PFTV looks at the Roethlisberger case

Since we’ve devoted pretty much all of Tuesday’s coverage to the civil case against Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, we might as well devote the first PFTV segment to it, too.

Given that I spent most of the day talking about the Roethlisberger case, I can’t quite recall what I said during the PFTV segment. 

So let’s both watch it.  You go first.

23 responses to “PFTV looks at the Roethlisberger case

  1. Quiet everyone…quiet please….PFTV is going to analyze the Big Ben Case……
    I havent been this excited since, well…last night when I first heard about this……

  2. Since when is ESPN the barometer on credibility concerning hardcore or complicated news on athletes. They are too busy with their butt so far up (insert athlete here ) ass they no longer give us the news. But heck, we have our Mike F.
    For you haters and mysoginist out there, this girl and her story sounds plausible. Better that Kobe, Duke, and Tawana Brawley combined. If Ben did this, he should settle and I mean STAT. And settle like he means it by going beyond the 350+k she is asking for. That goes for Harrah too.
    If Ben is innocent (and or acquitted) and the girl is proven to be unwell, Ben should do a press conference unlike Kobe and express some compassion for her. This might be the difference between we thinking of Colorado when we see Kobe (yes you do it) and we thinking of Nevada when we see Ben (we won’t).
    PS, Had this been T.O. OMG, OMG, OMG

  3. Problem: Celebrity athletes targets of big-breasted bimbo’s.
    Solution: Get married before sex.
    Otherwise, we’ll continue to enjoy the soap opera!

  4. Just great. The “Remember me” check box doesn’t work, and now, all of us low-life hobos that have Iphones can’t watch PFTV. Thanks.

  5. You have banner ads all over the site now. I realize that the ads pay generate income for your partner in NBC Sports. But can’t we ditch the 30 second waste of time prior to PFTV? It makes watching the segment painful.
    As far as Jen Worthlessburger is concerned, I suspect that this is going to be settled quietly. One wonders if this woman tried to do this prior and he told her to take a long walk off a short pier. Now she has gone public.
    The real question in my mind is this…. If he settles the case without admission of any guilt, does Roger Goodell get involved and does he need to make an example of Jen like he did with other players. If not, he loses credibility with the black players who have to be wondering why they always seem to get suspended but the “superstar” white guy gets away with rape.

  6. great………more ad’s to watch before getting to the actual video…. I don’t remember that PRE-NBC

  7. It is inconceivable to me that Florio and some of the other juries out there have already convicted Ben.
    Whether the guy is a pig, freeloader, or overall womanizer doesn’t mean that he’s a rapist. In the USA, one is innocent until proven guilty. I read the complaint and truth be told, am not convinced of the plaintiff’s sincerity. If I’m raped, I’m screaming my bloody head off immediately, in the room, down the hallway, at the hospital and at the police station. This crap about ‘Harrah’s chief of security breaking into her home and wiping her pc clean’ borders on something from a Tom Clancy novel. Shows a very vivid imagination if you ask me.

  8. One year to file the suit? No criminal charges or investigation? People allegedly breaking into her home to steal evidence? You’ve got to be kidding me. How many lawyers did she have to go to before she found one who would throw it up against the wall to see if it would stick?
    Any reasonable person has to be able to see right through this as an attempt to extort money.
    Nobody would risk being reviled to score some cash? For the answer to that question follow the link below to read about some other loser trying to extort Jerome Bettis over phony sexual assault claims.
    Oppenheimer out.

  9. This is going nowhere….this woman is a parasite. Ben gives her nothing, she goes away….keep wishing all you pathetic, moronic, evil Steeler haters…you got nothing.

  10. Just one time I want the backdrop to come loose and fall off during a segment, revealing Mrs. Florio doing laundry in the basement.

  11. Now… Just to make this crystal.
    I have no desire to swap spit with Florio in the shower, so do not take this as a PFT homer post.
    Yep! I love the format of this web site… BUT
    Facts are facts…. P.F.T. did… “BREAK THIS STORY.” That is huge in the industry.
    And… For those of you and (ESPN) that are thinking this is a “Non Story” You are gravely mistaken.
    This is going to be “Great Theatre.”

  12. If it is true that he lured her into the room with deception and then he stood between her and the door, then her mental condition or the fact that she didn’t call the police, doesn’t matter. Ben is a rapist.

  13. This was an AP story.
    It’s boring now.
    Where the hell is Bret F-F-F-FFavre?
    Don’t forget the soon-to-be UFL sensation taking some city by storm. Mikey Vickie.

  14. remember the kobe jokes…”the first nine inches were consensual…it’s the last three the prosecution is curious about” i CAN’T wait for all the NON-big ben jokes to start. this whole story simply reads as a non-L.A. version of the kobe case. if this story goes away quietly, does goodell have reason to suspend or punish MINI Ben?

  15. anyone else hate these commercials before the segment? PFT was the ONE website that wasn’t selling out, the one site where you could watch videos without being bombarded by stupid commercials. Not anymore.

  16. Greetings everyone I’m Joe …
    Loading Video please wait
    Greetings everyone I’m Joe …
    Loading Video please wait
    over and over
    Can we please ditch the NBC player and bring back the youtube one that actually works?

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