Redskins select Jarmon in supplemental draft

The Redskins bolstered their defensive line depth Thursday, selecting Kentucky defensive end Jeremy Jarmon in the third round of the NFL’s supplemental draft. 

Washington, never known to hold on to future picks too tightly, will give up their 2010 third round pick for the right to select Jarmon.

Jarmon would have been a senior, but was suspended for testing positive for a banned substance.  He has ideal pro size and could be a good run stopper.

Washington is thin at defensive end, so Jarmon could compete for significant snaps right away.  Playing alongside Albert Haynesworth certainly won’t hurt Jarmon’s chances for making an immediate impact. 

Jarmon is the first player selected in this year’s supplemental draft and potentially could be the last.   Deon Murphy from Kansas State looks like the next most likely to be taken.

19 responses to “Redskins select Jarmon in supplemental draft

  1. Not surprising, after reports claimed 4 front office members (including Cerrato) attended his workout.
    But, the question is: Is Jarmon worth next year’s 3rd (roughly equivilant to a 4th rounder this year)?
    Outside of offensive line depth, defensive end was the biggest need area on the team.
    Also…I’m assuming the Skins get more towards their allocation for rookie pool $$$$
    Hope he works out. An immediate impact would be VERY nice.

  2. Also…I’m a little unsure of Supplemental picks.
    Off the top of my head I can only think of two good ones.
    Jamal Williams and Mike Wahle.

  3. Whew. Glad the Lions took a pass on this guy. An ’10 third-rounder couldn’t possibly be less valuable than just after the ’09 draft . . . on draft day 2010, that pick is a potential future starter, or significant ammo to move up. No sense in blowing that in a kid who’s only available because his pee was cloudy.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  4. hahaha…Kentucky, that ole powerhouse.
    I guess you have to sign the scraps when you blow your load on Haynesworth.

  5. who needs future draft picks? There are always high priced free agents out there to fill holes.

  6. Bye Bye Phillip Daniels, Andre Carter,unless you triple your sack total (4) from last year, you’re as good as gone too. We are getting younger on the d-line, good move.

  7. Maybe they’ll move him to Linebacker as part of their master plan which is obviously… ummm… hmmm. Well its masterful.

  8. I would say something about character issues, but Percy Harvin closed that door for me.

  9. Ah the Washington Redcheats not obeying the salary cap and now picking up players on steroids…why is this not surprising?

  10. Ty @ The Lions in Winter:
    I am in agreement with you, a third rounder is a bit high for him, however, I was pushing for them to bid no higher than a fourth. I like the kid and from what I remember from last year, he was a man amongst boys at KY. I would have given up a fourth next year for 2nd round talent. He could have at least pushed Avrill/DeVries a little harder.
    Typical of the Skins though!

  11. I believe he was graded out as a 2nd rnder, so getting him for a 3rd is in my book a good move. I’m a life long skins fan and 99% of the time a slap my forehead for most of their moves, but this one I’m ok with, if he pans out, with he and Orakpo we may have our DE’s for a while…(fingers crossed)

  12. Gaither, the big O lineman for Baltimore, was a Supplemental pickup…wasn’t he?
    If this guy truly “grades” at a 2nd rounder, then this is a fantastic move by the skins and addresses a big need: youth and size on the D line. Lets be honest, with Haynesworth gobbling up the middle of the line (and at least two O lineman) guys like Carter, Wynn, Orakpo, Daniels, Griffin, and now, this guy, can get to the QB and jam running lanes.
    Great move Cerrato!

  13. Man you people hate the skins on this site don’t you?
    Why because they spend alot of money? Your teams could break out the check book like Danny Boy does. Dan was a fan of the team that he bought, he knew that he could make a lot of money by owning the team but mostly he wants to return the skins to greatness. Just because the Ford family is afraid to bring out the big bag of money for free agents and would rather draft a WR every year in the first round isn’t Dan Snyder’s fault.
    Hey Lions fans, what standout defensive ends do you have on your roster? oh that’s right you don’t. Good job Danny for taking a flyer on young stud. Lions fans your team is a JOKE

  14. StartColtBrennan:
    Your screen name says it all!
    Riddle me this, if you were a free agent with talent and upside, would you sign in Detroit for the same money you could get elsewhere? NOPE. I’ll be the first to agree with you that the Lions have been the biggest embarassement in all of sports.
    The Redskins= Yankees of NFL. Spending through the roof produces how many championships in the past decade?
    One more tid-bit, tell Jason Campbell to wipe that stupid looking dirt-stache off his face.

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