Questions arise regarding McNulty's psychiatric care

In her complaint against Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, plaintiff Andrea McNulty claims that she checked into a Reno hospital on September 25, 2008, with major depression and anxiety.  She attributes her condition to the alleged sexual assault.

But our friends at Joe Buck’s favorite web site report that “[s]ources connected” to the case claim that her psychiatric care is unrelated to any alleged interaction with Roethlisberger.

Instead, the sources claim that McNulty’s psychiatric problems arose from a bizarre situation involving McNulty and another man’s wife.

Here’s the story, as best we can understand it.

Per TMZ, McNulty was involved with a married man.  The married man’s wife created a phony e-mail account, posing as a solider in Iraq, apparently in the hopes of gaining information about McNulty’s relationship with the married man.  A former coworker of McNulty’s claims that McNulty “fell in love” with the fictitious soldier, and that McNulty began telling people they were engaged.

The wife of the married man stopped the correspondence, and McNulty then began telling people the fictitious soldier was killed in action.

TMZ also reports that McNulty and Roethlisberger had a consensual “sexual liaison” in July 2008.

Without knowing the identity of the sources for this information, it’s difficult to properly assess it.  If, for example, TMZ has gotten the information from coworkers named as defendants in the case, they have a clear incentive to blame McNulty’s problems on something other than the Roethlisberger situation.

Indeed, it’s a standard part of the playbook for anyone who is sued in civil court.  The plaintiff almost always is attacked, and a female plaintiff claiming sexual misconduct invites a healthy dose of what became known as the “nuts and sluts” defense whenever someone directed allegations of sexual misbehavior at a certain former President who eventually had no choice but to admit his deeds, as to at least one former partner.

So we’re continuing to keep an open mind as to all sides of this one, and we’ll continue to provide updates as events warrant.

31 responses to “Questions arise regarding McNulty's psychiatric care

  1. I’mmmmmmm back!!! This broad is nuts. She is probably pissed at Big Ben cause he turned her ugly ass down. I hate you all!

  2. Very bizarre indeed. Tracking down her correspondence with this fictitious “soldier” shouldn’t be hard if it indeed exists.

  3. Let’s see….Screwing around with a married guy, previous psychiatric care, fictitious e-mail love affairs, filing civil charges a year after the fact.And now TMZ is on the job……Yeah she gets more credible by the second….

  4. Let’s stay with football people. If I wanted to hear all this, I’d be married, watching television and having to listen to my wife on the phone with all this gossip!

  5. To be honest, lots of women give in when feeling pressured and have mixed feelings afterwards.
    That being said, you can’t be a celebrity doing that stupid stuff because you can get sued for it. If he was a regular Joe-Shmoe, then she would have gotten over it and moved on…….

  6. the problem really is when you take a sexual misconduct case to civil litigation without criminal trial.
    In my personal opinion, anyone who does that is just admitting that they have no case, or changed their mind after the fact.
    If it was rape, charges should have been filed right after the event. She should have gone to a hospital for the rape test kit, etc, etc.
    When civil charges are filed almost a year later, it just reeks. is she after money? fame? what? surely not making things right, for if she were, she would have pursued this a long time ago. I’m not saying that you have to report it immediately, but given no criminal charges, civil suit, and just how this is falling into place….. the onus is on McNulty to prove guilt, not Roethlisberger to prove innocence in my opinion.
    I’m no Steeler fan, but i have to side with Roethlisberger on this one….. this sounds like a case of a girl changing her mind after the fact to me.

  7. Sounds like another big headed Nfl player hooking up with a nut job.
    Hey, at least he didn’t get shot!

  8. adogdc, they only do that with YOU…
    warrant? who said anything about a warrant?

  9. mbbrazi
    When your talking about a story with one the NFL’s biggest superstars, I would say its considered talking about football. If you don’t like it then don’t read the article and don’t wast your time being “that guy” who responds complaining about what people are saying.

  10. Employee: There are only two kinds of people in Reno. Nuts and sluts.
    Boss: My wife is from Reno.
    Employee: What position does she play?

  11. Stupid lawyers, have no problem tearing down a young ladies character as soon as their client is charged.
    Ben Rothlisberger is not a innocent child, he is just as capable as any other athlete at being guilty of such a crime.

  12. ADogDC, too true. Why these guys are ever alone with a woman they just met I have no clue.

  13. Did Ray Lewis put McNutty up to this? Bad Ray Ray…Bad Ray Ray. I think Ben clearly did her and then a year later she wants some $$$. So funny to see Steeler ‘hater’ nation in full effect. Repeat!!!

  14. Florio writes: “Without knowing the identity of the sources for this information it’s difficult to properly assess it.”. Now you know how many of your readers feel when we get a story from you from “League sources” or something like “Sources close to…”.

  15. Waiting for Florio to post how this whole thing is somehow Kurt Warner’s fault….

  16. i really want to see what this broad looks like…usually the hot ones are this crazy
    i am pretty sure she turned this way after the raven/browns/egirls ran a train on her…yea ray ray has that effect on the ladies

  17. jsdarkman says:
    July 21, 2009 12:52 PM
    Waiting for Florio to post how this whole thing is somehow Kurt Warner’s fault….

  18. Mike,
    While your greater point as to the use of the nuts and sluts defense is well taken, you’re materially wrong in your assertions regarding its use and any admissions by a “certain former President.”
    Re Lewinsky, Clinton and his team never really sought to tear her down, but hush her up – not necessarily any more noble, but materially different. Yes, she was denigrated, as ambitious (if you want to call it that) and sexually assertive women usually are. But that was done by the media and the public at large.
    If you’re referring to Paula Jones, Clinton ultimately settled her lawsuit, but never admitted to anything she alleged. I would say that in most cases, the former is tantamount to the latter. But in the Jones case I do not do so given its extraordinary circumstances and timing.
    Just trying to be rigorous here… And I only bring this up because you’re a lawyer.

  19. Thank God for TMZ, the voice of sanity in a messed up world. Florio, see if you can dig up what Jon and Kate, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Perez Hilton think about this.

  20. # DMCD says: July 21, 2009 3:38 PM
    The most important question:
    Consider this a “5” for DMCD (Where are those comment ratings?!?!)

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