NFLN to show all preseason games in HD

For the first time, all 65 of the NFL preseason games will be televised in full — and in HD — by NFL Network.

Twelve of the games will be shown live on NFLN.

The twelve-game live slate features a tripleheader on August 15, with the Falcons-Lions at 4:00 p.m. EDT, followed by the Bears-Bills at 7:00 p.m. EDT, and the Seahawks-Chargers at 10:00 p.m. EDT.

We always complain about the four weeks of glorified practice.  And we always watch.

After all, preseason football is better than no football.

21 responses to “NFLN to show all preseason games in HD

  1. That would be nice if the NFL Network were available to watch.
    Has there been any progress on getting the cable companies besides Comcast to carry NFLN?

  2. That would be interesting if anyone could watch the NFLN.
    Is there any update on NFLN being available on any cable system besides Comcast?

  3. people always badmouth the preseason. i actually like to see what sort of depth my team has heading into the regular season. injuries happen every year. i’d rather be cautiously optomistic about my fav player’s backup than completely in the dark.

  4. I love it for the same reason Zoology. Still remember watching Brandon Jacobs running over a sh*tload of players in the preseason and the anticipation that brought.
    With that said….”HEY CABLEVISION! Get the NFLN on board right now!”

  5. Giants124 says:
    July 15, 2009 3:25 PM
    That would be interesting if anyone could watch the NFLN.
    Is there any update on NFLN being available on any cable system besides Comcast?
    I have Verizon Fios and the NFLN is free.

  6. That’s terrific. I pay my cable provider extra to have the NFLN and it’s still not carried on an HD tier, who is furnished the feed from Comcast.
    //So I still won’t see it in HD.

  7. Being on Time-Warner cable, I’m not anticipating getting NFNL any time soon. Like, before the ice caps melt.

  8. If you’ve clung to every meaningless scrap bit of NFL news throughout the off-season like most of my fellow junkies here on PFT, then chances are, yeah–the pre-season is freakin’ AWESOME.
    I know I can’t wait for it to get here…
    But having said that–I’d gladly scrap all (or most) of it for a few extra regular season games.
    I’d bet most (veteran) players feel the same way, too.

  9. what are you guys talking about? i have comcast and have nfl network in hd all day long!!!!

  10. Canadian Football regular season is going on right now!!
    That is better than no football!!
    Does no one at the new NBC location have a satellite dish or high speed internet connection to watch?
    There is good football occuring this week and if you like football, you can see some.
    Football fans are watching while with its expanded staff ignores regular season professional football that is better than college games!!

  11. Terrific. Now when I watch my team play these meaningless games and when injuries occur I can see them much clearer and know the guy is headed for the IR and not just going to be listed as day-to-day.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love HD. It’s four pre-season games I can do without. Oh dear God, I can remember when there were six!

  12. It bugs me to no end that I (1) pay extra for an HD receiver from DirecTV, (2) pay extra for HD programming from DirecTV and (3) pay an OUTRAGEOUS price for the Ticket each year and yet I have to pay EVEN MORE money if I want to watch the Ticket games in HD???
    DirecTV advertises about their great HD programming but then make us pay extra if we want to watch the NFL in HD.
    Every year I say I am NOT going to purchase The Ticket but I end up doing it so I can watch other teams besides the Cowboys which is the ONLY team shown here in Central Texas on network TV unless they aren’t playing during that time slot.

  13. And yet another reason why the only HD in my house is my computer monitor, and that’s only because they threw it in.
    I’m not going to pay some price so the overpriced TV I bought will work right. I will wait until HD is the ONLY D, and then I still won’t have to pay shit to watch. You guys who complain about having to pay for HD should just stop buying every new freakin thing out there.

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