ESPN releases video of Pacman "making it rain"

NFL_ajones.jpgBelieve it or not, we’re about to write something fairly positive about former Titans and Cowboys cornerback Pacman Jones.

I probably should make sure I don’t have a fever.

With training camps due to open in the next couple of weeks, and with Jones (somehow) managing not to take a ride in the back of a sedan with windows that don’t go down for the entire NFL offseason, ESPN has released for the first time two-plus-year-old video from inside a Las Vegas strip club on the night that resulted in the shooting of Tom Urbanski — which in turn triggered a one-year suspension of Jones.

We’ve asked Bill Hofheimer of ESPN to identify for us the date on which the video was obtained, because frankly we’re a little suspicious that the video might have been held until now in the hopes of hurting Jones’ chances of landing with another team.  (We have no proof that ESPN did this, and frankly ESPN has every right to decide when and how to publish its stories.  Of course, we have every right to offer opinions as to whether ESPN might have opted to hold a story in order to advance some separate agenda.) 

On the surface, the notion that ESPN would hold a story for collateral purposes sounds ridiculous.  But two key facts have fueled our suspicions.

First, ESPN has on at least two occasions in the past published potentially controversial investigative journalism studies at strategically critical times.  In early 2008, the Matt Walsh story from Mike Fish of arrived just two days before Super Bowl XLII, and Fish’s story possibly prompted the Boston Herald to push to print the next day its own story regarding alleged videotaping of the Rams’ walk-through practice prior to Super Bowl XXXVI by the Patriots.  (The Herald later retracted that allegation.) 

More recently, Fish and ESPN unveiled a piece regarding the connection between Dr. Richard Rydze, the Steelers, and HGH in the days preceding the AFC title game, which was played in Pittsburgh.  But the ESPN story arose nearly two years after reports first surfaced of Dr. Rydze’s purchases of HGH.  (Curiously, Fish and ESPN opted not to answer our questions regarding Fish’s reporting — and regarding the selection of the date on which the story was first published.)

Second, Pacman Jones vowed to sue ESPN earlier this year, based on its report linking Jones to a separate strip-club shooting in Georgia.  That story possibly triggered the Cowboys’ decision to part ways with Jones.

It will be a lawsuit within a week against ESPN,” Jones said in January.

Although Jones to date has not pursued legal action against ESPN, it’s hard not to have a bias against people who threaten to sue.

Regardless of whether the timing was intentional or coincidental, the renewed focus on one of Pacman’s prior misdeeds will do nothing to convince an NFL team to invite him to camp, especially since the owners, coaches, and General Managers of every NFL franchise will now have a chance to watch unsavory images of Pacman “making it rain” on Vegas strippers.

Look, we think that Pacman has done some bad things, and that he generally has been a bad guy.  We wish he’d never attended West Virginia University, and we agree with the league insider who has expressed amazement to us that no one was killed in Morgantown during the overlapping tenures of Jones and receiver Chris Henry. 

But whether Jones gets another shot in the NFL should be based on his current on-field abilities — and his recent off-field activities. 

Recently, he has stayed out of trouble.  Thus, if a team thinks he still has the skills required of an NFL player, he should receive a chance to prove that he has changed.

And if he blows it this time around, he should never get another chance. 

Still, the ultimate decision should be based not on never-before-seen video of stuff from early 2007 about which we already knew.

34 responses to “ESPN releases video of Pacman "making it rain"

  1. Just blame Rich Rod for recruiting them and it will be all better…seems to be the way that WVU fans tend to deal with their frustrations nowadays. Unfortunately he also recruited Pat “The Most Prolific Passer in NCAA History” White, Steve Slaton, and Noel Devine.

  2. Right on! This poor guy can’t catch a break! Or defend a pass for that matter,

  3. There’s no need to take sides.
    Pacman Jones is a wreckless sociopath with no regard for anyone else, and ESPN is a sensationalistic, tabloid network who gave up trying to be credible years ago. Other than their game coverage, ESPN is becoming obsolete thanks to NFL and MLB Networks. And thank god, because I never have to watch Sportscenter again.
    In short, neither has any real value to society and they both need to go away.

  4. This video really only gives more insight into Nelly and Jermaine Dupri. Really doesn’t paint Pacman in a bad light, other than he has enough money to bring $100,000 to a strip club to throw in the air like LeBron James tosses up talcum powder (I think when he is strapped for cash, he will look at that video and wonder whether how much interest has accrued on his account at that strip club…what?….strip clubs aren’t banks?…..well someone should have told me that before I decided to make a rather large deposit there myself last night). When I clicked on the link I was expecting to see video of someone shooting something, not people just enjoying themselves in a strip club before the tape cuts out at the best part. ESPN is such a tease.

  5. Didn’t an NFL source back in the day something like…
    “If Jefferty Dahmer ran a 4.1 40′, GM’s would say he had an eating disorder.”
    Apologies around if I spelled the name wrong.
    Point being, if you can play, you will play.

  6. Very little of what Pacman’s life has been is known. He’s a bad actor. Hire him at your own risk.

  7. I would have been the one shot cause I would have been somewhere in the corner pickin up some of that money. I can see it now. Using my foot to scoot it close enough to bend down and “tie” my shoe.

  8. You know it’s bad enough throwing away money like that, But the really sad part is the quality of the hoe’s he’s throwing it at!

  9. Pacman has had more than his fair share of chances. He doesn’t deserve another one.

  10. To be fair ESPN analysts have refuted the impact of those issues.
    Herman Edwards for spygate and Merrill Hodge for the HGH thing.
    Never the less, yes ESPN does push an agenda.

  11. If your gonna throw away that much money at least the strippers should be hot. Looks like it was amateur night!

  12. “Never the less, yes ESPN does push an agenda.”
    Kinda like a blogger with a WVU fetish. Jones deserves pity because ESPN shows stuff he actually did, on top of $H!t load of other stuff he has done. But, yeah lets give him another chance. Mean while we can go back to slamming Brett Favre for the nerve to think about coming back to play for the Vikings. Hey lets write a few lines that suggests Favre’s poor play late last year wasn’t due to injury.

  13. I remember back in the days leading up to the ’05 draft when Florio was pimping Pacman on here hardcore. Oh I’m so glad my team didn’t… oh wait… nevermind

  14. Seriously, you think he deserves another chance? Is Pacman holding a gun to your head or did you lose your mind? After ALL the chances he got, with his own little group of bodyguards following him, he STILL managed to screw it up.
    Also, in case you don’t remember, he wasn’t any good when he was playing for the Cowboys! He sucks, and he’s dangerous, so obviously some team should pay him a lot of money, right? I swear Florio, were you a public defender?
    Lets see…Florio hates cops, and thinks that criminals are good people who just need a 32nd chance.

  15. he hasnt done anything wrong in 2 years,if Dallas was smart they would bring him back on a 1 year deal.Make him earn a roster spot,

  16. Im one of the biggest Pac Man haters but if you watch this video it looks to me like Jermaine Dupri caused a bad vibe, who if im not mistaken is with janet jackson? Maybe im wrong but anyways, I think he disrespected some people by doing that and caused a bad vibe in the club which quickly turned into fights and gunfire.

  17. Those, ahem…..”Strippers” and i use that term loosely, look like the fat ads that used to run on the old PFT…The “before” pics…

  18. best part of pac “making it rain” was the fact that he wanted to get the money back after he threw it! apparently he hadn’t been to a strip club before.

  19. Last seen, Pacman Jones was part of the losing team (44-6) with the playoffs on the line.
    Ya, sign him real quick, he’s a player alright.

  20. wtf do u xpect?
    a professional representing the cowboys that does not have an overinflated ego with a sense of entitlement?
    PM is such a classic punk crying out for people to look at him with envy and awe.’
    I look at him like hes the dumbest ass on earth.

  21. Notice at 2:40 in the video, that asshole is smoking a joint.
    You’ve got to be kidding me.
    This joker actually made it to the NFL?

  22. Don’t forget, JimmySmith, Pacman fumbled on a kickoff return at the end of the first half – when a Cowboys comeback was feasible. It resulted in a last-second field goal for the Eagles.
    So he’s directly responsible for some of that 44-6 humilation.

  23. nah, i seem to remember punkman getting in trouble while a cowboy last fall. so no he hasnt been out of all trouble for a year or two.
    yes he fumbled on a punt return, enabling the eagles to increase their lead to 27-3 right at halftime.
    just doing his part…

  24. He should walk into a Homeless Shelter and make it rain for the people that really need it.
    It’s AMAZING what some pro athletes do with the money and God given talents.

  25. Pacman makes T.O. and Loco Ococincko look like Saints.Plus,Pac is washed-up anyway…..
    You know its a slow week when they bring out two yr. old footage of a thug in a club……
    I like to see Pack go to Tampa,they have plenty of strip clubs….

  26. “Last seen, Pacman Jones was part of the losing team (44-6) with the playoffs on the line. ”
    He was also one of the teams that beat the crap out of the Packers in Lambeau Field. I’d say he had a better game than Not Rod Woodson, Nintendo Bigby and Toasty Brown Harris did.

  27. Why didn’t PFTV get this video?
    For as much animosity you [Florio] harbor towards ESPN, you sure do get about 84% of your material from them.

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