No police report found regarding McNulty

NFL_roethlisberger7.jpgThe apparent absence of criminal charges filed against Ben Roethlisberger has made many skeptical of the civil case against him.

In fact, lawyer David Cornwell quickly brought up that fact in a statement released to PFT Tuesday night.

“The timing of the lawsuit and the absence of a criminal complaint and
a criminal investigation are the most compelling evidence of the
absence of any criminal conduct,” Cornwell said.

Through calls with the police Tuesday, we have confirmed that no criminal charges available to the public have been filed by Andrea McNulty in Washoe County, Nevada.  Washoe County is where she filed the civil case. 

Public records also indicate that McNulty has not filed charges in Douglas County, Nevada.

Douglas County has jurisdiction where the Lake Tahoe Harrah’s Casino is located and would be the logical place to file charges.  McNulty claims Roethlisberger sexually assaulted her at Harrah’s, her place of work.

To cover all bases, we also checked with the Reno Police Department. (In Washoe County.)  They did not have any complaint from McNulty on file, but did warn they wouldn’t be able to say so if they case was still open.

The absence of public information regarding any criminal complaint from McNulty doesn’t guarantee such a complaint doesn’t exist.  And its possible a complaint could be filed in the future.

We spoke with McNulty’s attorney, Calvin Dunlap, early Monday afternoon.  He confirmed that the civil case was to be filed.   He has not responded to calls since that time. 

13 responses to “No police report found regarding McNulty

  1. you know it’s slow in the world of football when all of the pft posts are about this lawsuit. *yawn*

  2. I think it was filed in Taco Bills pants. Why don’t you go look their Florio.

  3. okay this is going to be my last post regarding the “BigBen SEXGATE”.
    First, Will there be BIAS in the reporting? The answer is yes. The reason being when there is big money involved then there is plenty of reasons for the media to be motivated.
    Second, this thread is going to be about Steelers Fans claiming McNulty is the devil or worse and everyone else dumping on BigBen and the Steelers. Frankly, I had way to much “SPYGATE” so let’s see if “SEXGATE” is even bigger and better. Maybe, Senator Arlen Sphincter from Philly will get involved in the gynecological reporting and call for his own independent examination of McNulty.
    On second thought this could get interesting. Let’s stay tuned.

  4. In light of this development, this lawsuit should be thrown out immediately. I don’t know what went on in that hotel room, but the lack of any criminal complaint makes this entire situation absurd. The jist of this litigation is literally he said, she said at this point, and no one should have to defend that in a court of law.

  5. Surprised some commenters dont see how this story can get really huge, really fast. Stranger things have happened.

  6. forget that crazy chick…I just feel bad for the baby boy in the pics, that I can only assume to be her child.

  7. Abe Froeman says:
    July 21, 2009 1:20 PM
    I wonder what Bunk would have to say.
    He would tell Ben he should have burnt his clothes in the hotel washroom to destroy any evidence!!

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