Bengals ink fifth-round punter

The Cincinnati Bengals have gotten their sixth 2009 draft pick under contract, agreeing to terms with punter Kevin Huber.

Huber, who played at the University of Cincinnati, was a fifth-round pick.  He has signed a four-year deal.

The acquisition of Huber prompted the Bengals to cut Kyle Larson, who had held the job for five straight years.

UPDATE:  Our own Aaron Wilson reports that Huber will receive a $195,000 signing bonus and minimum base salaries.  The deal also includes a 2012 escalator tied to performance.

8 responses to “Bengals ink fifth-round punter

  1. Wow, I couldn’t dream of a more riveting headline! This is the kind of story that’s just impossible to ignore. “Bengals,” “fifth-round,” and “punter”…it’s like the perfect triumvirate of excitement. And then, to top it all off, we get an UPDATE! “Minimum base salaries”…be still my beating heart.

  2. I hate to use the term “impact punter” but this kid is the real deal. He’s got both distance and hang time. He lead the nation last year at U.C. and even if he can’t punt the ball out of bounds inside the 20 yard line the Bengals won’t be any worse off because Kyle Larson couldn’t do that either. Sometimes field position makes the difference in close games.

  3. Huber has a hell of a foot. I went to his games while he played at University of Cincy and he was one of the best punters I have ever seen putting tons of balls inside the 10! Looks like the Bengals D has to step up now, and win the battle of field position!!

  4. Hey “ssmag13”
    Ever heard of something called a “joke”? I was simply providing some amusement for my fellow PFT readers, but your post has no purpose other than to flame. You are awsome.
    FWIW, I believe it when people say he’s a great punter.

  5. Last year’s punter couldn’t kick the ball inside the 20. He either shanked it in critial situations for a 19 yard punt, or he drilled it into the end zone for a touchback.
    If Huber can average putting the ball at the 10 just three or four times a game, that could result in half a field of field position. The Defense can be more aggessive and play the run and the is 10 yards more the other team has to get to score, several times a game.
    It WILL make Bengals special teams much better and less likely to lose games, as they have in the past.

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