Rich Eisen returns to ESPN, if only for a day

Six years after departing ESPN, Rich Eisen will be back on the Bristol airwaves.

But only for a day.

Michael Hiestand of USA Today reports that Eisen will serve as emcee at the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies on August 8 in Canton.

Eisen calls the assignment an “absolute thrill.”

He replaces ESPN’s Chris Berman, who’ll step aside from the podium this year because he’ll be stepping up to it in order to introduce Bills owner Ralph Wilson, one of the 2009 inductees.

ESPN tells us that it will cover the event in the same manner that it always has, including Eisen’s remarks.  (NFL Network has excluded Berman’s performances from its past simulcast of the ceremony.)

Whether Eisen’s appearance will be a one-shot deal or a permanent gig remains to be seen.  Though Eisen says he has “no idea” whether he’ll be asked to do it again in 2010, a source with knowledge of the situation claims that Berman already has been informed by the Hall of Fame that he’ll be back (back back?) next year.

Frankly, we think Eisen has a chance to give the Wally Pipp treatment to his former ESPN colleague.  And we also think Eisen will take full advantage of his opportunity.

8 responses to “Rich Eisen returns to ESPN, if only for a day

  1. Florio writes “Frankly, we think Eisen has a chance to give the Wally Pipp treatment to his former ESPN colleague.”
    Given your standing with the NFL brass, its a given…….

  2. Chris Berman is, by far, the most overrated television sports personality ever. He ruins everything….NFL Draft – ruined courtesy of Berman, US Open Golf Coverage – ruined by Berman, Home Run Derby – ruined…..the list goes on.
    He sucks.

  3. Not only is Chris Berman overrated he’s just down right bad,Where Rich is one of the best in the business I actually enjoy watching him on TV where most of the ESPN Crew wants to make me stab out my own eyes.

  4. kazkal – couldn’t be more right about them making me want to stab my eyes out. Goddamn I yearn for the anchors of the mid 90’s.

  5. I agree with all of you. Berman is terrible. He’s smug, loud, and downright annoying. Eisen is funny and doesn’t try to talk over people.

  6. Back when ESPN first started out, Berman was refreshing, since every other announcer was pretty bland. Now that everybody tries to yuck it up in the pre- and post-game shows, his act hasn’t seemed to hold up. You can say he sucks – and on a lot of Sundays, I’d wholeheartedly agree – but he’s still better than most. That’s not a ringing endorsement, just an acknowlegement that so many of these guys REALLY suck.

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