LenDale White enters bizzaro world

Thumbnail image for NFL_white1_250.jpgHere comes a question we never expected to see on PFT.

Is LenDale White too thin? 

That was cautiously asked by Titans running back coach Earnest Byner, who compares White’s weight loss to a similar part of Byner’s career. 

“I lost too much weight and people were able to topple me and knock me
over a little too easy. I think those are things [White] needs to be aware
of and make sure his strength is still good.”

White has famously lost more than 30 pounds this offseason as he heads into a contract year.  Byner’s point may seem crazy, but maybe it’s crazy like a fox.

Despite all the jokes, White has statistically been one of the most efficient short yardage runners in the NFL the last two years. 

He could conceivably lose some of his power with less weight.

Still, the trade off seems likely to be worth it.  White should be better in situations other than his short-yardage duties.

The weight loss may leave us with fewer jokes to make, but should leave the Titans with a fresher running back at the end of the season. 

8 responses to “LenDale White enters bizzaro world

  1. Yeah I really don’t get the LenWhale hate. Dude has been a pretty solid back in Nashville. He’s also broken his own share of long runs. I guess some even more out of shape, slower people need whipping boys. Don’t worry, LenDale has better manners than to comment on your pastyness. He’s class like that. Go Titans!

  2. In the words of Homer Simpson, “Tubby lost some weight! Woo-Hoo!!!”
    Seriously…who cares…?

  3. Well written story Greg, it is clear to see who on this site is a professional and who is a lawyer.

  4. I was going to trademark it, but is best served for usage by PFT.
    We can’t let the LenDale jokes die, regardless of weight.

  5. Way to take a comment out of context. He wasn’t hinting that LW was too slim. The reporter asked him if the Titans would put a limit on how much weight LW could lose and as a response he said no b/c he trusted LW to know best how he feels out there but then agreed that its possible for a RB to get too slim and provided that quote.

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