Winborn still waiting

Linebacker Jamie Winborn started eleven games for the Broncos last year, appearing in all of them.

But the 30-year-old is still waiting for his next opportunity.

Agent Jason Fletcher, with whom Winborn recently has signed, tells us that five teams are interested in the eight-year veteran.

Per our colleagues at Rotoworld, who have a kick-ass player search feature, the last word on Winborn came in early March, when he visited the Titans.

8 responses to “Winborn still waiting

  1. Yet another in the long list of former Bronco defensive players that have yet to be picked up. I wonder why. 😉
    But, in all fairness, Winborn was one of the better scrubs from last year. He just didn’t have a place in the new system. He’ll get picked up eventually.

  2. Hmm…did anyone see the Broncos D play last season? No wonder why nobody’s picking him up.

  3. I particularly liked how the Broncos would give up an 8 yard run on 3rd and 5 and Winborn would make the tackle and proceed to get up and dance.
    If a team is looking for a top notch grandstander with mediocre talent, then Winborn is their guy.

  4. Rotoworld’s player search feature sucks. Just tried it with two other random players. First I picked linebacker Nate Webster, seemed kind of a similar player to Winborn – “no results found.” Then I tried to pick a more well-known player – in fact I picked one common name with two well known players who share the same name, Roy Williams. Guess what – I put Roy Williams in the player search, and “no results found.” What a piece of crap, don’t waste your time.

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