Now Chris Johnson is mad at us

NFL_johnson1_250.jpgLast week, we ruffled the feathers of Bills safety Donte Whitner, when Gregg Rosenthal posted a blurb based on a blurb from that Whitner could lose his starting job this year.

We subsequently hugged it out, Twitter style, with Whitner.  And all was right in the world.

Or so we thought.

Earlier today, we published an item regarding an early Friday tweet from Titans running back Chris Johnson.  He said that he and another guy had been stopped by police because “they think we drunk but we ain’t drink nothing.”

Johnson doesn’t like the fact that we characterized it as a near miss from an arrest standpoint.

As Johnson tweeted tonight:  “@profootballtalk hey stop posting lies about me I didn’ t even get close to going to jail all I had was a red bull so let the police do their job.”

But all we did was repeat Johnson’s own words.  Though we probably should have stressed that he wasn’t driving (though the fact was already clear), any time a cop has a car pulled over with two guys in it and the cops think they’re both drunk, both guys — even the one who isn’t driving — are looking at the possibility of getting photographed from the front and from the side.

Usually they don’t.  Sometimes, they do.

That was our point.  But we apologize for not making it clear enough for Johnson’s liking.

46 responses to “Now Chris Johnson is mad at us

  1.…..Iwus just ridin home with my dawgs fom our mensa meet in….i hads me a reb bull, and it screweb up my typin……

  2. Like I said before, reporting it is one thing. Saying that he was close to being arrested when he was just pulled over and he said that neither he nor his friend were drinking and his friend passed a sobriety test, speculation to fuel your beloved days without arrest meter thingy. Stop stretching things into much more than they really are.

  3. Hey Chris Johnson, if you are reading this, get over yourself. You way over-rate yourself and egos your size only work for wide receivers.

  4. You said it was a near miss for Henry. It wasn’t, he hadn’t done anything wrong. I see his point.
    But if you didn’t have incidents like this one to try to blow out of proportion, you’d only have 25% of the posts that you normally do. So I can see your motivation.

  5. @Kidekkk
    If you have such an utter hatred for baseless, factless, speculative reporting, why do you keep coming back here and lecturing the Flor Man? Dude must be doing something right if he’s been successful for 8+ years doing it his way and conned NBC into paying him and the Mazz to keep it going.
    PFT(not the fruity juice) is not for everyone. I respect your opinion, BUT until I have to start paying them(coming in 2010!) they can/should do whatever the hell they want.
    If you newbs ruin PFT for the rest of us who’ve been coming here for years, there’s gonna be trouble. This might be the most real place in the country, for better or for worse. It’s like the neighborhood bar for the entire country for football fans. PLEASE FIND ANOTHER SITE AND QUIT YOUR BITCHING!

  6. Hold on. “But all we did was repeat Johnson’s own words.” Florio, I know you went to school and took some law courses. So, as a lawyer, how can you not see how the way you phrase certain things leads to certain implications? You’re going to tell me that the fact that you label his situation as a near miss when they were both stone cold sober (by accounts of the sources, which happen to only be Mr. Johnson himself) isn’t implying that one of them had been drinking and narrowly missed being arrested? For such an educated guy, you baffle me, sometimes (frequently). You’ll go and write a well thought out piece, but then you’ll follow that up with 7 pieces of confusing, tabloidesque drivel. I think the law practice was keeping your writing in check; you might want to pick that back up or watch some “Raising the Bar” or “Law and Order” to relive your glory days with some added drama and sound effects.

  7. Chris Johnson should go to jail for poor grammar.
    They treat people with poor grammar like they treat child molesters in prison.

  8. This could be bad news for the Steelers, as I’m sure Chris Johnson knows Florio is their #1 fan. Stomp em’ out, whatever your nickname is, Chris and LenDale. No one likes a dirty team like Pittsburgh. I like classy teams like the Patriots.

  9. Some of these players need to pull their respective sticks from their collective asses.
    @Chris Johnson- Shouldn’t you be focusing more on the upcoming season and less on what’s being said about you on the internet? Get over it and move on.

  10. This is not, you know, about Mike. You guys can point the finger, at him. You can talk about the Chris Johnson incident. And if you do that, it’s really unfair.
    ::sniffle:: It’s really unfair. That’s my hero.::sniffle:: That’s my webmaster. ::sniffle:: If you guys do that man, it’s really not fair! We do this nonsense as a team. We do this nonsense as a team, man!
    These accusations hurt. These accusations hurt. Because I know this web site is dedicated. ::sniffle:: They’ve put in a lot of hard work to get where we are.
    Much love Florio, keep doin’ what you do man.

  11. Is it that people are really that dumb, or that it’s cool to have grammar that does not even come close to resembling the English language?
    Every day I encounter people that are clueless how to speak, spell, and write properly. Chris Johnson is one of my favorite running backs, but I question if he could pass a 2nd grade grammar test.
    “They think we drunk, but we ain’t drink nothing.”
    Chris I hope you are reading this.
    “They thought we were drinking, but we did not drink anything except for red bull.”
    People don’t think you are cool when you talk like that. They think you’re an idiot…

  12. who is chris johnson seriously lets save it for some actual real smart players that actually have correct grammer

  13. do you think that is how his parents taught him how to speak?
    maybe parents in the plural is a bit of a stretch

  14. wow can this guy get any bigger ego-wise? he’s rediculous, fast, yes, very fast at that….and hes gonna slowly trot out of bounds one day or try to run by somebody alot bigger than him and going to get his little ass legs snapped in half…he’ll be injury proned started this season-on. you heard it here first.

  15. EddieDryCleaner, I don’t know what to say to you because I have been coming to this site for years and, like any true fan of something, I criticize even if my voice isn’t heard. I come to this site to get news, and if you read my last comment, I like the site, but since Mike has had more time on his hands to feel like he constantly has to write things, some stories have just been pure conjecture. Unlike you, I don’t feel the need to blindly follow something that I like, this site, like sheep going over a cliff.
    Get off of your knees and wipe the saliva from your face, dude. Do you think that Florio would rather have people on this site that agree with everything he says, or have people who challenge and call him out when he has crossed the perceived proverbial line? You’re trying to stick up for Florio when he is called out but have no problem when he calls out other people, even falsely on some occasions? I know it’s been slow but he’s been posting a lot of conjecture a lot that people, such as yourself, will adhere to because they/you probably don’t know any better. I don’t know if you’re a rational being, but I’m sure that even Florio would admit that me and others who don’t agree with everything he posts and the way he posts it (which I understand because he feels like he has to opine on some topics because people, like me, wonder what his opinion are) have valid points, just as he does. I wonder how good you are at getting Florio’s stains off of your shirts? Or do you just replace them?

  16. now I know I can correctly spell bastards…
    this kidekkk or whatever the hell, call your local station.
    You’re blocked!
    “Blocked! Blocked! Blocked!”
    It’s so funny you pretend to be smarter than my brother from another mother(though he’s old enough to be my father). Listen, I used to be like you, but you have to understand, Mike was not a criminal defense lawyer. The same rules don’t apply. Secondly, YOU’RE IN THE FREAKING RUMOR MILL JACKASS!!! This is not an article like on that whore ESPN, or CNN, or SI. This site is about one man’s opinions. And you know what, when you get pulled over, you have come close to being arrested. Doesn’t matter if you do get arrested or not. Coming close to being arrested is not the same as being arrested. And if you really wanna be a douche about it, talking to the fuzz and saying hello on the street is coming close to being arrested because that guy can throw you in the can. Where as jackasses like you can’t. I know the previous analogy or alliteration or simile or onomotopia or whatever the hell it was you’re gonna lecture me about is ridiculous, but that’s the point. One ridiculous series of nonsense deserves another.
    I read the article in the morning, I didn’t think Mr. Johnson was a bad guy. I just, knowing Flori-o-i-o, realized it was a tongue-in-cheek comment. I never felt he insinuated Christopher Johnson got a DUI. He just knows that we’re all waiting to break this damn streak of non-arrests and he was letting us know that to our dissapointment the streak lives on. If anything, he was standing up for the NFL players and highlighting that not all of them are bad guys.
    I hope I twisted and turned and made ridiculous crazy nonsensical comments that drive you batty and you finally give up and find another website. That is all I can hope to do. For every idiot like you, there’s a jackass like me. Except, I’m right and you’re wrong. Get a sense of humor loser, not everything has to be about lawsuits and confrontation.
    PS. Since you seem to be such an expert on ethical journalism, what paper do you work for? none? oh… Well if you were good enough to get a job, you would be smart enough to understand that a RUMOR FREAKING MILL is all about speculation, opinions, and nonsense!
    sorry to make everyone read this and feel free to attack me. But I can’t sit back and watch some never-was lecture a man who built the best website on the internets.

  17. @RadioFriendly420
    “They think we drunk, but we ain’t drink nothing.”
    I agree with your point. I gotta say though, that out of that entire tweet, that sentence, I thought, was by far the closest one to being grammatically correct!

  18. Hey Chris Johnson: who read the article on PFT to you? Seriously. You might have aced the test but no way you could walk the line , touch your nose and then read english yourself. Dawg.
    If you need to tweet(I can’t believe I just typed that)- don’t do it when the cops have you pulled over. You are asking for people to report on it.
    Florio only commented on what YOU said. Or sort of said.Who tweets during a traffic stop? Only you . . dawg. If you get a dictionary please let us know how long it takes you to get to ‘aardvark’.

  19. Eddie, I don’t work for any publication, anyone who goes to law school comes away with some sort of impartiality (why I reference him being a lawyer and being able to be more objective than the average joe), I’m not lecturing the guy but giving my opinion (much like everyone else on this board that directs comments towards Florio), I’m sorry if you’re so offended that I have an opinion that doesn’t agree with yours or Florio’s all of the time or if I point out when he labels someone a thug for something they didn’t even do but is put out there and affects that person with no reprecussion to someone else. I’m also sorry if you think I write too good and need to change the way I have been taught to write throughout my years of schooling in order to appease….wait, that’s too smart of a word….satisfy you (that better, I’m sorry, I read a lot of books as well) and write like whatever a person of regular intelligence is supposed to write like.
    Moreover, I’m sure if you ask Florio yourself, he has sources that he goes to when he needs to verify a story, so while it is called a rumor mill, like he said at the switch, the success of this site was derived by him being able to get information from sources and present that information to his readers. His “rumors” are still the product of sources that he deems legitimate. In addition, writing conjecture and surmising….forecasting…speculating….guessing what is going to happen or is happening is all great when you’re writing about other people and then have to eat crow when you’re confronted by those same people whom you are talking about.
    Also, that is the point about you perceiving his comment as tongue-in-cheek; a lot of readers aren’t vets of the site and will take it for the truth (people don’t realize sarcasm anymore thanks to the PC world that we live in, and the fact that people don’t read books anymore) and once you paint these guys in such a light, some people will take that perception, even if it is false, and make it their reality…..I could go on, but, meh. I come to this site because I like it, but even you can admit that he has been using feces to fill (that’s an alliteration, haha) this slow news period. If you can’t, child please.

  20. Florio: Master of the insincere apology.
    That being said, it sure is a shame someone forced CJ to admit he said the things he said. That must be awful for a pro athlete.

  21. My god….is that how all pro athletes twitter pages read?
    Whats the point of making them even go to college….what a horrible waste.
    I need some Tylenol after trying to decipher that.

  22. One word to sum up today’s athletes:
    Where are the Jack Youngblood’s and the Ray Nitzke’s in today’s NFL.
    There are none people today’s NFL player takes himself out of games, you couldn’t pry these old timers out of a game with a crow bar!

  23. I hate this website now, too. Stupid NBC deal screwed up what was once a pretty good website. You’re getting overexcited and make stories out of nothing which unintentionally end up shedding a negative light on some players. Ease up, Mike. Go back to the old PFT

  24. Personally I think Chris Johnson can go suck the bend out of a river.
    I hardly think “a coaches dream player” finds themselves in disagreements over a traffic stop with a shanty-level (no offense to what you do here Florio, I read daily) internet scoop-site while showing off a Pinto-esque “interpretation/use” of the english language.
    You get one free pass, but If I were Fisher I would fine this moron for not keeping his mouth shut. Someone needs to remind star athletes that nobody cares what they have to say unless they’re making an outrageous prediction while stepping over someone on the way to following through and then overly gloating about said unbelieveable b.s.
    MVP while detaching himself from one of the better running back tandems in the league was a good start but at this point CJ needs to just shut up, even you have more say then he, Florio.

  25. I see why ProFootballTalk mobile, leaves the comments out. Some of them are even worth reading. Grammar this grammar that. Blah, blah…..

  26. It should not be the goal of PFT to try to be “good” or try to make good with anyone else.
    If that’s the goal and those are the cases, then credibility is lost. If a player is mad, do not apologize, unless one is warranted and deserved. What if Donte Whitner does something really dumb that deserves to get looked at, but it’s perceived that PFT is going softer than normal? (Even if, from what I can tell of Mike’s writing, Aaron’s journalism, etc … that the aforementioned would never be the case.)
    But perception is reality. So be careful about getting too chummy with those you cover for a living.
    OK, back to reading Dickens.

  27. “they think we drunk but we ain’t drink nothing.”
    He actually wrote this? It’s a grammatical nightmare. Maybe this guy is mildly retarded or has only a 3rd grade education. This kind of makes sense; it would explain a lot of his behavior.

  28. “They think we drunk, but we ain’t drink nothing.”
    Seriously…if this is the reaction we get to read, then Mike was right in posting it, and I give him a hearty pat on the back, asking him to continue creating such hilarity.

  29. Look how the first tweet was written and then how the second tweet was written. Sounds like an agent is trying to help his client come off better then he actually is. This guy can’t be angry with you if he can’t even think up his own response.

  30. My yingo was as bad as my drivin’, yo. It’s my civic duty to society to behave like a hoodlum drinkin’ Koolaid while smokin’ play dough, but for you to report the facts behind my actions just don’t roll, yo?

  31. “they think we drunk but we ain’t drink nothing.”
    Dear god this guy really needs to take some ESL classes because I don’t know what language you call that. How can this guy have passed any college courses talking like this? Oh wait he probably got the football player 50. Absolutely pathetic… we ain’t drink nothing.

  32. don’t apologize to these guys mike…. they’re obviously ignorant if they can’t understand a several-sentence blurb derived from their *own* words.
    chris johnson is a moron. now he can tweet about how he hates me

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