John Lynch says signing Brandon Marshall is a "dangerous proposition"

NFL_marshall2.jpgMaybe the media outlets that hire retired NFL types have finally stumbled on a way to break the cycle of former players who won’t say anything bad about current players.

The answer?  Hire strong safeties.

We say that because two former strong safeties — one who’s destined for Canton and one who’s destined to pout about not getting there for the rest of his life (i.e., John Lynch and Rodney Harrison, respectively) — have shown that they’re not going to shy away from saying what needs to be said as they embark on broadcasting careers.

And maybe that attitude arises in part from the fact that, during their playing days, they didn’t shy away from hitting what needed to be hit, as hard as they possibly could.

Harrison has pulled no punches in his public comments about the game he played for so long, and Lynch is now getting in on the act, too.  Appearing Friday on ESPN 1000 in Chicago, Lynch was candid about Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall, Lynch’s teammate for two seasons in Denver.

“I don’t like saying [buyer beware], but you’ve got to call a spade
a spade, and I think it’s a dangerous proposition,” Lynch said, regarding the prospects of signing Marshall to a big-money, multi-year contract.  “I
don’t think you’ll see the Broncos sign him to a long-term deal,
because right now the behavior he’s demonstrated off the field, I don’t
think you’d feel comfortable doing anything long term.

“As I said, on the field, he’s very comparable to a guy like Terrell Owens. 
He’s that good of a player.  But being a professional in my mind . . .
takes doing it on the field and off the field.  You can’t have all choir
boys.  I believe in first and second chances, but when you’re talking
about 13 or 14 . . . I think at a certain point you’ve got to say this
guy’s got some issues that he’s got to work out before you can trust

Meanwhile, I got a chance to eyeball the words and demeanor of Marshall during a recent appearance on NFL Network, about which Aaron Wilson wrote on Thursday night.  It’s clear that Marshall wants out of Denver, and that he has opted not to hold out of training camp because he doesn’t want to owe the team a five-figure daily fine.

So while we’re not yet saying Marshall will eventually be doing situps in his driveway or that his agent will be repeatedly saying “next question” during a press conference on the front lawn of Marshall’s house, things could get ugly soon in Denver, and that’s why we included the Broncos within our list of ten potential hot spots as training camps open.

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  1. Why is it that most of the infamous players,
    those players who people make statements
    like, “buyer beware” about are wide receivers?

  2. Rodney Harrison was a better safety than John Lynch. If Harrison were white he’d be a sure bet for the HOF. Sad but true.

  3. they are like little kids. no one has ever told them they can do wrong. and if someone does tell them that, well hell they are just eeeeevviiillll rrrraaaacccisssstttssss…

  4. Florio
    You should back up why you think Lynch is going to Canton and Harrison isn’t.
    What are their respective stats?
    Not like comparing WR or QB’s.
    How many Safeties are actually in Canton?
    It’s pretty clear, unless you back it up, that you like Lynch and you don’t like Harrison.
    And that makes Harrison’s comments that reporters shouldn’t be allowed to vote all the more reasonable.

  5. See – this is what we worried about – PFT joins with NBC and is now losing its edge.
    Tell me you didn’t think of making the headline “Lynch calls Brandon Marhsall a Spade”

  6. ProMichael said : Why is it that most of the infamous players,
    those players who people make statements
    like, “buyer beware” about are wide receivers?
    Great Question, we should run it by Ohso Stinko and T.O.

  7. Does he realize that “spade” is a racist term in most of the world? Very poor choice of words. I would assume it wasn’t intentional.

  8. Dear Lord! Why in the world, knowing the explicit nature of the word ‘spade’, would anyone in their right mind use it?! If one is so compelled to employ the phrase from which it is derived, for criminy sakes, use the first part: ‘Call an ace and ace…’ and leave it at that. To use only the last and worst part of this aphorism is, at best, stupid…at worst, ignorant.
    Come on! And, please, do not use that ‘thin skin, political correctness’ to excuse yourself, John Lynch. For this, an excuse won’t do. An apology is the only thing that is acceptable.
    One might forgive Lynch for nuzzling the butt of a war criminal, ex-president…or backing high profile Republicans in Colorado who cheerleaded the unnecessary war of said ex-president, but his tasteless and unnecessary use of an anachronistic and tasteless expression, puuuuuuuh-leeeeeeze!

  9. The difference between John Lynch and Rodney “Scumbag” Harrison is pretty clear. Lynch always acted like a pro and did it for a long period of time. He was a hard hitter, but he always showed class. Harrison was a dirty player that tried to end other guys careers on every hit. The guy showed no class on or off of the field. Harrison just does things for himself to get headlines.

  10. Maybe if Rush Limbaugh had said “spade is a spade”, one may read into it. Not John Lynch though. If you are gonna try to turn that into a racist rant by him than you may aswell go after him because his last name is Lynch……

  11. joe blow…i sense that you are basing his career on his politics rather than his ability.tres lame.

  12. Rodney Harrison
    15 Seasons, 186 Games
    1242 Tackles (950 Solo)
    30.5 Sacks
    34 Interceptions
    2 Championships, 3 Super Bowl Appearances
    2 Pro Bowls, 2 All Pros
    John Lynch
    15 Seasons, 224 Games
    1062 Tackles (739 Solo)
    13 Sacks
    26 Interceptions
    1 Championship, 1 Super Bowl Appearance
    9 Pro Bowls, 2 All Pros
    I can’t find a source for just playoff stats, but I’d think Harrison saw more playoff games and also had better stats. A few interceptions come to mind (Peyton Manning, Roethlisberger. Dononvan McNabb).
    In my opinion, if Lynch gets in, Harrison gets in too.

  13. Look at the stats – HArrison beats him in every catergory with less games played! Except Pro Bowls but that is joke anyway and just a popularity contest. Then again…. the HOF voting is slowly becoming that as well, so maybe Lynch will undeservedly get in before HArrison after all.

  14. The NFL is becoming a game where it will matter what you did on and off the field. And to all of you that think Lynch is some sort of racist because he used the word “spade” in his comment about Marshell, Get a life! You don’t need to make everything about color.

  15. Things could get ugly soon in Denver, and that’s why we included the Broncos within our list of ten potential hot spots as training camps open.
    4-12 season coming up for Denver.

  16. Coat holder,
    Don’t you have a coat to hold—anywhere?!
    But, you might read the front end of my posting instead of fixating on the second part. Be that as it may, John Lynch is not shy about his gratuitous conservatism. In fact, many Republicans would like him to run for Congress in Colorado. So, politics, whether you like it or….choice of words, whether you like it or not, is what I based my comment on.
    Now, go enlist and do something for your
    country. John Lynch can defend him

  17. Is Joe Blow actually John Kerry’s brother? Or worse yet Kerry himself? The story is about Lynch and Marshall, not Bush and you opinion of him. The use of the word spade had no rascist incantation at all in this text and to try and say so or stir up trouble over it is completely idiotic……that being said, I agree that either both Lynch and Harrison should get into the hall or neither should. I personally would like to see both in there.

  18. My gosh, ‘Ihateskeletor,’ your reasoning is deeeeeeep. Maybe you should run for office, or something. Your words are inspiring. Demosthenes could not have been clearer or more salient. Why, to use one of your own expressions, ‘you’s gotta lot of booksmarts!’

  19. Florio,
    Whenever I see someone always question someones every move I begin to wonder if it’s real reporting or an agenda. Or vise versa when it’s support. You seem to find something you dislike about a player and can’t let it go. Marshall has definitely done wrong, but to act as if the Broncos have been saints is off.
    Beating women is a problem. But Marshall wanting out of Denver is not only about him, it’s about the Broncos. No matter what you and the other blind supporters of the NFL say, the league has some systemic problems. I’ve been a Broncos fan for over 30 years and my feeling is the way the team has done things over the last few months has been very different.
    Say what you like about Shanahan, and Lynch can attest to this, you knew where you stood. That can’t be said anymore. The players can’t know where they stand and there seems to be no rhyme or reason for what happens.

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