Schefter resurfaces this week

Though he’s still caught in a broadcast journalistic purgatory between jobs at NFL Network and ESPN, our friend Adam Schefter is resurfacing this week, in two ways.

First, his new book is coming out tomorrow.  Technically, Schefter is the editor of The Class Of Football, a collection of excerpts from past Hall of Fame induction speeches. 

Second, Adam will be providing us with a guest column tomorrow, as part of our PFT Planet Book Club, which has been in hibernation, given that no one publishes football books from February through August.

For other authors who have football-related books coming out this year, it’s a fairly simple proposition.  Send us the book with a proposed column, and we then will consider whether to run the column, with a mention of the book and a link to the place where it can be bought.

We receive no compensation for this, other than an ever-growing collection of books to put on the shelf so that when our son invites his betrothed over for dinner in about fifteen years my wife can say, “If I had a dime for every book he’s actually read, I’d be broke.”

8 responses to “Schefter resurfaces this week

  1. Without NBC, she’d be broke and have a husband who sits in the basement with no pants and plays NHL 09 all day.

  2. If Schefters book is as “good” as QBOTF will you allow him to give them away for comments on PFT?

  3. Actually you do receive compensation for this – When people click the links to read about the books on your site, you will receive advertising revenue from all the adds on your site.

  4. i picture florio’s house as being full of bookcases, all full of autographed copies of the vanity published book QBOTF.

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