Harbaugh will talk with Mason soon

NFL_harbaugh.jpgDerrick Mason says he’s retired, but many people close to the situation doubt he’ll stay that way.

On Wednesday, Ravens coach John Harbaugh confirmed that he plans to speak or meet with Mason “real soon,” presumably in an effort to change Mason’s mind.

Talking on a conference call that included our own Aaron Wilson, Harbaugh said he looks forward to the conversation.

“It will be interesting to see where he’s at with everything,” Harbaugh said.  “I know he’s gone through a lot with Steve McNair’s situation over the past few weeks.”

Many of this site’s commenters wondered if the emotion of the McNair death played into Mason’s decision.  Harbaugh’s reference to McNair indicates he may feel the same way.

“Obviously he’s got some things he’s going through,” Harbaugh said.  “If he’s going to be on board, he’s going to be on board 100 percent plus. . . . I know if he decides to come back he will
be completely and fully committed. If not, we’ll move on as a football lteam and
be the very best football team we can be.”

The Ravens are looking at receivers, but Harbaugh cautions they are “always looking at every available player.” 

Their first option will probably be to make sure that Mason really does want to retire.  After all, he has $4.4 million reasons to play