Cadillac Williams ahead of pace in second comeback

nfl_caddy.jpgCadillac Williams completed one of the toughest comebacks in the NFL last season when he returned from a torn right patella tendon. Just when he was looking like himself again, he tore the left patella tendon.

His recovery is going even better this time.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, Williams is “well ahead of pace” compared to where he was a year ago.  It turns out this tear wasn’t as severe as the previous one.

Williams has been running for months, although he’s still expected to start training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. 

The bigger question is whether Williams will start the regular season on PUP.  That would require him to miss the first six weeks.  (Williams made his debut in Week Twelve last year.)

It’s possible the Bucs could keep Williams on PUP to start the year, if only to give keep their options 

A healthy Williams isn’t necessarily going to have a big role.  Derrick Ward was signed for starter’s money in the offseason, and Earnest Graham will share the workload.   open. 

Returning from two patella tendon tears is virtually unprecedented. (Former Browns corner Gary Baxter came close, but never made it back.) 

It would be impressive if Williams makes it back on an NFL field, no matter when or what role he’s in. 

14 responses to “Cadillac Williams ahead of pace in second comeback

  1. hope he makes it back,but when he gets back he auditioning for another team.Teams rarely carry 3 high priced half backs on the roster

  2. He’ll be back, if only to get injured again…but I can see him on the field this year. I agree they should start him on PUP so they don’t spend a roster spot on someone not contributing to special teams but they could use him towards the end of the year if they run the ball like they’ve planned (a lot) and get Graham & Ward a little banged up. I want to see what Clifton Smith can do with a few carries as well (if he doesn’t fumble).

  3. Urge to sing Florio’s favorite Springsteen song “Pink Cadillac”……………………………….rising. (or Freeway of Love by Aretha Franklin)

  4. IF, and a big IF here, if he makes it back and plays like he did before the injuries he will be the feature back and Ward will spell him, no doubt about that. Caddy is a fan favorite in tampa. He basically took the torch from Alstott as the fans favorite offensive player. Im hopeful that Carnell and Ronnie Brown can both bounce back from injuries and prove they were worth top 5 draft picks.

  5. Hope he comes back soon, that would give us a three head monster in the backfield, just what we need with the wacky qb situation.

  6. Pulling for this guy. I remember him getting injured last season. He was tearing it up looking like his old self then pop, just like that. Seeing him on the field swearing in pain and frustration, you couldn’t help but feel for the guy. I really hope he can get it back.

  7. What surgery did Terry Allen have.. I know that he blew out both his knees then came back to have a solid career…

  8. His next injury is going to be gruesome and he will not come back from it. Not wishing ill-will upon him but it’s over.

  9. cadillac is the man… best of luck to him… I agree with johncomps post all the way

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