4 has ideal size and can catch in traffic. Then in the slot Favre will have Percy Harvin who regardless how you feel about his activities off the field is one of the most explosive players i’ve ever seen. He should have over 1,000 all purpose yards and at least 6 TDs rushing, receiving, and returning. He’ll also have a defence he can rely on with pass rushing specialist and Pro Bowler Jared Allen who had 14.5 sacks in 2008. They also have Winfield a Pro Bowler at Cornerback and of coarse the Williams Wall the DT duo who’ve made the Vikings the best defence againest the run in the NFL the last couple years. Another difference that doesn’t get enough attention is the playbook. When Favre went to New York he had a month to learn a brand new playbook. Minnesota runs the same system as he did with Green Bay so it is a playbook he knows by heart. But the most drastic difference of all is that Favre won’t have the pressure of needing to be the “guy”. He won’t need to be in the Top 5 in every passing category for the Vikings to win. They need Favre to keep opposing defences honest. When Jackson starts the other team’s defence stacks 7, 8, 9, sometimes even 10 players in the box! Why? Cuz they know Peterson will beat um and that Jackson is a joke. If Favre is there healthy he’ll throw a long ball right over them to Berrian in single coverage if they do that. Which will make it so teams can’t consistently pile defenders on the line to stop Peterson. They’ll actually hafta respect Minnesota’s passing game along with their rushing game. I really don’t understand why Jackson wouldn’t see this as a learning experiance. If I were him i’d be excited. You know Favre won’t play but a year or two tops so why be a cry baby about it? Learn from him so when you do get another chance your better(god forbid). The NFL is a buisness you get paid to perform if you don’t they find someone else. If Tarvaris wants to get treated like a baby and told that everything will be alright he needs to go to his mommas house but if he wants to learn how to be a better QB he needs to take this oppurtinity to learn from one of the best of all-time. Either way the Vikings are moving on and will be better because of it.

  35. Tarvaris Jackson has improved greatly. He has only 19 starts I believe. This would have been a critical year for him. As much as I’d like to see him shine this year, Brett should get the job if he actually shows up. Tarvaris has not had a good receiving corps. Shiancoe dropped key passes in those first two games last year, and TJ would have started the entire season had this not happened. He was also dealing with an infant who was struggling to survive, but this did not come out until much later. For those of you who dismiss his brilliant performance against ARI, just remember that his 143 QB rating against a team that made it to the SB and almost won it all should not be overlooked. In the Det game, TJ came in off the bench and brought the team from behind twice against Daunte who had a bone to pick with Childress. Against Atlanta, TJ had two TDs against a good team, and fumbles by Adrian Peterson lost that game for the Vikes. Against the Giants, TJ overcame his first INT since game two and brought the Vikes back with a long TD and a quick drive for the winning FG. He played poorly in the playoffs against PHI Defense, but so have many other QBs such as Eli Manning and Tony Romo. TJ should stay in Minn and learn from Brett for a couple of years.

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