Brandon Marshall: "It's more to it."

As wide receiver Brandon Marshall continues to make the media rounds in Los Angeles this week, the disgruntled Denver Broncos’ star answered several questions about his unresolved status during an NFL Network appearance.

Repeatedly asked if he still wants to be traded, Marshall emphasized that he does plan to show up for training camp on time, “Well, as of right now, I’m still under contract. I have a wedding to prepare for, so I’m definitely going to show up. I’m not going to let them take no money. There was a trade request. As of now, I’m still under contract.”

Marshall bolted out of the Broncos’ minicamp earlier this offseason after requesting a trade during a meeting with Broncos owner Pat Bowlen.

When asked if his unhappiness stems from his contract or the Broncos’ organization, Marshall was vague.

“It’s more to it,” he said.

Marshall never elaborated, though.

Marshall stuck with a politically correct script when asked about the departure of Pro Bowl quarterback Jay Cutler via a trade to the Chicago Bears. 

“That’s not good losing a Pro Bowl quarterback,” Marshall said. “At the same time, you can’t discredit the Denver Broncos or Pat Bowlen, one of the best owners in the NFL.

“It’s a great organization. I don’t think it would be fair for me to bash the organization or the things we’ve been trying to keep behind closed doors.”

Marshall characterized his pair of meetings with Bowlen as positive ones.

“Mr. B. understood where I was coming from and I understand where he’s coming from,” Marshall said. “I thought it was best that I move on. . . .

“I can honestly say I play the game for the love. Throughout this summer and offseason, it really showed me the business side, losing a quarterback like Jay Cutler and a coach like Mike Shanahan. 

Although he claimed that he hasn’t received a letter from the team stating that he will be required to report with rookies and injured players, Marshall said that he plans to be one of the first players to report to camp.

And Marshall called new Broncos starter Kyle Orton “a great quarterback,” which amused Jamie Dukes during the interview. 

After undergoing offseason hip surgery, which has been another point of contention with Marshall as he has claimed to distrust the Broncos’ medical staff, the Pro Bowl wideout reports good progress.

“Just the other day, I did a 360 dunk and followed up with a windmill,” Marshall said. “I’m good. I’m ready.”

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  1. Is it just me, or has Denver turned into a Mecca for the mentally disabled of the NFL world? Mo Clarrett, Travis Henry, Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler, surely I’m forgetting some/many more, and now this clown.
    I’m not a doctor, I’m just sayin’

  2. Of course there’s more to it. Bowlen probably told him to keep his mouth shut or he’ll trade him to a wasteland franchise with terrible fans and a QB even worse than Orton….like the Vikings. 1 year with Brett Favre and then back from (mediocre???) to terrible the next year. Then the year after that a move across country to LA.

  3. The meeting Marshall had with Bowlen was not about a trade. Bowlen told him that if continues to play as he has the last two seasons, the team would give him a new contract. Florio may have heard Bowlen said he’d trade him, but in reality the team wants to see one more season of good production before they give him a new deal. Makes sense considering his hip injury and the offseason troubles he has had.

  4. Of course he distrusts the Bronco’s med staff – it took them over a year before they figured out Cutler was diabetic. It makes you wonder what kind of shenanigans are going on over there to encourage this exodus of talent. Methinks a lot of systemic lying and twofacedness. Time for a festivus style airing of grievances perhaps.

  5. And Marshall called new Broncos starter Kyle Orton “a great quarterback,” which amused Jamie Dukes during the interview.
    That comment “amuses” alot of folks in the NFL!

  6. “It’s more to it.” Wow.
    What institution of higher education would like to explain how he stayed academically qualified for 3 years?

  7. Who cares. At this point he most likely realizes his value and ability to secure a better contract is as good as it will get. He has failed to produce consistently and he is an overall headcase. As much as players like Ochocinco and TO may drive me nuts at least they have been able to produce in thier careers. I just view Brandon Marshall as another Andre Rison pissing away his career and just looking for the opportunity to blame anyone but the man in the mirror.

  8. ZombiePatriot,
    Yet again I agree. What exactly is more to it? That he has a court date for allegedly assaulting a woman coming up? Or that ESPN handed him his ass on national TV? Possibly his recent arrest he got for fighting with his wife to be.
    This guy needs to grow up and realize that he’s not worth the money until he can keep his hands out of cuffs.

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