Mike Vick is a free man, so what comes next?

Two years and three days after he was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges arising from a six-year pattern of interstate gambling and dogfighting, quarterback Mike Vick is a free man.

Per the Associated Press, Vick has been released from federal custody upon completion of two months of house arrest, which followed 19 months in a Kansas prison.

Sure, he’s on probation for a few years, and if he gets in trouble he could make a return visit to Leavenworth.  And we were reminded last week of what will happen if he ever gets his hands on a gun.  But there currently are no restrictions on his movement.

So what’s next?  He’ll surely ask for reinstatement soon (ESPN’s Chris Mortensen predicts a formal request with 24 to 48 hours), and we’ll possibly hear from Vick before too long, via a televised interview. 

Our guess is that the first person to get a crack at Vick will be someone who has supported him throughout his ordeal — possibly even someone who continued to blindly defend Vick as the evidence of his guilty continued to mount.

In our view, that won’t be the best approach.  If Vick grants any interviews before his reinstatement meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (something we don’t think Vick should do), Vick needs to begin to project remorse and contrition.  The last thing he needs is a well-intentioned cheerleader lobbing softballs like, “Haven’t you been punished enough?”

So we think that, if Vick chooses to take to the media before he talks to the Commish, he should pick someone who’ll ask him the same kind of questions that Goodell will be posing to him, and not someone who’ll transform the session into a Mike Vick infomercial.

Hey, maybe the ShamWow guy would do it.

50 responses to “Mike Vick is a free man, so what comes next?

  1. Maybe he will get picked up by the Browns. The dawg pound will be good for him and his self-esteem.

  2. Today is incredibly historic-40 years ago today Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon………INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s too bad Michael Vick wasn’t around so they could have left him up there!!

  3. No matter what he says, some people will still hate him with a passion. I’ve always said people deserve second chances, let’s not forget he is a human being and has a family and children. Why deny him from doing whatever he wants, I’m sure it’s going to be painful enough explaining to his children once they get older about the mistakes he made.
    The big issue that underlies this all has to be racism. Whether most are too naive to realize it, because he is a black man some people will never forgive him and thats sad that people are still stuck in those ways.
    I think one interview should be enough, we all know the circumstances just let him say what he has to say and move on, people hold on to the past too long and are quick to hold grudges.
    Sure what he did was awful, but look at pig slaughter houses or horse racing. Innoncent animals get killed everyday, its just a way of life ever since humans lived on earth.

  4. Hopefully, a lengthy suspension. Vick needs to show he can stay out of trouble for a season at least, without being in jail or confined to home.

  5. “Mike Vick is a free man, so what comes next?”
    Another 15 articles speculating on Michael Vick and his future. Can’t wait for the “Favre signs with the Vikings, so what happens next”, column. 😉 That is of course assuming that Favre signs with the Vikings. Not that it matters, the Vikings aren’t going to the SB unless they buy tickets.

  6. Interview him if he shows remorse WhICH IM SURE HE WILL then let him play….he has been gone from the game for 2 years that should be enough….For the haters….if this were you son or daughter getting out of jail wouldnt you want him to get a 2nd chance??? Or would you be lobbying for a longer suspension????? Lets see how many people A. answer the question truthfully? B. Say their kids should take a longer suspension…
    My point??? DOnt be hypocritical!!!!!!!!!!!! If your kids should get a 2nd chance if they show remorse WHICH HE WILL then Mike Vick should….Hate or love it he’s coming back….Pray for the man and stop judging! Didnt know there were so many people trying to play GOD…..Be careful in that ATTEMPTED role…..

  7. Filbertkiwi71 says: July 20, 2009 10:17 AM
    Can’t wait for the “Favre signs with the Vikings, so what happens next”, column. 😉 That is of course assuming that Favre signs with the Vikings. Not that it matters, the Vikings aren’t going to the SB unless they buy tickets.
    Uhhhh…..Vikings fans won’t even buy tickets to home games or the first home playoff game in 10 years. What makes you think they would buy tickets to the Super Bowl?

  8. @ SteveC
    “Sure what he did was awful, but look at pig slaughter houses or horse racing. Innoncent animals get killed everyday, its just a way of life ever since humans lived on earth.”
    That is about the most ignorant, ill conceived comment I’ve seen in a while here. There is a HUGE difference between torturing animals and the life cycle of domestic animals. Your comments about racism are very much on target but you ruin them with this stupid, stupid finale.

  9. “Mike Vick is a free man, so what comes next?”
    Easy, to continue to be treated like a criminal by PFT.

  10. This whole showing remorse thing is a crock. From my view, I think it’s impossible to know when someone is remorseful because usually when people commit a crime for an extended period of time, the only remorse they have is that they were caught and put in prison. His main factor for not messing up anymore will be not to go back to prison, not any moral inclination that he has messed up his ways.
    That being said, he’s a football player. Football players don’t lead regular lives, so he does not need a year or so to show that he can function in society because it will not really prove anything because of the change in circumstances from when he was a player. The true test would just to let him back in the league and give him a very short leash….errr….rope….ummm….give him a practical zero tolerance policy (wouldn’t suspend him for getting a speeding ticket or something along those lines). The test for Vick won’t be how he functions in society when he is living the life of a regular person, it will be when he is given back the opportunity to see how his life is back as a football player. From a business standpoint, the NFL does not want him going to the UFL, as Florio has said, to give that league any more intrigue, so the best bet would be for Goodell to just reinstate him and put him on a probation period of about a year or so.
    That being said, he’s paid his debt to society and remorse, coming from anyone (most of the time) is just a device to try and improve one’s standing with people/a person. True remorse is doing without looking for signs of approval or looking to flaunt it about. Obviously, even if Mike vick is truely remorseful it will be impossible to decipher it because all of his actions are being followed by the media and the assumption/perception, even from people like myself, will be that he is only doing what is needed to be done for the sake of doing what others think he needs to do in order to show remorse; basically, he can really do nothing to show that he is remorseful, even if he really is, because no one will think it is. That shouldn’t matter because the only important thing for Mike Vick is to not get into anymore trouble. As long as he does that, people really will not care whether he is remorseful or not (truely), for if one tries to peer into the innards of Mike Vick, one should also examine why he/she hates this guy more than murderers or rapists, because he is not on that level, and anyone sho says that he is on that level because he, supposedly, has the “capacity” for that is grasping at straws. If you’re going to extend his actions to that, Bryant McKinnie should be just as villified because, based on his actions, he is more likely to kill a human being than Mike Vick is.

  11. If you were covicted of a federal crime and got out of jail would you get your old job back?
    I would guess 99.9 % would say no unless your the mayor of DC
    So why on earth should this guy who broke more laws betting and killing dogs have his old job back
    He should be like every other fellon and pump gas
    Lots of things I might do if I was not worried about my income and future but I tow the line to stay employeed he did not so he should be done

  12. Ctown, even you must admit that it is kind of weird that we place more value on dogs than any other animal when they are all animals. I’ve seen a goat slaughtered from about 10 feet away, and I will tell you that there is nothing nice about that. The guy stabbed it in it’s head, while it was still alive, and let the blood drain into a bucket and I swear it was still bahhing/making goat sounds for a while (I don’t know if it was the shock of the event, but even when he was putting the blow torch to it, I thought I still heard it making sounds, as did my brother and my uncle). SteveC’s comment arent really a stupid finale considering that dogs were originally wild animals and even bears and chimpanzees can be domesticated when the effort is put in. What he is trying to get at is why is it that the life of a dog is worth more than that of a deer? Obviously the reason is society’s penchant for dogs, but why should it be okay to shoot a fox for sport, but not a dog? It makes no sense when you really think about it. Other than that, the huge difference in this case is that Vick took pleasure–nevermind those guys take pleasure in hunting as well–or make that the manner in the way that Vick killed the dogs was horrible.
    That being said, anyone who has ever put two different bugs in a bottle to see who would win or burned an ant under a magnifying glass or stuck a cherry bomb inside of a frog’s mouth and threw it (yes, kids have done this and probably still do it) or had a slingshot/bb gun and shot birds or used those glue traps for mice need to take a look in the mirror. If you didn’t get it, it’s called sarcasm.

  13. That’s an excellent point Jwill. I wonder how many people would hate their own children for doing what Mike Vick did. If even Dan Reeves is trying to reach out to Mike Vick after all of this, and he is not his parent, what would that say about you if you were to completely villify and abandon your child? That Dan Reeves cares more about your child than you do?

  14. To SteveC: “The big issue that underlies this all has to be racism. ” Are you kidding me? We have an African American President. Using the race card is old news. I don’t think I’m being naive either.

  15. Finally,,Finally,,Finally. We can have Mike Vick back, if and that means if Good O’l Roger Goodell will let him back in. ” Why wouldnt he, seriously people I’m not a animal killer in anyway,But,, When this asshole Donte Stallworth can get only 30 day’s in jail and 5 years probation for Vehicular Manslaughter on a 59 year old family man. Still be able to play… Mike vick has definentily served his time. Now im not saying that a crime shouldnt have just do punishment. But seriously a dogs life is not and i mean not as important as a human life. Now there is probably a billion of you that will argue that. But just think if your sister, brother ,mother or father someone you love was struck down by a shit bag drunk driver and killed, over lets say your family pet which one would you want to have back. Cruelty to animals is wrong but A HUMAN LIFE IS WORTH MORE. Welcome back Mike Vick hope to see you back in the NFL and bring some excitement back.

  16. There’s no way he can ever be remorseful because he got caught red-handed WHILE HE WAS STILL DOGFIGHTING. If he had voluntarily given himself up, we might have bought the remorse angle.
    Still, they allow murderers and drug traffickers back into the league… I guess Goodell will eventually flinch.

  17. Ummm, Jomarie, just because we have a black guy as president doesn’t mean that racism has just disappeared. There’s still segragated proms going on in Mississippi.

  18. What’s next for the Dog Killer ? As long as he’s not allowed back in the NFL I really really do not give a rats A$$ what happens to him.

  19. Whether Michael Vick is allowed back into the NFL is up to others to decide. But I highly doubt that he feels any remorse for what he did. It wasn’t a mistake that he made, it wasn’t poor judgement. It was his way of life. If you feel that torturing animals is wrong, you’re not going to do it to begin with. A year or two in prison isn’t going to make you think, “Wow, I was really wrong to do that.” Cruelty to animals is one of the warning signs of psychopathic personality disorder. I think there is something fundamentally wrong with him.

  20. Really Steve C, he should be allowed to do whatever he wants???? What if he wants to fight dogs again? Or kill people? He should be allowed because he is a free man? Oh yeah, I forgot, he has a family so he should be allowed to do whatever he wants. Except 1) he obviously never thought about that family — other than the cousins in the dogfighting ring — when he broke the law before and 2) having a family does not give you a pass from obeying the law.
    Face it, as noted numerous times on this site, if anyone else did what he did, they would not be able to get their job back. They would not even get a chance to show “remorse.” Their job would be G-O-N-E. So should Vick’s. Playing in the NFL is a privilege not a right. You become a convicted felon, you forfeit that right. Just like voting. Which is much more important that being able to play a game for millions of dollars.

  21. Yes – I will – (and I hope others will join me) still hate him with a passion. I DO NOT believe that ALL people deserve second chances. Murdering and torturing (because that’s what this was!) can not be any more of an indicator of the type of person that Michael Vick is. I don’t care what type of a father, citizen, or football player anyone thinks he is – he has shown me that he is nothing more than a piece of @#$%. And no – it doesn’t matter to me that he is black. He could be rainbow colored and do what he did, and I would still hate him. And as a mother, if my child ever does something like this, you’re darn right I would hope that he be punished AS WELL AS be evaluated for mental problems. Any sane person does not think that watching a living creature be annihilated for fun is normal. He is repulsive.

  22. @Kidekk-
    No, JWill’s point isn’t a good one. In fact, it’s quite stupid. It’s literally impossible to be impartial when it comes to your own family. Case in point- even convicted serial killers and rapists have family members who support them and stand by them, begging for a second chance.
    @Fantasy Professional- Mr. Reyes contributed as much to his own death as Donte Stallworth did, as evidenced by the fact the DA didn’t want to take it to trial. It was a genuine accident. Vick on the other hand chose to torture those animals. He chose his lifestyle, and his heinous actions are far worse than the accident Stallworth was involved in.
    @Steve C- Just because a black man happens to be involved doesn’t mean it’s racist. Anyone who engages in psychopathic behavior like Vick did deserves nothing short of a permanent ban from the NFL. Couple that with gambling, and frankly, I’m surprised there’s even a discussion about whether he should be allowed to return.
    And who cares about how hard it’s going to be on him to explain to his children what a screw up he is. He committed the crimes, so why should we give a shit of his children wake up and realize he’s a two bit loser?
    As someone accurately pointed out last week, it would be interesting to line the Vick supporters on one side of a room and those opposing Vick on the other. I imagine you’d see quite a noticeable difference in the character of the two sides.

  23. whatthehellisgoingonoutthere says:
    July 20, 2009 10:33 AM
    Filbertkiwi71 says: July 20, 2009 10:17 AM
    Can’t wait for the “Favre signs with the Vikings, so what happens next”, column. 😉 That is of course assuming that Favre signs with the Vikings. Not that it matters, the Vikings aren’t going to the SB unless they buy tickets.
    Uhhhh…..Vikings fans won’t even buy tickets to home games or the first home playoff game in 10 years. What makes you think they would buy tickets to the Super Bowl?
    I think he was talking about the players, not the fans. Just a friendly little, none of my business really, reminder!

  24. Bigbluefan is 100% correct.
    Vick is and always will be a convicted felon.
    I know someone who worked in the IT department of a university. In a shipment of PCs to the school, there was one extra that was not on the shipping invoice. He took it home. It was later discovered and he was fired and charged with felony theft.
    This was over three years ago. He still cannot get a job in any IT department.

  25. And – to the morons that post that Vick only killed dogs and that human life is more valuable:
    For the millionth time – Vick served absolutely zero time for killing dogs.
    And – @ Steve C – I believe Pete Rose is white. He is banned from baseball for similar charges – illegal gambling. Race has NOTHING to do with it.

  26. @Kidekk
    First off this comment “If you didn’t get it, it’s called sarcasm” is a misnomer. You weren’t being sarcastic at all. So maybe you need to check out a dictionary and get a better sense of how to use words when you obviously don’t know the definition.
    Secondly, as I understand it, you would like to compare the whole of human/animal interaction to criminal activity? You sound like you have a societal problem that precludes you from seeing this. Drowning an animal is not the same as a cow going to slaughter. What is sounds like to me is that your goat slaughtering friend didn’t know how to decently put an animal down. I hunt and fish and have the utmost respect for any life that I take. There is nothing criminal in the fact that a well placed shot puts food on my table. My disgust lies in the fact that people like your goat buddy have no idea about respect. Vick has that same issue, zero respect for life. The type of animal is immaterial. Quit being so Pollyannish in your view and embrace reality.
    CRIME was committed. SteveC’s comment diminishes this and you follow up with the same played out, close minded, and ignornant comments.

  27. zygi milf says:
    July 20, 2009 12:43 PM
    And – to the morons that post that Vick only killed dogs and that human life is more valuable:
    For the millionth time – Vick served absolutely zero time for killing dogs.
    And – @ Steve C – I believe Pete Rose is white. He is banned from baseball for similar charges – illegal gambling
    Hey Florio, get with the rating.

  28. @SpartaChris, yeah, you can’t be impartial when it comes to family, but it would still be funny to see how people would change their tune and their stance.
    @zygimilf, no, Vick did not serve time for killing dogs, but that has been the main issue surrounding this story, and will ultimately be seen as what he is being punished for if he is further punished by Goodell. And Pete Rose was banned from baseball for betting on baseball. Also, the person you know, like it or not, has a replaceable set of skills. Mike Vick’s professional skills can’t really be compared to all other industries because of his skillset, and the fact that his crimes have nothing to do directly with the team’s performance. If you want to go along IT lines, the best comparison would be hackers. Hackers break the law, and while it is frowned upon (I’m not comparing hacking to dogfighting in their severity, but how things can be overlooked) IT companies would love to employ hackers because their skillset is vast and they would provide an invaluable resource that regular IT folk who may have other good skills, don’t possess. While these people are doing something wrong, their skillsets will outweigh the negative implications that come along with bringing them on. Not everyone can play football, and very few, if any, football players have the skillset that Vick has (no matter if you think he is a good QB or not, and I was one of those people who didn’t think he was very good as a QB, but I’m sure people in NFL front offices will tell you differently, as will the Falcons who paid him a boatload of money, so he must have had some value). Moreover, the person you know was stealing directly from his employer so the analogy really doesn’t work. Mike Vick’s crime was not against his employer and really can’t be transferred in that sense unless he offers to babysit everyone’s dogs and starts fighting and betting on them whereas your employing someone who steals directly from a company they work at is easily transferable.
    If he gets in trouble again, he will be cut (even that’s a maybe, after all the Falcons held onto his rights and were still trying to trade him after all of this) like the 100s of players who are cut every year.

  29. I agree with the people who have said that anyone else in these circumstances wouldn’t get their job back. But remember that sometimes the only things people care about in sports are money and winning. It doesn’t matter if an athlete is annoying (Chad Ochocinco), disruptive (Terrell Owens), or downright criminal (Chris Henry, Pacman Jones). If teams think it helps them to win, and fill the stands by doing so, they’ll sign that guy. I don’t think it’s right, but the fact is that pro athletes don’t operate on the same rules as the rest of us.

  30. I’m not saying Vick is getting extra scrutiny for the crime because he is black, I’m saying that people stuck in there racist ways are not going to forgive him no matter what the circumstance is. Also, please with the race card comment it had nothing to do with his punishment.
    According to some of you people who go to jail should never be allowed to hold a job again. That’s a cruel statement, and you wonder why people have a hard time recovering from a disaster in their life and try to right the ship.
    And no crap a crime was committed, crimes happen all the time, if people weren’t allowed to live life after they have moved on from the past there where would we be as a society?

  31. CtownBleedsGreen, my goat slaughtering friend happened to be a farmer who does/did that for a living and happens to have goats for the sole purpose of slaughter. Maybe you, being the expert on everything slaughter, can tell me the proper way of slaughtering a goat? I also didn’t know the guy so it wasn’t some type of back alley goat transaction if that’s what you’re getting at. Moreover, yes, those comments were sarcastic because in society you can do those things and no one sees anything wrong with them, and I quite frankly don’t care if someone puts a spider in a bottle with a praying mantis or blows up a frog, just like I care more about avoiding roadkill for the sake of not hitting a skunk on the road because I’m more afraid of my car smelling like skunk than killing the actuall animal. And did I not say that the way he killed the animals was horrible or did you gloss over that part because you were you so anxious to respond that you glossed over that part?
    So when you fish, does the hook going in the fishes mouth kill it instantly? Are you that good of a shot that your well placed shot hits the same exact spot every time? Considering you’re at a distance when you shoot these animals, do you know that these animals are dying right away when you shoot them or do you have to walk up to them and fire off another round to finish the job?
    As for close-minded and ignorant, just because my viewpoint doesn’t agree with yours or the fact that I don’t get why you and other people seem to hate Mike Vick as much as a murderer baffles me, doesn’t make me close-minded. The fact that you cannot see any other opinion and expolore them other than your own makes you close-minded. As far as reality goes, what I don’t understand is why there is a designated hunting season and hunting when it is not hunting season is illegal. Maybe when you’re explaining this to me, you’ll see how the reality is that we only care about animals when we want to care, otherwise we don’t give two poops.

  32. People do not seem to realize that their opinion of things happening in the world is also a confession of character.
    –Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Take that how you will.

  33. WAIT….for all the people here that say Vick should not be allowed to play in the NFL, did you help try to help the rest of us impeach Bush and his administration for the last 3 or 4 years? Humm…Dog fighting, or a country ruined, what needed more input from you?
    I’m willing to say that Vick will give some(even %5) of his earnings to underprivileged youths. I’m willing to say Bush sure-in-da-hell ain’t! Most of you voted for Bush and go duck hunting, or better yet fishing. Your killing animals and eating them.
    Why don’t you talk bad about Chaney, what did Vick do to you? Oh, Vick caused the value of your home to plunged…(clearing my throat)…

  34. I don’t even know what was going on grammatically with my last post. But you get point, maybe.

  35. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to play? He’s paid his debt to society, by forfeiting more than most of you will ever have or can even dream of. Who is Roger Goodell (surely he’s not perfect) to judge wether he’s remorseful or not? Wouldn’t a lengthy NFL suspension constitute double jeopardy? I’m not downplaying his crimes but his dogfighting kennel enterprise wasn’t the first and surely wont be the last.
    If you don’t want to see Vick play, don’t watch.

  36. For the love of God…
    Can someone PLEASE explain to me why it’s ALWAYS a “Racial” thing. “He’s black – that’s why he’s being persecuted.”
    @$$hole – it has NOTHING to do with him being black/white/green/purple/gay/straight/democrat/republican (which brings me to another point – BlackBlack – WTF are you talking about? Bush? Cheney? – home prices “plunged” – LoL – Lay off the crack).
    This has to do with an NFL player (who was mediocre at best) violating State & Federal Laws. He is a convicted felon. Most convicted felon’s start in construction, or as a bagger at a grocery store. Somehow even Walmart has more class than to hire trash like that.
    To the moron that said “felon’s deserve a second chance” – sorry. They don’t. And ESPECIALLY when it comes to the privalege of playing in the NFL. I’m a licensed Financial Advisor – if I committed a felony – I would be immediately stripped of ANY AND ALL licenses and prohibited from EVER working in my profession again. Why is this dog killing, tax evading, FELON any different.
    Um – He’s Not. And it’s NOT because he’s black. Idiot.

  37. twiz says:
    July 20, 2009 2:28 PM
    People do not seem to realize that their opinion of things happening in the world is also a confession of character.
    –Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Take that how you will.
    twiz says:
    July 20, 2009 2:44 PM
    and yes – that makes me judgemental, but at least I know right from wrong.
    Yeah, and God also flooded the planet to eliminate all sinners while Jesus converted Saul to St. Paul and preached forgiveness.

  38. Kidekk, Hate Mike Vick? No where in anything that I posted is there anything that would indicate hatred. I am disusted by the lack of RESPECT for life. You once again can’t seem to wrap your brain around what I’m saying in response to SteveC’s comment earlier and you’re not addressing what my contention was at all. I don’t give two shits what variety of animal it was. If Mike Vick electrocuted cows to death, I’d be pissed. Or choked a dolphin. He’s has no respect.
    Get it?
    Also, what the hell are you talking about, back alley goat transaction?

  39. um. Double jeopardy is NOT BEING ABLE to be tried for the same thing twice.
    Vick had to answer to FEDERAL criminal charges. Not Violation of NFL rules.
    That is up there with assinine comments today – they seem to be flying…
    “Vick is a better quarterback then nearly 17 other franchises current options”
    “Vick deserves less of a suspension then Dontae Stallworth because he didn’t do something as bad”
    Oh… and my favorite: “Vick is being picked on because he is black”.

  40. @ Black Black.
    What? What the hell does the Bush, hunting, and fishing have to do with Mike Vick? Mike Vick was convicted of gambling and running an illegal operation. It has nothing to do with ANY of the things that you mentioned in your rambling, incoherent post.
    Uhh, Bush sucked and Mike Vick is a criminal. Did that statement just make your head explode because I didn’t care for Bush and also don’t care for Mike Vick’s crimes?

  41. This is NOT about race. It’s about right and wrong, morals/values..which it seems the more money and fame people have the less they care about others. Ugh, where do i start. If you go back and read all about Vick and his hobbies (dog-fighting etc)..this is how he grew up..thinking its normal to breed, train, fight and kill domesticated animals or as I like to call them “Man’s Best Friend”…how could anyone, anyone support a Michael Vick comeback?!?! He’s pathetic and disgusting, and would you want him to be a role model to YOUR kids????? People like Vick can’t be rehabbed, he is evil, selfish and a coward..anyone who commits cruelty to an innocent animal, child or the elderly is simply a coward. Keep Vick out of the NFL, no team deserves a loser like him!!! The only highlight to the Vick story has been that some of his dogs that survived the torture that he and his thugs put them thru were able to be placed in loving and forever homes and for the ones who went on to Dog Town they will never know a cruel hand again. Anyone that endorses Vicks return should go look in the mirror at themselves cuz they just might see Michael Vick staring back at them.

  42. Ctown, well, when you say that the guy doesn’t know how to properly/decently slaughter a goat, when he in fact does it for a living, then where else would I go to get the goat indecently slaughtered?
    As far as having the utmost respect for things that you kill, ummmm, since when do you kill things you respect? Do you think bulls feel any respect in the way they are killed at the end of a bullfight or is it just the matador saying he has the utmost respect for the bull? You need to eat and survive, and while you could just be a vegetarian and eat plants, you choose to eat meat and end the lives of other animals, like myself (although I don’t hunt but I still eat the byproduct of slaughter/hunting so I am complicit), so you’re doing what you need to do in order to survive and fulfil your own selfish needs just like everyone else, me included. Do you think those animals care that you think you respectfully killed them? Were they begging to be killed? Sorry, just went off on a tangent.
    Mike Vick has a lack of respect for the life of a dog if the evidence shows anything, and before you go on making the leap that he has no respect for human life, tell me which person he killed? Moreover, name me any violent incident towards someone that shows he has a disrespect for life in general. If you want to talk about giving someone herpes (which is a bastard move but only publicized because he is Mike Vick), last I checked, supposedly more than half of the population has some type of herpes so people have been giving people herpes both knowingly and unknowingly for years. It’s like saying that a child molester is a threat among adults. Child molesters (the epitome of scum in my book, lower than hell) are okay around adults (well if they don’t get beat up), but you put them around a bunch of kids and you would have a panic, probably need an ambulance and even the police would sympathize with the people/person who beat him up. Mike Vick isn’t going to a league full of dogs, he’s going to a league full of humans where his transgressions (bad teammte, questionable effort) are shared by many others.

  43. I went out to swim in Carl’s backyard when I noticed the sweet garden he has out back. What a better way to have a salad them cultivate it yourself? So as I was hacking away at the lettuce, tomatoe, and cucumber, yet I couldn’t stop from hearing their animalistic screams of pain. Then I remembered………. I’m having salad tonight. I love animals too (not like that, perverts) but some are made to be eaten (again, not like that, unless you’re Vox).

  44. Temptation will be too great for this jackass. Since his conviction (actual press material) the cost of pitbull puppies has decreased from 5 digits to low 4’s and tre’s. He can probably make more money from going back in business then he could from the other football league or being a backup for a few years if he even gets a chance.

  45. Did the dead dogs end up on a Vietnamese Roach Coach as “Chicken on a stik”. All kinds of interesting questions all mighty GODdell could ask. Have you ever seen a dogs balls as big as Winslow’s after a “car door” incedent? Did they train in Minnesota with Chris Carter catching touchdowns? Did PacMan make it “rain” in the shack that these spectacles were held in? What lesson did you actually learn? Not to get caught? Don’t worry, Jacksonville Jones is looking for side work as well.

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