More details about Roethlisberger's accuser

Less than 24 hours ago, Andrea McNulty filed a civil sexual assault case against Ben Roethlisberger.  It’s safe to say curiosity about her is already piqued.

TMZ has released seven pictures which they report to be of McNulty.

Other sites have alleged links to her myspace page, but they are unconfirmed. 

We can confirm McNulty is a Canadian immigrant who had a visa to work at Harrah’s Casino in Lake Tahoe.

Our source also told us on Monday the exact same story that Mr. Florio passed along from TMZ Tuesday morning.

The source alleges that McNulty was involved a bizarre episode that is unrelated to Roethlisberger.  TMZ reports that McNulty received psychiatric care as a result of the incident.
The accusations about McNulty are not exactly surprising. 

In fact, they are essentially contained in the civil case that PFT has been able to look at.

McNulty is suing many Harrah’s employees for making false and inflammatory statements about her physical and mental health. 

McNulty claims in the case that any hospital stay was related to being sexually assaulted. 

She also alleges that the defendants/co-workers made inflammatory statements about her “relationship with other men” and accused her of serious sexual misconduct.  

She is claiming that she sustained damage to her profession as a direct and indirect result of such statements.

As the story grows, which is inevitable despite ESPN’s efforts, we will surely continue to learn plenty more about McNulty. 

From both sides of the case.      

79 responses to “More details about Roethlisberger's accuser

  1. So it appears the Ben needs a new nickname. Any ideas?
    Big Ben 2 Pump Chumplisburger
    Big Ben Rapistburger
    Big Ben Roethlisforcer
    Feel free to add to the list……

  2. So she’s a little sexually free…with anyone except gigantic denture wearing lumberjacks
    She’s willing to consentually straddle all but the ugliest of customers. Don’t take it personally Ben, I’m sure Hines Ward will gladly be your little spoon.

  3. Well, one thing is for certain — she sounds credible!
    All kidding aside, it sounds and looks like shes a desperate woman, with a kid, and without any real means.

  4. So many parallels to the nut job that accused Kobe Bryant of rape, except this chick is even nuttier.
    Both had issues with co-workers, both were known whores, both were reportedly mentally unstable.
    Pro athletes need to have somebody with them 100% of the time they are in public to prevent this crap. They also need to only bang other celebrities or their wives because these money grubbing women today are outrageus!

  5. It’s a good thing he pulled out.
    Any kid with Ben’s head and her nose would have SERIOUS balancing issues their entire life.

  6. Why would you bed a Canadian? An ugly one at that. Good thing he pulled out, with her looks and his intelligence they would have bred one ugly retard.

  7. this story seems fishy but how can a female be comfortable coming out against a high profile athlete when there is instant slander against her from the beginning. posting pics of her and an infant on a beach is not journalism.

  8. wow ben say it aint so please say you did not hook up (agreed to or not) with that horse face!!!
    you sure she is from Canada Eh?? someone that ugly must be from philly

  9. If ben did have consensual sex with that whack-job…what was he thinking? That crazy chick is beat. Being a 2 time SB champ, he should be able to pull much better trim than that.
    After seeing those pictures, I’m now 150% sure he didn’t rape her…I can’t imagine any man wanting to rape her.

  10. She got “JACKED UP”. I wouldn’t shag her with Florio’s pole! Roethlisberger can do way better than that. Good Lord!

  11. God she is nasty. We all know Big Ben wouldn’t touch her with Brady Quinn’s shaft.

  12. Can’t wait to get actual football rumors and news that isn’t related to TMZ-esque gossip. How many posts do we have to post on this?

  13. There’s only one way to prove in court whether she is making this up. Prove if he’s worthy of the Big Ben moniker or not by telling the judge how big the “Ben” really is.

  14. First and foremost I would like to my countless legions of fans for all of the support! I will be back and bigger than ever. For all you lame ass Ohio residents if you would like to meet me face to face, I will be out in Canton for the Hall of Fame inductions in August.

  15. I find it hard to believe that he would mess around with someone that ugly. The guy is a 2x Super Bowl Champ he was nailing that female golfer why would he lower his standard and nail someone that looks like they should be with jon gosselin. He must’ve been drunk and influenced by Jeremy Shockey.

  16. After looking at the pictures of this wacko. I have to ask…..Is Roethlisberger legally blind?

  17. It’s time to drop kick this ugly yella lying cunt back to Canada and revoke her visa permanently. The sex was consensual and it was obvious SHE was the one who raped Ben!

  18. yes she is def a 4 AMer type of chick.
    for those of you that dont know this rating system its based on a night of drinking and what time you would smash that…so basically the earlier in the night (the less beer you drank) the hotter she is… i.e jessica simpson is def a 7 PMer
    the later in the night (the more beer you drank) the uglier she is…i.e her
    so please feel free to vote on this chick

  19. After seeing what she looks like, we now know why his lawyer said “Ben has never sexually assaulted anyone; ESPECIALLY Andrea McNulty.” (Caps added by me)

  20. Even Chris Mortensen who is a chatty-cathy doll on twitter has been silent all day. ESPN is pathetic to remain silent on this while Sporting News, CBS Sports, etc has already reported this.

  21. I think it’s safe to assume now that Ben was drunk.
    BTW, it’s alright to go hogging ever so often. Let he throw the first stone that has not at one time or another done it.

  22. Yikes. You’d think if Big Ben was going to rape someone, he’d pick a better target.

  23. If I was slummin’ it and chose to give one to her, you can bet she’d be wearing a pearl necklace. I’d give her the Houdini.

  24. Okay Ben….love you bro, but WTF? Please tell me you were wasted beyond belief! I’m betting this suit goes away fairly quickly….what a loon she looks like. She’s got bigger teeth than Mr. Ed!

  25. Now we know why Ben’s lawyer said “especially Andrea McNulty.” Although I think a more effective way to do that would have been to put it in all caps, bold it, size 72 font and leave about 3/4s of the page for one big underline. Still don’t know the whole facts, but I did get a chuckle out of clicking the link. I think I should feel bad considering the seriousness of this issue.
    But clicking on that link made me cry, haven’t laughed like that in a while. Thanks and damn you Florio.

  26. everyone relax. Maybe Ben was being a good wingman and bangin the ugly chick so his friend could score the hottie.
    I admire him for that.

  27. i dunno maybe if you down some 151, dim the lights, wear sunglasses, take out your contacts, and squint with one eye closed…..she could look kinda sorta somewhat attractive…i guess

  28. How sad is it that this is the best you can do after winning the Superbowl?- Guess its not all its cracked up to be – It still pays to be good looking.

  29. Wow, I honestly feel bad. But, now that these pictures are out there, I wonder if Ben’s lawyer’s strategy all along (given the “especially”) was to discredit her using her appearance. That in conjunction with her psychiatric care will definitely work in persuading the public court in Ben’s favor. What is sad about it is that just because the woman is not attractive (to me anyway) does not mean that she is not capable of being raped and is somewhat of a blaming the victim tactic (if the alleged incident occurred). Let’s see how this plays out. But that link to Joe Buck’s second favorite website is definitely a ten on the unintentional comedy scale (Sports Guy).

  30. Florio is so happy that this story came out now. Otherwise, he would be resorting to firing up the Cowboys and Eagles fans..
    Oh, he already did that.

  31. After seeing the pics, I know she is lying for the $.
    There is not enough beer in the world!

  32. Yeah, for everyone nitpicking Roethlisberger’s lawyer’s use of the phrase “especially”.. maybe now you understand the context a little better.

  33. I would love to see the wives/girlfriends of the people commenting that this girl is ugly. I’d bet this girl is better looking than most of them.

  34. Beauty is all relative. What do you expect from a guy who’s been living in Pittsburgh for the last several years?

  35. “zygi milf says:
    July 21, 2009 2:39 PM
    Maybe he thought she was a man in drag.”
    You’re confusing your Steeler QBs…..Kordell has been retired for awhile.

  36. am i the only one who thinks its strange that ben is getting sued not arrested? $$$$$$$$

  37. WHOA!!! I dont know what is more disturbing… the acusation against him… or the thought that any pro-athlete (outside of a D-lineman) would ever hit some tail that looked like that! DAAAAAMN! I get better a** and I’m broke!

  38. Big Ben should have followed the age old advice of “Never Trust A Squirrel Chaser.” You can’t believe anyone who has one eye looking at you while the other eye is off in the trees chasing squirrels.

  39. WTF??? Ben CAN’T be that hard up??? he’s a pro football player & should be able to get some of the hottest chicks on the planet!!! I’m sure he didn’t wast his time on that!!! got to be a publicity stunt on her part!!!

  40. I think he should just admit something happened, and pay her off, so that he has proof that he isnt gay, since that is technically a female, just sayin’

  41. So somebody who has been under psychiatric care is incapable of being raped? She was holding down a job, was she not? You turn what might be a non-issue into a condemnation in the light of public opinion. This article suggests that someone undergoing psychiatric treatment has no credibility. Facts are facts. Medical attention that she receives can only be presented in this case to damage her reputation. A classic example of journalists playing lawyer and judge. If it is relevent, it will come out. Covering both sides of a story? Please!!!

  42. Saw the TMZ pics and you can already tell she is a crazy chick…I hate the Steelers and would love for them to lose Ben for the next 3 years for rape…but after one look at her I know she’s just some wacked out chick who is full of it…

  43. Big Ben totally had sex with his sister. Maybe thats what he wasn’t arrested, daddy said no.

  44. Thanks for the photos Greg Rosenthal.
    Jeese! I almost forgot! I have to head to the bank.
    Blue Flower Daddy is running in the 5th tonight at Northlands and is dropping in class at 6 1/2 furlongs.

  45. Another psychotic bimbo whore trying to get money she hasn’t earned. Her allegations are a year too late. NOT GUILTY

  46. As my best friend once loudly uttered in our 7th grade English class during the middle of “To Kill a Mockingbird”:
    Who would rape HER anyway?
    Big Ben “Rough-as-a-Lover”, I guess…

  47. hahaha….this story has brought out the best fan comments of anything to date…thanks for the laughs!

  48. If I were Ben’s attorney I could put this case to rest with about 45 min of preperation time. I would simply go to the casino she worked at and take a few pictures of girls walking around the place who are attractive. I would then then print out those pictures of the girl off tmz and then I would show the girls from the casino and then the pictures of that horse face broad. To top it all off I might stand and look at the judge and sing the one of these things just doesn’t belong here song. I know rape isn’t a laughing matter but I am having a a really had time believing that SHE got raped by a pro football QB (even given the fact that no one would every ask him to pose for the front of any magazine other than one related to Football). I think she is just picturing one of those novelty checks with the words “a whole lot of plastic surgery” on it at the end of all of this.

  49. I’ve never understood the logic of blacking out eyes or in this case the baby to hide a persons identity. Anyone who sees the kids face is either not in the kids life or knows the girl and therefore knows who the kid is. 9 times out of 10, when they do this “hide the identiy” trick, anyone who might know the person being hidden, knws who it is.
    Plus the being able to see through the cover of the childs face makes the effort even more silly.
    Same thing with the Kobe accuser. Anyone in Colorado who knew that girl and wondered if she was the accuser, had it confirmed it was her when they saw her “blacked out” picture. Anyone who didn’t know her, what difference does it make.

  50. I just threw up a lil bit in my mouth……from now on, you must warn a brotha. Man Law!
    I think she got Ben’s old teeth and maybe he was just wanting to get them back?!?
    I sure hope she isn’t part of this site, otherwise she’s gonna come looking for some of us…….

  51. BTW, anyone who ever thinks of comparing Ben and Tom Brady…..this will always be a point in Tom’s favor.

  52. Those TMZ pics remind me of an episode of Fringe.
    McNulty’s kid is sorta odd-lookin’, too.

  53. Maybe if you were a liquored up kicker or something, but not a 2 time Super Bowl winning QB.

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