Jamie Dukes: McDaniels can't be trusted

Former NFL offensive lineman Jamie Dukes came out swinging in his blog today, and he delivered a few uppercuts to Denver Broncos rookie coach Josh McDaniels.

The NFL Network analyst hammered McDaniels for having a “problem with honesty,” adding that other players besides former Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler have “privately expressed concern.”

Considering a lot of players, including disgruntled Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall, pass through the NFL Network studio in Los Angeles, that’s an intriguing comment.

Dukes referenced how Cutler said that the reason he asked to be traded stemmed from McDaniels repeatedly refusing to admit that he had tried to acquire quarterback Matt Cassel via a prospective trade.

Dukes also pointed out that McDaniels told Denver reporters earlier this year that he had met with Marshall following the wide receiver’s meeting with Broncos owner Pat Bowlen.

Days later, though, McDaniels acknowledged to KDVR-TV that he hadn’t actually met with Marshall.


In conclusion, Dukes delivered a verbal forearm shiver to McDaniels.

“As a former NFL player, I can tell you that trust is the foundation between the player and the coach,” Dukes wrote. “When players trust their coach, they play at another level. Unfortunately, truthfulness seems to be a character trait that Bill Belichick didn’t pass down to young McDaniels.”


Of course, it’s worth nothing that a lot of NFL people don’t always tell the truth for strategic reasons and other purposes.

It’s also fair to say that Dukes might not be getting a Christmas card from McDaniels.

49 responses to “Jamie Dukes: McDaniels can't be trusted

  1. McDaniels will not be coach long.
    Makes you wonder. They fired Shanahan for this guy?
    Nobody trusts a liar who steals the truth.
    Last year the Denver Broncos punted the fewest times in the NFL. The Bears the second most.
    Let’s see how the Cutler trade affects that stat this season.

  2. Um Florio, please learn how to read. He’s saying truthfulness is one of the reasons his players play at another level and young McDaniels didn’t learn the lesson. Jesus Christ, how did you become a lawyer without basic reading comprehension skills?

  3. Woops assumed it was Florio so my faith in Law School isn’t completely shattered. Gone are the days when PFT is a one man show I guess. Learn how to read for comprehension Wilson (who ever the Hell you are).

  4. Now every comment gets vetted? No wonder most of these posts have no comments anymore. Gone are the days when PFT was fun & worth visiting too I guess.

  5. I believe the correct term is “truthiness.” I won’t even bother explaining I’m joking to you idiots without a sense of humor… whoops, just did.
    Yes, this guy sucks. I agree. Beyond that, it seems that the thing the players dislike the most is that he is just not a GOOD liar. Every head coach has lied to his players throughout the history of the NFL.
    I personally just don’t think this guy is NFL Head Coach material because he has no clue how to massage egos, take charge, and do all the other little things that are required of a coach.
    But then again, he is walking into the ridiculous boys club atmosphere his predecessor set. It’ll be the best for everybody when he gets fired at the end of the upcoming year and can go back to being a QB coach or OC.
    I’m just happy I have Whisenhunt as our coach. But even he lied. He was talking about how Anquan shouldn’t be asking for a new contract “In these tough economic times” a couple months ago while behind the scenes he’s been posturing for a new contract for himself. They both deserve it, but if the Coach takes the company line, he’s much more likely to get what he desires, and damn the player.
    It’s a dog eat dog world. Every single coach lies to their players. McDaniels biggest sin is that he just sucks at it, and therefor he will be asking me for a job come this time next year.

  6. It’s easy to pile on McDaniels right now. He’s young. He hasn’t won any games yet. He’s lost a popular local QB.
    But I think he’s going to win just as many games as Shanny has been winning over the last several years.

  7. Come on, Florio. How is that in any way a shot at Belichick. He’s saying Belichick is truthful to his players, and DIDN’T pass that trait down to McDaniels.
    Did you misread it or something?

  8. Ex-NFL Player, Loudmouth attempts to create controversy. Decides to pick the easy target of the moment. Bashes first time head coach who is oft criticized for getting rid of a mediocre quarterback and who refuses to trade inconsistent receiver. Extra-extra read all about it.

  9. Taking a shot at Belichick? It seems as if he is saying that “truthfulness” was not passed down. NOT that Belichick doesn’t possess it. Stop trying to make an issue out of nothing. Reading the quote the way it is written does not constitute a shot at Belichick. REACH!!!

  10. Oh, what an insightful blog from Mr. Dukes. So many Pats past and present resent BB. Just listen to that corner that got traded to the Eagles. He must have thought it was opposite day with all the compliments he gave to the patriots. Traded for two 5throunders and he still pretends like he loved his time in NE and loved his coach. Dukes obviously knows more than him right???

  11. jamie dukes is a buffoon – the guy with credibility issues is jay ‘sniff-sniff’ cutler – the big cry-baby. cutler and dukes deserve each other – a couple of ignorant fools. thanks for the scoop aaron wilson – nice piece of reporting.

  12. “Unfortunately, truthfulness seems to be a character trait that Bill Belichick didn’t pass down to young McDaniels.”

  13. Let me see here…… Jamie Dukes (loudmouth Bronco hater with mucho hearsay and nameless sources) vs Josh McDaniels (offensive coordinator of highest scoring offense in NFL History and a person Rod Smith and Champ bailey hold in very high regard)
    Hmmmmm who should I believe here?

  14. yeah, this might be a real story if anybody gave a crap what jamie dukes thinks. bill belichick and josh mcdaniels didn’t get where they are in their careers taking advice from an ANALyst working for a cable network that nobody really watches.

  15. you posted a story about something Jamie Dukes said on his blog….ahahahah…
    good job!

  16. McDaniels is a decent person and a great QB’s coach. But as an OC for the Pats he sucked. Forget the records and the points and all that – that was Moss, Welker, and Brady. When it came down to really counting, McDaniels’ one-dimensional offense was exposed. Every team the Patriots faced knew that if you can stuff the run 2 or 3 times, McDaniels will put the ball up every down after that.
    Before he took over, the Pats would kill the clock in the 4th with the running game. After he took over, they lost some very big games because he refused to stick to that formula. Dillon would be on the sidelines fuming as the offense went three-and-out passing the ball with less than 5 minutes to go – because the defense knew exactly what was coming at them.
    Good luck, Denver. How this guy is going to orchestrate an entire team is a mystery that I’m afraid the Broncos will have to pay to uncover.
    And Cutler is an idiot for not staying. Who cares if McDaniels wanted to trade him – he’s a great QB coach – he’d have made Cutler even more valuable, he’d probaby have had the best stats of his career … even if the team only goes 5-11.

  17. Dukes is an over-opinionated jack-ass.
    He’s the least credible analyst on the NFL Network.
    If you’re talking character traits, Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall don’t exactly come to mind.
    Trust is a two way street, lard ass (Dukes)!

  18. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not a big Dukes fan but he is right on this one. McDaniels is a arrogant Belichick asshole who came into town thinking he would shake things up and bring “his type of guys in” and it backfired on his selfish ass. Yeah Cutler isn’t Elway, but he is a QB you could build a winning program around and McDaniels f’ed it up. I pray he fails and the Broncos fans boo his john boy ass out of town.

  19. Do you think Mcdaniels’ nipple will be popping out of his shirt on his Christmas card photo?

  20. Dukes is a mentally deficient chipmunk and chronic apologist for all the worst behavior by NFL players and every a-hole in the league. Boo hoo, mean ol’ Josh won’t tell the truth boo hoo. There’s not a single head coach in the NFL who doesn’t bend the truth constantly.

  21. “Unfortunately, truthfulness seems to be a character trait that Bill Belichick didn’t pass down to young McDaniels.”
    The same Belicheat who was involved in Spygate ? Pukes considers to be truthful??
    Pukes is just another blowhard.. Why does anything he say matter?

  22. You know what I’m loving about this? All the jagoffs bitching at Florio about not reading Dukes’ blog properly… and at the same time, not seeing that Florio didn’t write this. I love ironic stupidity.

  23. cutler was already crying his way out of town when his qb coach got canned.
    champagne marshall is a total idiot and has zero credibility. failure as a womanbeater and cant beat up a mcdonalds bag.

  24. Broncos defense needed an overhaul from last year. They hired an offensive head coach. Doogie Howser no less.
    Broncos used their draft picks porly
    Jay Cutler found a way to quit, and now is trying to pull Brandon Marshall away.
    Solomon Wilcots and Jamie Dukes hate Doogie Howser. Not sure why they need to make stuff up, the above is enough. Pretty sure i can tell why neither Dukes or Wilcots was ever on a winning team though. Wouldn’t want those crybabies on my team.

  25. McD will be given a chance to succeed (>1 year) and over his tenure he will clean house of loudmouths likes Dukes and the team will be better for it.
    McD may not have been ready to be a HC in a town like Denver but players like Dukes need to realize that he is the head coach and show some respect. McD will do OK but it will be a bumpy road until he cleans the turds and loudmouths out.

  26. McDaniels sounds like another Mangini in the making. Young, ethically challenged and nto to be trusted.

  27. ZombiePatriot
    “Ex-NFL Player, Loudmouth attempts to create controversy. Decides to pick the easy target of the moment. Bashes first time head coach who is oft criticized for getting rid of a mediocre quarterback and who refuses to trade inconsistent receiver. Extra-extra read all about it.”
    Exactly. Dukes is a joke of an analyst. I feel bad for Rich Eisen having to put with him and Deion.

  28. Since when does anybody care what Jamie Dukes has to say? I had no idea that his ideas/thoughts had any value at all?

  29. Simply not being “truthful” as a a head coach (a common practice) is a bit different than sinking a gleaming knife blade into the spinal cord of your franchise QB, all while you smile in his face and tell him he’s “the man”.
    It started with Bowlen, who promised Cutler his QB coach would be kept.
    And led him on about Shanahan’s staus.
    Then McDaniels comes in, says he’s looking forward to working with Jay–is actually meeting with Jay and smiling in his face every day and telling him he’s “the man” and he’s excited about working together and game-planning and such–all the while trying to ship him out to Tampa in order to bring in his one-year wonder Cassel via a 3-way w/ the Pats.
    Then they have a meeting to clear the air and mend the fences–Jay is expecting a “yeah, we took some calls, because that’s the business, but YOU are our guy moving forward…”
    Instead, McDaniels actually ADMITS that he was trying to get Cassel and that he STILL would like to get Cassel.
    THAT’S when things really went south.
    After that, the LIES piled up–lies to the media, lies about the conversations, lies about the timetable and the coach and owner’s intents.
    Then, Bowlen backs this young arrogant, ignorant, stubborn, underhanded punk McDaniels over Jay.
    Cutler did what any grown man with a shred of dignity should have done–get the hell off that sinking ship of fools and liars.
    Yes, the NFL is a business. Business is business, and not personal, and blah blah.
    But just because it’s a business doesn’t mean there’s no such thing as RIGHT and WRONG.
    And what the Broncs did was WRONG.
    And now their whole franchise is gonna pay, for years to come.
    As for Cutler–his track record speaks for itself. The guy’s never had a single off-the-field incident, not in college or in the Pros. He’s a hard worker, a quick learner, a fiery competitor, an incredible talent, and completely dedicated to his team and team mates–they didn’t elect him as team captain because he was a “brat” or a crybaby”.
    Both former coaches and players will attest to all this, including guys like Bailey, Marshall, and Scheffler. (“Backhand” Brandon Marshall’s character reference doesn’t mean much, I know, but still…)
    Cutler’s image is all media hoopla with little to no substantiation.
    The WORST they have on the guy is few facial expressions on the sideline, some words with Rivers, a night on the town or two (what single, successful guy wouldn’t?) and a rumor that he didn’t sign an autograph…so funking what?
    He’s been nothing but a consummate pro, and his track record says as much, and I expect he’ll be even better in Chicago.
    Meanwhile, those liars in Denver will get their come-uppance. My bet is McDaniels doesn’t make it past the 2010 season bye week.

  30. Marshall is a talented moron. Dukes is a tactless, less-than-has-been nobody. McD is a rookie head coach. Orton is a solid (not great) QB. The Broncos lost ONE quality player. The experts see doom. The Broncos will be underrated, underappreciated, and most of all, underestimated this year.
    MUA HA HA HA!!!!
    Let’s play the games already!

  31. Of all the broadcasters Jamie Dukes is one of the worst to come around – he’s not that entertaning and worse he’s not that insightful – his fat flabby lips and jive just aren’t that interesting to me – he’s trying to stir things up and catch some headlines….it’s “drama Jamie” – try talking about something meaningful – try to muster some degree of football intellect

  32. Jamie Dukes is a vick apologist hypocrite. I cannot stand him. I love how he relentlessly goes after Matt Cassel for being a product of his WRs but never ever even hints that it may be the same for his heartthrob Cutler.

  33. Saying McDaniels didn’t learn the lesson of truthfulness from Belicheat is laughable. Belicheat is obviously devoid of any character traits like “truthfulness”.
    Cheatriots finish no better than third in their division this season.

  34. i would think Dukes would have to hear McDaniel’s side before making a decision like that…. especially when your only sources for input have been Cutler & Marshall. Not exactly gleaming specimens of respect & being team players.
    McDaniels’ lack of truthfullness was most likely strategic. and i’m a fins fan so far be it from me to defend an ex-patriot. but i have to think Josh isn’t just lying with wreckless abandon to everyone.

  35. I think Jamie Dukes is sleeping with Cutler…….and Snarky Snide Sniper……Cutler’s record speaks for itself?? You’re right it does…….losing record every where he’s gone!! And look at the games he cost the Bronocs last year. Not to mention the one where Hoculi bailed his retarded ass out. Please, just let him, watch the season and see what happens.

  36. I think McDaniels is as honest as a head coach can be – as opposed to Benito Mangini who’s so morally bankrupt that even his dogs want his promise to take them for a walk in writing.
    I also think he’s in way, way, way over his head. It’s not hard to imagine why he wanted someone else at QB, but he handled it just awful. The whole front office did, they set the tone.
    McDaniels’ ultimate success will depend a lot on just how long they give him to learn his new job. If they’re committed to letting him build a new regime and waiting 2 or 3 years to get back to being a serious contender, it could work out.

  37. McDaniels didn’t lie. Dukes is an idiot.
    Here’s the original from Williamson:
    Broncos coach Josh McDaniels would not say whether Marshall requested a trade, but he told ESPN’s Ed Werder on Tuesday that internal meetings conducted after the holdout receiver’s discussions with Bowlen suggest Denver plans to keep the player.
    “We met after Pat’s meeting with Brandon Marshall, and we’ve decided that we will continue to have a dialogue with Brandon and his representative, but we are looking forward to having Brandon at training camp,” McDaniels said to Werder.
    And here’s the scandalous “admission” according to Dukes:
    Presented with the report, McDaniels admitted that he DID NOT meet with Marshall.
    Which was ACTUALLY this:
    * When Fox 31 Sports asked Josh McDaniels if he followed through on his statement yesterday at practice that he was meeting with Marshall later on that day, McDaniels admitted today he in fact did not meet with his disgruntled pro bowl wide receiver Friday. McDaniels now confirms that Marshall only met with owner Pat Bowlen.
    So, McDaniels “admitted” he never had a meeting with Marshall THAT HE NEVER CLAIMED HE HAD.

  38. Josh McDaniels was the best choice Pat Bowlen could have made. Bowlen is a smart man, and he knows just how mire in mediocrity the Broncos really were and that McDaniels has a plan to get the Broncos back to the winner philosophy.
    Jamie Dukes has been ‘schooled’ twice on NFLN when there was someone to ‘discuss’ an issue with about the Broncos.
    First, Rod Smith dis-spelled all claims that Coach McDaniels is not trusted in the locker room. “every player has to prepare himself for a season and has no time for worrying about the HC. If they don’t then they are gone, plain and simple” “every player is excited about the philosophy and scheme’s that Coach McDaniels brought in”.
    Second was Brandon Marshall. Jamie tried VERY hard to get Brandon to bad mouth the organization and Brandon responsed “Mr B ah Mr. Bowlen is the best owner in the NFL and has the best organization”. Jamie asked “but you do want traded?” and Brandon replied “I am under contract to the Denver Broncos”.
    You see readers Jamie loves the old style football and NOBODY trades a starting QB unless they are dumb. Hey Jamie, learn your craft first.

  39. Snarky Snide Sniper,
    The lies we tell ourselves so we can sleep at night.
    Jay Cutler is a dick and you know. No off the field incidents? How about showing up to his own television show drunk on many occasions? How about refusing to sign autographs for newly claimed bears fans?
    If you want a real stance on Jay Cutler read Stefan Fatisis piece on him, since he’s the best and most real sportswriter out there. But hey, you wouldn’t know that since all you can do is TALK IN CAPS TO TRY TO PROVE YOUR POINT!

  40. @Al Davis’ 40 Time,
    Were those “drunken” appearances ever substantiated? When, where, how?
    And if that is really such a concern, look up Kyle Orton on drunkenathlete.com–he has his own page.
    Big deal.
    And some obnoxious loser gets snubbed by a celebrity at a baseball game and runs to the media, and that makes the guy a dick?
    Any idea how many celebrities have to turn away autograph seekers every day? And yet how many of those become full blown news stories?
    First, there’s reality.
    And then there’s what the media tells you to think, which has nothing to do with reality.
    Open up and say “ahhh”, okay?
    And then there’s your own petty agenda and biases, whatever they may be.
    Just because the last two match, doesn’t mean they equal the first one.

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