Losman signs with UFL

After weeks of rumors and premature reports, former Bills quarterback JP Losman, a first-round pick in the 2004 draft, has signed a contract with the UFL.

The UFL announced the move this evening.

He’ll play for the still-unnamed Las Vegas franchise.  (Actually, none of the four franchises has been given a name.)

“I have followed JP’s career since his early days with Buffalo where he impressed me with his raw talent, passing accuracy and on-field competitiveness,” said Jim Fassel, former Giants coach who’ll serve as head coach of the Las Vegas franchise.  “JP has all the attributes of a great professional quarterback and I am truly looking forward to working with him.  I am anxious to start the season with JP at the helm of this Las Vegas franchise and show what we can do on the field.”

“The United Football League is providing me with the opportunity to play the sport I love at a high level and for that, I am extremely grateful,” Losman said.  “There are many players just like me who possess the skills to compete at the highest levels and just need the playing time to showcase their talents.  The United Football League is filling that void and giving more players the opportunity to play.   I am excited to get back out onto the field and represent Las Vegas during the League’s first season.”

As we previously heard it, Losman decided that it made more sense to actually play in the UFL than to serve as a second-string or third-string option for an NFL team.

But if there’s a rash of injuries to NFL quarterbacks, Losman most likely won’t be able to jump back to the established league.  The non-negotiable UFL contract binds players to the upstart operation through November 28.

UPDATE:  A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that the UFL has revised its policy to permit players who sign before August 1 to leave before the end of the season.  So Losman can still go to the NFL.  In theory.

13 responses to “Losman signs with UFL

  1. Good for him. Couldn’t quite cut it in the NFL, but he’s still got some talent so let’s see what he can do in the UFL. Should be a good place for him.

  2. Crazy. I played golf with Mike Mularky right after he drafted this guy and he was so high on him.

  3. You know these unnamed teams are really interesting. I can’t remember when I read their season opens, but I think it’s soon.
    Las Vegas Whachamacallits 28
    San Jose Thingamajiggys 14

  4. And he may even be able to sign on with a team that is desperate for depth at QB after his contract is up in Las Vegas. Outside chance at 2 contracts with 2 leagues in the same year.

  5. Agree w/ flips_220.
    I believe JP Lossman does have the talent to be an NFL quarterback, but we’ll have to ultimately see how his career takes shape.

  6. Yeah, I think that it’s a little early to say JP Losman couldn’t cut it as an NFL quarterback.
    I don’t really think he had much to work with during his time in Buffalo.

  7. This new league sounds like it could be promising for some “decent” football talent. Maybe the games will even be watchable unlike the other football leagues that tried to rival the NFL, the USFL and XFL. Losman could atleast be a backup in the NFL and maybe push for playing time on teams with bad QBs i.e. Minnesota, Miami and Cleveland.

  8. He’ll be competing with Art Schlichter for the starting job with the Vegas squad.

  9. So Losman would rather run the risk of getting hurt playing in a B league that might not survive the season than holding a clipboard for the vet minimum?
    That explains some of his in-game decision making.

  10. If anyone remembers, The USFL was VERY watchable. At that time it was just a s good as the NFL. Think of all the talent that went on to be NFL Hall of Famers.

  11. This guy has had bust written all over him since before the 2004 draft when he was comparing his playing style to Brett Favre’s.

  12. PFTdisabledMyID says:
    July 22, 2009 8:07 AM
    He’ll be competing with Art Schlichter for the starting job with the Vegas squad.

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