Rice takes step in recovery

nfl_rice_250.jpgA year ago, Sidney Rice was the rising Vikings wide receiver everyone was excited about.

Now Percy Harvin has all the attention, but Rice is quietly trying to rebound from an injury-plagued second season.

Rice worked out at full speed Wednesday without his knee brace for the first time in ten months and felt no pain.  

The intense workouts are taking place in Minnesota, where Rice is part of Larry Fitzgerald’s band of merry pass-catchers and special guests.  (Cris Carter is there this week; Rice did not fall asleep listening to him.)

Rice is competing with Harvin for touches, but they should both be on the field plenty. 

Harvin seems likely to play the slot often while Rice plays outside opposite Bernard Berrian.

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  1. “A year ago, Sidney Rice was the rising Vikings wide receiver everyone was excited about.”
    LIKE WHO? vikings fans who have been deprived of a real WR since he who shall not be named?
    sidney rice has had like 2 good games in 2 seasons. and one of them he was being covered by jarred bush. he has not shown much more than a constant ability to underachieve.
    someone please tell me where all the hype comes from about this kid.

  2. Sidney Rice is a talented player, who has done very little with that talent in his first two seasons. Anytime you can work out with two future hall of famers that should result in a much better work ethic and better football knowledge does that mean Rice has a breakout pro bowl performance this year? No. Is this really much of a story hmmm… (yes if your a Vikings fan). Will about 40-60 people write posts bashing/ defending the Vikings? Yes. Keep the Vikings stories comming Rosenthal. Good work.

  3. He would be better off catching passes at a high school that some retired QB is working out at don’t ya think? This is positive for the Vikes. More competition to be the numero uno reciever (thanks Chad) is in the best interest of the team.
    Hope he can block. And for Packer fans, hope he can tackle DB’s.

  4. rice will be good catches with his hands and goes up for the ball. Plus hes just a kid was 21 last year. its all up to the guy behind center to guide this team to the SB! and yes keep the vikings storys commin…. is that the jeff cannon? from monti?

  5. Jeremiah your an idiot, if you knew anything alot of people *outside of the Vikings* who were excited to see what Rice had to offer. Besides its not his fault he didn’t have a capable QB, not to mention the same QB in his first season, and his second season as stated was plagued by injury, which happens to alot of players. Which doesn’t determine how good/bad they are. So get some facts and keep your head out of your ass when you write something.

  6. The guy is Zero, even if Favre is throwing to him.
    This dude has ALOT to prove……………..

  7. Did Carter contact Bey of the Raiders and ask him to attend so he could assist him with his outstanding knowledge of the game, seeing he thought so highly of him at the draft. Raider fans are waiting for ESPN to show up the first monday night game of the year to show the country how they feel about the ESPN crew because how they treated both Mitchell and Bey at the draft.
    It should be a fun night in the Black Hole, when the fans in each endzone lift up their signs to show their appreciation for ESPN. “The Sapp” will also get his signs when he shows up at a Raider game. There are some long memories in Oakland. We may not win a lot of games but Raider fans are pretty good at demonstrating their feelings.

  8. “We may not win a lot of games but Raider fans are pretty good at demonstrating their feelings.”
    So are 13 year old girls…..

  9. A lot of the Rice hype comes from him constantly making amazing catches in practice. Last season he injured his knee in the first or second game and that injury has lingered to this day.
    He is young and still relatively raw. He has a big body with outstanding hands and “go up and get it” kind of ability. Most of his catches are made with someone right on him.
    He lacks the speed to be a true elite receiver, but his body, hands, and raw strength would make him an above average red zone threat. He is also a nice outlet type receiver because even if he is covered you can probably throw it up to him and at the very worst it is incomplete.

  10. Wow everything is coming up roses for the Vikings.Why even play the season, just hand them the Lombardi Trophy.When Bretteney finally joins the team they’ll have the fertilizer needed for better roses,but they better check anti pollution laws because it’s illegal to use human excrement for growing purposes. Remember Bretteney if your riding tractor plugs up keep the blade attchment at full bore and crawl underneath it so solve the problem

  11. 30PT writes–“Bretteney if your riding tractor plugs up keep the blade attchment at full bore and crawl underneath it so solve the problem”
    I’d say anyone that could even think of that idea needs help!

  12. Rice only seems to be effective in the end zone on fade patterns. He’s got a lot to prove this year, particularly with Harvin waiting in the wings.

  13. canadianvikingfan-
    so are you saying i am wrong? has rice been anything other than a huge underachiever? i realize he was injurred, but still-he has never lived up to any of the hype.
    so, how does that make ME the idiot???
    maybe you should put down some of your bias so you can see the truth.

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