Reeves says Vick has ignored him

As we all watch and wait for indications as to whether quarterback Mike Vick has changed in the wake of his soon-to-be-concluding federal prison sentence, the guy who traded up in the 2001 draft to get Vick claims that he has been frozen out in efforts to help Vick.

“I’ve even written, and I’ve tried to make appointments to see him in prison, but they never got back to me,” former Falcons coach Dan Reeves told Terrence Moore of FanHouse, who previously covered Vick, Reeves, and the Falcons at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I don’t know if he doesn’t want to talk to me because he’s embarrassed or what,” Reeves said.  “I don’t know, but I want him to know that I’m on his side.  I can’t do anything more than I’m trying to do.

“If he’s looking for somebody to stand up for him and to be a father figure and not try to make a buck like most of the people around him are doing — you know, I just want to help him.  I wish he would call me.”

We’re going to speculate for a second (usually, we don’t bother to make it so clear).  Maybe, just maybe, Vick blames Reeves for not being more of a father figure in the early stages of his career.  Maybe, just maybe, Vick’s nightmare of the past two years could have been avoided, if Reeves — who essentially was running the show in Atlanta when Vick and his cohorts launched the “Bad Newz Kennels” in rural Virginia — had handled Vick differently.

We’re not saying that Vick isn’t responsible for his own actions.  Clearly, he is.  But no one broke the cycle of coddling and enabling and looking-the-other-way that allowed Vick to continue to do whatever the hell he wanted to do.

Regardless of whether Reeves should have known that Vick was laying the foundation for a six-year lifestyle premised on gambling and fighting dogs and killing dogs deemed unfit to fight, maybe the former Falcons coach is simply too connected to the life that Vick used to lead, the life that Vick is trying to forget.

Or maybe Vick simply hasn’t changed.

We’ll find out more not long after Monday, July 20, when Vick will be able to let the cameras into his home and give us all a glimpse of the guy he has now become.

Even if it’s the same guy we’ve always known.

52 responses to “Reeves says Vick has ignored him

  1. he was perfectly happy not coming back till reeves was going to be fired.
    this guy hasnt changed. and wont. it’s a show, folks.

  2. I bet he’ll be waiting to fluff Roger first thing Monday morning. Reeves can’t help him but Vick is too stupid to realize he could have used him too, just like that stupid meat puppet Dungy.

  3. “Or maybe Vick simply hasn’t changed.”
    Given that there’s no evidence whatsoever to suggest that he has, why is this the default assumption in stories about Vick? Serving time doesn’t reform other violent criminals, so why should we believe the Vick of 2009 is any different from the Vick of 2007? If he doesn’t return to his dog-slaying ways, it will likely only be because of the constant attention he’ll receive in that regard combined with his bankruptcy, not because he magically, suddenly realizes he was doing wrong.

  4. Umm…
    Just curious. Reeves who?
    What’s his first name?
    Full names are usually put in the first paragraph.

  5. Yeah Mike, because Vick first got into dog fighting when he started his interstate gambling ring. He never even attended a dogfight before playing for the Falcons. It all happened suddenly under Dan Reeves’ watch.
    Are you kidding?
    This kid was probably attending dog fights when he was still in his Underdog Underoos.

  6. Gonna lean towards, “Vick simply hasn’t changed.” He doesn’t see Reeves as someone, like Tony Dungy who can help him get reinstated.

  7. “Maybe, just maybe, Britt blames Andy for not being more of a father figure in the early stages of his life. Maybe, just maybe, Britt’s nightmare of the past two years could have been avoided, if Andy — who essentially was running a drug emporium in Philly when Britt and his brother Garrett started doing drugs in suburban Philadelphia — had handled them differently.”
    You know, it all fits so perfectly. Only Andy’s kids are his flesh and blood, and Vick and Reeves were just coworkers.

  8. its official between this and the favre story, this football season starts Monday! All you AFC east fans, get ready to be looking up this year at the BILLS! all year this time

  9. Reeves is hoping to parlay his former relationship with Vick into a ticket back to the glamorous life coaching in the UFL where he can join other former NFL success stories such as Jim Fassel, Dennis Green, Jim Haslett & Ted Cottrell. That’s right, Ted freakin’ Cottrell.
    Reeves is trying to show potential UFL suitors that if they want to do a deal with him he is the man who can bring Vick to the table.
    It’s the exact same maneuver that Glenn “Pop” Warner did with the Carlisle Indians when he boldly guaranteed he could skirt the rules enough to reel in the banned for being a professional athlete Jim Thorpe.

  10. To insinuate that Reeves has any responsibilty whatsoever for what Vick did is ignorant at best.

  11. ….or maybe Reeves just wants to help him but Vick is just a certified irreversible turd who doesn’t even have the decency to acknowledge him.

  12. Reeves is one of these meddling mormons that likes to work on other peoples lives because his is so perfect.
    Dan Reeves has always been a loser not only has he lost 4 super bowls as a coach he lost one as a player.
    What does this have to do with Brett Favre or Al Davis?

  13. As a Falcon fan I can tell you the “coddling” began when Arthur Blank bought the team. Vick came off as a much more mature individual under Reeves and it showed on the field.
    Don’t ever forget Vick tortured (hung and electrocuted) helpless animals. By the way, he wasn’t around the team’s training facility much during the summer. We now know what he was doing. He had his chance and he blew it, big time.

  14. who cares? Vick doesn’t owe Reeves a thing. Why would Reeves come out publicity and say that Vick has ignored him? Could it be that the ole’ ball coach is trying to get back into the public eye?

  15. while it is possible reeves thinks latching onto vick is also his ticket back to the nfl… i think it is anything but a ticket to the nfl.
    more like the ufl… then oblivion. not necessarily in that order.
    and then, detroit.

  16. The speculation in this story just made this story into something it is not. All this story shows is that Mike Vick doesn’t talk to Dan Reeves anymore. We don’t know the extent of their relationship aside from what Reeves says, and that is just one side of the story. Stop creating stories for the benefit of yourself or to tinge your audience a certain way. The fact that he hasn’t returned Dan Reeves correspondences really have no bearing on whether or not he has changed, or if he possibly blames Dan Reeves (you should do long jump considering these monumental leaps) for the way he ended up. Just because a guy lacks credibility does not mean that you should make up allegations that will be perceived as truth by some people who are easily influenced by what you write.

  17. The closer it gets to a league decision on Vick the more you’ll see these potshots come out of nowhere. That’s just how it goes when you’re a high profile athlete who pissed a lot of people off and who hasn’t shown any contrition. What did you expect fireworks and a marching band? What Vick and his handlers don’t get is that he’s now become a target for stalking horses willing to use his case to advance their own interests, most likely at his expense. So either he figures out he needs to be demonstrably contrite or he’s gonna watch gossip derail his comeback before it’s even begun.

  18. You’re either a complete moron or you have a short memory. Vick got Reeves fired because Reeves expected Vick to work hard while Arthur “Wheelchair Captain” Blank was insisting that Vick be coddled. Vick did what he did in spite of Reeves, not because of him.

  19. Maybe, just maybe, Vick thinks DAN Reeves is a douche. Kinda like I think Vox is a douche.
    Vox, the difference is that both Reeves and Vick are football people (or exfootball people). Your obsession with Reid’s kids is weird. I am not even saying you are wrong. I am saying who cares. Andy kills the Cowboys and wins playoff games. For instance, I do not care about Jerry Jones Kids or Wade Phillips or Jason Garrett (if they have kids) – I just care that they cannot win a playoff game.

  20. Florio, you seriously have to do something about the logout/comment submitting error issue. It is very very annoying.
    And it looks exactly like the thanks for commenting message.

  21. Maybe, just maybe, Vick should’ve listened to Frank Beamer, who knew he was too immature to go to the NFL after his sophomore year, and tried to tell him so.

  22. The Wishbone says: “You’re either a complete moron or you have a short memory. Vick got Reeves fired because Reeves expected Vick to work hard while Arthur “Wheelchair Captain” Blank was insisting that Vick be coddled. Vick did what he did in spite of Reeves, not because of him.”
    Well said. Under Reeves, Vick even looked like a legit NFL QB. All the Vick-is-a-glorified-RB people forget that Vick actually put up a respectable passer rating of 81.6 in his first full season as a starter in 2002. For context, that’s a better passer rating than Eli Manning put up in any of his first four seasons, which included three playoff seasons and a Superbowl win. Vick’s career started going down, on and off the field, after Dan Reeves left the building.

  23. Yes the guy who helped enable Vick’s disgusting behavior for years want to do so again. That would be a big help I’m sure.

  24. I can’t believe I agree with Florio here. I have a hard time believing a guy dumb enough to be involved in interstate gambling and dog fighting was smart enough to never tell anyone employed by the Falcons. Vick is absolutely responsible for his actions. Having said that, let me say that if I was into something illegal and immoral I would have wanted my friends to speak up while I was doing it, not after the house came crumbling down.
    I find it amusing that a guy who killed dogs is still looked at as garbage, yet a guy who molested children is celebrated like a king (of pop).

  25. “Maybe Vick blames Reeves for not being more of a father figure in the early stages of his career.”
    I didn’t know “father figure” was a requirement for a NFL head coach. You are brilliant Florio. Brilliant

  26. Hmmm, nothing from Saintspanthersbucssukk yet. Oh thats right, he’s handing burgers out the drive thru window this time of day.
    Hum on this.

  27. Yeah, no violent criminal has eeeevvvver been rehabilitated in prison, evvvvveeeeerrrrrrrrrr.
    The Vick we all know? Really?
    This place jumped the shark about 6 months ago.

  28. ….if only Hitler were admitted to art school in Vienna….imagine the possibilities!

  29. Of all the BS you’ve ever shoveled out to us, Florio, this is among the steamiest and stinkiest. What is your point here? It is in some way Reeves’ fault that Vick is a miscreant? Really?
    So, if Vick blames those who didn’t sufficiently tell him to stop acting a fool, he HAS changed? No. Until the man looks in the mirror and sees the person who is completely to blame for his problems, he will not have changed at all.

  30. This is one sillest, dumbest accusations in the history of PFT. IF there was a Top 10 of stupid post this would be in the Top 3.

  31. Screw Vick and anyone who supports him. Reeves, Dungy, you and anyone else… Even his little bro Lonnie Mexico.

  32. The same Dan Reeves who insisted on drafting and signing Tommy Maddox while john Elway, in his prime, begged for a running back stronger than Sammy Winder? Yeah, same guy. Douchebag.

  33. Silver&Black666 says, “Dan Reeves has always been a loser not only has he lost 4 super bowls as a coach he lost one as a player”:
    OMG are you serious? Dan Reeves is a loser cause he lost five Super Bowls? How many world championships in anything have you been the runner-up?

  34. Reeves, stop being an idiot!! Vick is the same clown that refused to play until he was 100% because he was pissed off at you for playing him “almost a full quarter” in a preseason game. Vick and his defenders hated you because you were “holding him back”.
    Then Vick took himself out of the Dallas game because Coach Mora used him at RB. Vick said before the game “I a QB not a RB I thowe the ball not runs them”.
    Vick never got along with any of his coaches because they were all too dumb to come up with an offensive game plan that utilized him best. They were never able to orchestrate an offense that would work with a QB that couldn’t hit the water if he was in a boat.
    Mr Reeves, please do us all a favor and grow some balls. Mr Vick did not like you, period.

  35. Enigmatically Charismatic- says: You have to be a top notch douche.
    Okay with the douche of the day out of the way, I have to say this is indicitive of someone who has not changed their ways. So now it appears Vick has done his time but he is the same person as before. If Vick grew up in prison he would realize that a person as respected as Reeves would be a huge benefit to his future. However since Vick is apparently being a turd and a child. I hope he can learn to spell UFL, because that is where he is going to end up.

  36. We’re going to speculate for a second (usually, we don’t bother to make it so clear). Maybe, just maybe, Vick blames Reeves for not being more of a father figure in the early stages of his career.
    C’mon, that’s pure horseshit conjecture and you know it. Anybody that’s been anywhere close to this thing knows that Vick was at his best when Reeves was here. The arrival of Jim “I want to be everyone’s buddy” Mora was the worst thing that could have happened to him.

  37. I’m kind of confused here. Since when was Dan Reeves the saving grace of the world? People on this site are making it seem like Mike Vick is in that “if God was one of us” song with Dan Reeves playing the part of god:
    “Nobody calling on the phooooooooone.
    Except for the Pope maybe in Rome.”
    Give me a break.

  38. I live in Atlanta. The coddling was done by Arthur Blank. How many other owners do you see pushing around their QBs in a wheelchair? Reeves and Mora both got fired because of “coach killer” Vick. The coach doesn’t hand out the contracts. Blank did. I used to be a season ticket holder but didn’t renew because I simply couldn’t stand Blank any more (strangely enough, I dumped them right before the dog fighting stuff came out….so I guess I was a trend setter).

  39. Plain and simple. Vick hasn’t changed. Vick will never change.
    Hey Vick, go F yourself. I hope one day I see you in public so I can follow you around verbally abusing you.

  40. At times I have thought of Reeves as a little bit of a tool. He had a great QB in Elway, won a lot of games and took the Atlanta job because he still wanted to coach. Sure he took a “chance” on Vick and moved up to draft him, even though he did not show the passing skills you would want in an NFL QB. Vick has been, is, and very likely will continue to be a major tool the rest of his life. He financed, planned, orchestrated and ran an interstate dog fighting (and killing) gambling ring. For this he was sentenced to Federal Prison. If you want to “blame” somebody for Vick’s problems first look at Vick, then maybe look at the wheelchair pushing owner Arthur Blank.
    Can he change, maybe…….will he change, I doubt it. As someone stated above, Vick will “change” just enough to get re-instated so that he can make some money and get out from behind his bankruptcy.
    He needs the money. That Valtrex is not free and Vick won’t have any health insurance when he gets out of the can. Maybe he can get a connection from Boomer (the man who loves the Canadian Deux Deux Deux’s) and get some generic Valtrex from an online Canadian Pharmacy!

  41. Vick would not reach out to Reeves because he already has his support staff at NFL Network with Jamie Dukes as the lead. I’m not sure who Dukes loves more Cutler or Vick.

  42. George Bush should have pardoned Vick. He should be getting ready for training camp. At most he should have served 30 days in jail,paid a fine and have been suspended one year from the NFL for gambling.
    He never should have been treated the way he was treated.

  43. purple jerseys in the promise land
    Your still bitter about Super Bowl 11?
    I guess I would be too.
    By the way that a nice “empty” trophy case you got there in Minnesota!

  44. Vick won’t see Reeves because he is a racist. He has no problem with Dungy coming to see him, but a white man that brought him into the league, gave him a staring job and worked with him for several years gets ignored. Racism, plain and simple.

  45. I see that the Vick stories keep showing in the Atlanta Falcons section. For the sake what is right…and Florio you always seem to know what is right; can any future Vick posts be under a general heading somewhere.
    This clown caused a franchise to loose tens of millions. Who knows, maybe 9 figures were lost. This guy never cared about the organization that made him a millionaire many times over. So to continue to have this thug mentioned in the area of the Atlanta Falcons is just not right. Hell, the speed limit was changes from 70 to 65 in the Atlanta area just to get the number 7 out of sight completely.
    Oh yes, penguininbondage is correct. Vick will not contact Reeves because he knows that Reeves will have little to offer him as far getting reinstated. Some things never change…What an idiot.

  46. reeves is a class act..who know y vick hasnt contacted reeves…i dont know y reeves had to complain about it in public

  47. Vick is a piece of crap, always has been and always will be, he shouldn’t even be allowed back in the nfl, he should have to get a real job and work like everyone else. And to the person that said we will be looking up at the Bills this season, you’re high. The Miami Dolphins will win this division easily and will win the Super Bowl this year on their home field, the first time in the history of the NFL that that will happen. Buffalo sucks…..lets go buffffaaaa hooooo…….

  48. Has anyone considered the possibility that Dan Reeves is an inconsequential douche bag?
    Also, hunting bigots should be a sport. Such trash.

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