Six years, $62.5 million for Suggs

For the second straight day, a 2009 franchise player agreed to terms on a six-year, $63 million deal.

On Tuesday, it was Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel.  Today, it’s Ravens linebacker/defensive end Terrell Suggs.

[UPDATE:  A league source tells us that Suggs deal is actually worth “only” $62.5 million over six years.]

Suggs also will receive $38 guaranteed.

His signing and option bonuses of $33 million are the highest that any defensive player ever has received.

Also, he’ll earn more than $40 million in the first two years — with zero deferrals.  All of the $40 million will be paid out by December 2010.

13 responses to “Six years, $62.5 million for Suggs

  1. The punk still doesn’t and never will have a ring as long as they have to lose to the Steelers twice a year —-They won’t even get the chance to play them 3 times like last year—although the only thing better than beating the dirty birds 2 times is bitch slapping them 3 times back to that shithole Baltimore..

  2. I see the Buckner tradition of stupidity continues. The Ravens pushed the Steelers to the brink 3 times last season, including the AFC Championship game, with a rookie QB. The only reason the Steelers won those games was the advantage of Flacco’s lack of experience. Don’t count on that being the case in the future. I’d take a strong arm up and comer like Flacco over game manager Roethlisberger anytime. This kid is on the beginning of a big upswing. If that kid gets WR talent…, it’ll be ridiculous.
    This is a good deal for the Ravens. Suggs will be dropping hard sacks on the AFC North for a long time. I’m sure Big Ben isn’t too pleased w/ this news.

  3. Man its so funny because this was like the first time in 4 or 5 years the Steelers swept the Ravens. You guys act like it happens all the time!!
    A normal football fan would see that the Ravens pushed the Steelers more then any other team. You act like you beat us by 20 every game!! They were good hard fought 60min games.
    As for calling Baltimore a shithole coming from a Pitt fan that is pretty funny, kind of like the Pot calling the kettle black, considering you are a 2nd rate city to Philly!!!!

  4. Over priced and over paid. Watch his production will drop now that he’s locked-up with the cash….coincidentally it’s about time the Steelers got recognized for who and what they really are – lucky, optimistic and fill-ins until the Patriots get back to firing on all cylinders now that Brady and Moss are back together again….sigh

  5. I bet that guarantee of $38 was what convinced him to sign the contract. (don’t worry, I do that all the time)

  6. “You guys act like it happens all the time”—R U kidding me Ashitino”??–18-10 all -time record..Of the five times there have been a series sweep 4 of them have been by the Steelers—-11-4 at home and 7-6 in Shitaltimore–Oh yeah–2-0 in the playoffs—You just got drilled, much like Willis McGhee..

  7. Hey Brenston… I’m from Santa Monica, CA and now in Puerto Vallarta, so what do I know, but to see you bad mouth any city in America, coming from Pittsburgh just cracks me up. One question, when you look out your window, do you see the beach or do you have a view of the snow capped mountains? Thanks for the laugh, you made my day. You write like your cousin Bill bends his knees… LOL

  8. good point aschittino, after all the Ravens had won 4 out of 6 in the 2005-07 seasons(and 6 out of 10 in 2003-07 seasons)

  9. we’ll see who is overpriced and over paid when Suggs lights up your gay fantasy Tom Brady.
    And BrenstonBuckner, you’re delusional if you think that’s how the series has gone or will continue to go.

  10. Keep yappin’ you bunch of tools…As for The Doctor–You’re right when you quote “but what do i know”….18-10 is 18-10—slice it anyway you want –TOOLS!!

  11. “good point aschittino, after all the Ravens had won 4 out of 6 in the 2005-07 seasons(and 6 out of 10 in 2003-07 seasons)”
    Well I can guess we see what is important to the Ravens and their fans: a .600 average against the Steelers in the head to head matchups.
    Ravens 2003-2007
    .600 against the Steelers
    Regular Season 43-38
    Post Season 1-2
    Rings 0
    .400 against the Ravens
    Regular Season 50-31
    Post Season 5-2
    Rings 1
    Hold onto that .600 and pretend history ends at 2007 if you want, since that is obviously where your priorities are.
    By far the Ravens can best be described by not by me, but by an NFL HOFer:

  12. This cracks me the hell up. Hilarious. You never hear anyone from Pittsburgh with balls to talk about any city other than Baltimore. I’ve been to Pittsburgh…what a shitpile. Only Detroit has a worse economic outlook. I’d rather live in Khandahar than spend the night in a Pittsburgh motel. Even the weather sucks. It’s grey everyday. It rains probably more than seattle. It never snows – only sleets. Only Pittsburgh would take city water downstream from a sewage treatment plant
    The funniest thing about it, is people that live in Pittsburgh never run their mouths. They know how grey their outlook truly is. It’s only second generation Pittsburgh children whose parents moved out when the steel industry took a shit that can’t shut up. They are like cockroaches that wear ’89’ jerseys.
    If Pittsburgh is so great please move back!

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